Evertale, A Social Network For The Less Proactive, Gets Seed Funding From Mangrove

If you like the idea of charting your life in a diary, and possibly sharing that detail with others, but lack the motivation to do all that logging yourself, then this might just be the social network for you.

Evertale, a service that automatically logs your activities through your mobile device, has picked up seed funding from Mangrove Capital – early backers of Skype, shopping sites Brands4Friends and KupiVIP, and a number of other European startups – and is now preparing to launch its app, which is still in beta.

We are still trying to get the exact amount of the investment.

The news of the funding was first noted on the Quintura blog in Russia.

As we first noted when Denmark’s Evertale appeared at TC Disrupt back in September, the service works through an app on your phone – at this point, that phone has to be an Android device, although there are plans to launch on other platforms “soon”, says the company’s co-founder and CEO Francesco Patarnello – and that app essentially collects the pictures you take, the locations you visit, the calls you make and any other details you happen to enter on your device, and collates them together into a mapped view of your “path” through life.

You can then edit out what you want included, and what you’d like to share with others.

Evertale, with a name that sounds not a little like Evernote, may inevitably get compared to the bigger app (and its offshoots, Food and Hello). And in a way, the two are cut from the same cloth: both are created in a similar vein to be used to chart what it is that you do and think about, using your mobile to help with that.

But just as equally, Evertale is also part of growing trends of automation and simplification in apps — trends that almost seem inevitable, given the demands on users’ time and, frankly, the fact that it’s not that enjoyable entering loads of data on a small touch screen.

Another recent force in that trend has been the app Clear – the to-do app that does away with any buttons and text and instead relies on simple swipes to function. Launched only last week, Clear is already claiming 350,000 downloads. For a to-do app.