Twitter Has Basically Doubled In Staff In The Past 6 Months

At some point last week, Twitter zoomed past 200 employees. The official count is now 205, according to head of communications Sean Garrett. That’s nothing compared to Twitter’s rivals such as Facebook and Google, but what’s impressive is that Twitter has basically doubled in size (in terms of staff) in the past 6 months alone. Twitter had 110 employees at the start of 2010 — and just 22 employees at the start of 2009.

And that rapid growth is likely to continue. Twitter has just taken over a second floor in the building they chose to be their new headquarters late last year. With that room, don’t be surprised if they double in size again in the next six months. With the monetization effort fully underway, look for a lot of business development people to be brought in.

Twitter is also still using an effective way to recruit new employees: Twitter. They @jointheflock account has over 6,600 followers and routinely tweets out things showing how cool it is to work at Twitter — like Conan O’Brien stopping by, and their new Zen room and art gallery on the new floor.

Below find some pictures of the new office space compliments of the @twitteroffice Flickr account.