Google Instant: It Searches Before You Type

We called it! So Google will be rolling out starting today search results that update while you type, “Google Instant”, a feature which they had tested in the wild. The results stream to you, taking what you’ve typed so far as a cue.

According to Google, the feature consists of three gears:

*Instant Results — Google Results now dynamically change as you type, typing in a “w” will get you a 5-day forecast in San Francisco, instantly.

*Predictions — The search attempts to predict exactly what you want, showing the results that it thinks you want in grey text, allowing you to chose.

*Scroll To Search — Using the down arrow key will let you scroll through each of the suggestions, and the results page will update as you go along.

The search button, which users now will be pressing less often, will now take over the function of showing results for the EXACT query.

You can see “Google Instant” in action above.

Stay tuned for updates.