Google Now Serving 1 Billion Users Each Week

Today at their Google Search event in San Francisco, executive Marissa Mayer kicked things off with a big state: Google is now serving 1 billion users each week.

Mayer noted that they have some big announcements coming up today (likely these), but first reiterated that they’ve already done a lot this year. In 2009, Google rolled out 500 UI and ranking changes — in 2010 so far, they’re already past that. “This stands to be the best year ever for Google Search,” Mayer said.

Mayer noted that some of the big things so far this year have been Caffeine (the 50 percent faster results), Real-Time, Spelling Corrections, Questions & Answers, Stars in Search, and the Redesign (the left panel).

Mayer also brought up Google’s first television commercial, which aired during the Super Bowl this year. She also noted their April Fools’ joke (renaming Google “Topeka”). And finally she noted that “over the past few days we’ve been having fun with our logo.” We’ve obviously noticed that. That’s a hint of what’s to come today.

Today is all about “a fundamental shift to search,” Mayer said.

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Update: And here’s Google Instant: It’s search before you type.