A Hint Of A Chrome OS Product With Verizon

While we’re still likely a few months away from seeing the first Chrome OS devices, work continues to move forward on getting the OS ready to go. And some recent discussions on the Chromium OS (the open source version that Chrome OS will be based on) Google Code page suggest that not only is wireless connectivity going to be a part of some of these devices, but that Verizon may be a partner.

As you can see in a few of discussions on the Google Code pages for the projects, a lot of work is being done to figure out the UI for network connectivity. For example, they’re thinking about how will the OS will alert users when they’re running low on data they’ve purchased. The interesting part is that the latest mockups for these UI changes are in a folder called “Verizon”.

Granted these are just mockups, so it’s perfectly possible that the person who made them simply chose one carrier to make the mockups with. But remember that Verizon itself has said they were working with Google on producing tablets earlier this year. And while those would likely run on Android, they’re probably likely to partner with Google on Chrome OS devices as well. After all, thanks to the Droid phones, the two are all buddy-buddy.

And, of course, the two even see eye to eye now on net neutrality. I’ll avoid suggesting that this agreement may entice Verizon to do things for Google in the future, such as partner on Chrome OS devices.

Also consider that one of the instructions for the UI includes the need for the following notification:

Autorenewal Failed: Show notice and link to “VZW Account Management”

VZW stands for Verizon Wireless.

Another topic discussion suggests users may be able to buy 5 gigabyte plans from the carriers for their Chrome OS devices. This sounds like it will work in a similar way to the deal Apple has with AT&T for the 3G version of the iPad.

But imagine if Verizon offered Chrome OS netbooks at a subsidized price if you buy a data plan. That could certainly be a hot-seller. I’d buy one in a second.

[thanks Alberto]