• Paper.li lets you read Twitter in daily newspaper form, raises more funding

    Exclusive – SmallRivers, a fledging Internet startup based out of Switzerland that has developed a Web app called Paper.li that basically lets you turn Twitter streams, tags and lists into daily online newspapers, has landed more cash after inking a $1 million seed funding deal back in 2008. Investing in this new round are a group of unnamed ‘reputed Web 2.0 business… Read More

  • New Adidas Wings 2.0 shoes are the next best thing to actual flying kicks

    Adidas has a hit on their hands, I think — not just with these “Wings 2.0” shoes designed by Jeremy Scott. The Star Wars line of originals was also a huge hit. Custom, short-run gear like this is blowing up — even mad designs (like these) are going to find buyers (like me). Combine expert curating with the long tail effect and… yeah. Wings on your shoes. More… Read More

  • First music video shot entirely on the iPhone 4

    There are no maps for these territories, friends. Here is the first music video shot on the iPhone 4. It’s seriously a fun piece of cinema and really points out the blinding fact that the age of the huge video or cinema production is slowly but surely evolving into something much more streamlined. More details after the jump. Read More

  • Ride the City app helps you to not die on your bicycle

    Let’s be honest; riding a bicycle is a great way to save money and the environment, but it can be dangerous at times. In some cities, it can be downright deadly. So what can you do to protect yourself? You could become a militant bicycle rider that hunts down bad drivers, or you could learn the safest route. The good news is there’s an app for learning the safe way to go. Read More

  • Display makers: we're making progress towards getting you that big, cheap OLED

    Just a quick note in case you’ve been gnawing your keyboard in anxiety: yes, people are still working on making OLED displays better. And bigger. There have been scaling issues, but the big display companies have spent the last year or so fiddling around with the little tiny displays (and enormous ones) and as a result, have achieved some level of “know-how.” They are going… Read More

  • Steak-based computing from Intel, coming to a kitchen near you (seriously)

    This is great. If it actually works, it’s like the Surfaceless Surface crossed with… I don’t know, Cooking Mama. Intel Labs’ Tabletop Computing is about natural interactions with real objects, on regular surfaces. Of course, I doubt your kitchen is naturally dark enough to support a projected interface like this one, but they’ll figure something out. Sure… Read More

  • GroupSpaces secures $1.3 million and brings Valley players on board

    Not unlike Mark Zuckerberg a few years ago, a couple of British Oxford university students realised there had to be a better way to network online – but they took a rather different approach. After studying how their college’s clubs and societies worked – and running a few themselves – David Langer and Andy Young came up with GroupSpaces in 2007. Three years later… Read More

  • Super Famicom Tee for the Super Comboy Super Fan.

    Here’s a cool looking shirt from The King of Games, commemorating the 20-year anniversary of the Super Famicom’s release in Japan. Comes in either gray or white and you can pre-order for about $62. Wait..really? That’s super souped. Click through to find out how to get one. Read More

  • Review: Bumbleride Flite

    Ask any geeky dad and he’ll tell you that he did a fair amount of research for their stroller and/or car seat. That’s just the way our type work, partly because there are so many sweet stroller and car seats out there. With that in mind I present to you the 2010 Bumbleride Flite. But first, some justification. Read More

  • Review: T-Mobile GarminFone

    Short version: A competent and useful, but ultimately limited handset. Recommended for GPS lovers, but not for Android lovers. Read More

  • Online Finance Startup Wesabe Heads To The Deadpool

    Wesabe, an online personal finance site that looked to help users better keep track of their spending trends, is shutting down. The startup’s homepage now consists of a letter to Wesabe users instructing them to download their account information by July 31, at which point nearly all of the service’s features will be taken offline and data deleted. The lone feature that will… Read More

  • Final Fantasy XIV: September 30, 2010 (or 8 days earlier if you buy the collector's edition!)

    A HREF=”http://www.crunchgear.com/tag/final-fantasy-xiv/”>Final Fantasy XIV for the PC now has a release date: September 30, 2010. There’s two editions, a standard edition and a collector’s edition. The standard edition will retail for $49.99 and the collector’s will go for $74.99. What do you get with the collector’s edition, hmm? Read More

  • The Social Currency CrunchUp And 5th Annual TechCrunch Summer Party

    The Social Currency CrunchUp And 5th Annual TechCrunch Summer Party

    It’s summer and that time of year that August Capital graciously hosts us on on their fabulous deck so we can throw a roaring party that sends the VCs running from Sand Hill Road for the month of August. Actually, this year marks our 5th annual summer outing at August Capital and we can’t thank David Hornik and the other August Capital partners enough for keeping the… Read More

