Twitter Hits 300 Employees As The Search For A New Office Continues

This past June, we noted that Twitter had zoomed past 200 employees — basically doubling in just six months. The rapid hiring pace continues at the startup, though not quite as quickly. The company has just hired their 300th employee a tweet confirms today.

And with that growth comes the need to expand. As we noted back in September, Twitter confirmed that at some point relatively soon they’d likely have to look at new office options. That search is getting close to coming up with a new place, we’ve heard. And they’re very likely to stay in the SoMa district of San Francisco. For their part, Twitter will only say they have “no updates on this right now“.

Digg layoffs aside, hiring seems to be booming in the tech space. Zynga is also about to open a new massive SoMA-based office that should accomodate up to 2,000 employees.

As a side note, it’s sort of interesting that the tweet today highlights that Twitter “just” hit 300 employees when co-founder Evan Williams’ post back on October 4 pointed out the same number. We’ll assume “full-time” might be the key there. Perhaps the other number counted contractors/part-timers. We’ve reached out to Twitter to clarify.

Update: Says Twitter:

We had 300 full-time + contractors + interns at that time. Now we have 300 full-time employees.

There you go.