  • Facebook App Is Finally iOS 4-Compatible. Fast App Switching, High Rez Graphics

    Well, it took a bit longer than other iPhone apps that aren’t, you know, the most downloaded apps of all time, but Facebook has finally today updated its iPhone app to be iOS 4-compatible. A couple weeks ago, I ripped Facebook for releasing an update without this support (and a broken UI to boot). Competitors like Twitter and LinkedIn were iOS 4-compatible either before or immediately… Read More

  • European Commission launches consultation on net neutrality

    And so it begins. The European Commission this morning launched a consultation on key questions regarding the contentious issues of net neutrality and the open Internet. The consultation covers such issues as whether ISPs should be allowed to adopt traffic management practices, prioritizing one kind of Internet traffic over another. This has become an issue with the onset of broadband and… Read More

  • First real details about Android 3.0 "Gingerbread" emerge

    Buried deep in the frozen tundras of a Russian podcast, Google’s plans for the next step in Android have been uncovered. I have to say, it cuts down on my excitement somewhat that with Android, you’re constantly aware of the improvements you’re unlikely to get. In this case, even the few 2.2 users out there are left behind. Here’s what we know. Read More

  • Is Move Networks Trying To Pull A Veoh?

    A bizarre Tweet sent by video streaming technology company Move Networks have prompted many to wonder if the company is close to shutting down. The Tweet reads: “Want some slightly used company assets and some amazing video streaming IP rights? $150,000,000 and it’s yours! Foosball table included.” NewTeeVee reports that the company’s CEO Roxanne Austin, the former… Read More

  • It's alive! Microsoft granted patent for Courier

    Okay, it’s not really alive. They stuck a fork in that poor bastard for good. That said, they seemed to like the form factor enough to patent it — if not anything else about the device. If the dimensions shown here reflect what the device really would have been like, I miss it more than ever. Pretenders like the Kno will never win my heart, Courier! You’re always be the… Read More

  • Europe-only World of Warcraft t-shirts inspire us to greatness

    When in doubt, write about World of Warcraft. Jinx, the geek-friendly online store, has three new t-shirts that may be of interest to you. Unfortunately, they’re Europe-only, so you’ll have to get your guild-mate from Liverpool to send ’em to you. Read More

  • Microsoft puts down the Kin

    We have made the decision to focus exclusively on Windows Phone 7 and we will not ship KIN in Europe this fall as planned. Additionally, we are integrating our KIN team with the Windows Phone 7 team, incorporating valuable ideas and technologies from KIN into future Windows Phone releases. We will continue to work with Verizon in the U.S. to sell current KIN phones. These words from… Read More

  • Google News Gets Biggest Overhaul Since 2002, Adds Trending Topics And Personal News Stream

    Google News Gets Biggest Overhaul Since 2002, Adds Trending Topics And Personal News Stream

    After months of testing, today Google News is unveiling “the biggest redesign since the beta launch in 2002,” says director of product management Ben Ling. The main new elements of the page include new navigation by trending topics in the left pane, a personalized news stream in the middle pane, and localized news and weather in the right-hand pane. The whole idea is to make… Read More

  • Waze Taps Into Geo Tweets. Facebook, Foursquare, iOS 4 Come Along For The Ride

    Waze Taps Into Geo Tweets. Facebook, Foursquare, iOS 4 Come Along For The Ride

    When it comes to mapping applications, Waze is probably the most fun one out there. It turns turn-by-turn navigation into a social experience, and a game (think: Pac-Man). It also happens to be free. And a few new features rolling out in the updated iPhone app today make it even more interesting. The biggest new feature is the use of geolocated tweets for realtime traffic updates. One of… Read More

  • Paper.li Lets You Read Twitter In Daily Newspaper Form, Raises More Funding

    Exclusive – SmallRivers, a fledging Internet startup based out of Switzerland that has developed a Web app called Paper.li that basically lets you turn Twitter streams, tags and lists into daily online newspapers, has landed more cash after inking a $1 million seed funding deal back in 2008. Investing in this new round are a group of unnamed ‘reputed Web 2.0 business… Read More

  • Cisco and Living PlanIT Go Green With Sustainable City

    Networking equipment maker Cisco intends to build a sustainable city in Portugal. The company will work with Living PlanIT, a startup focused on developing large-scale sustainable technologies. What will this city look like? For one thing, it’ll be wired with tens of millions of sensors providing real-time data to help manage common urban issues like traffic and crime. The… Read More

  • ModCloth Raises $19.8 Million Series B For Indie Fashion

    Indie fashion site ModCloth has raised $19.8 million in Series B funding in a round led by Accel Partners, with participation from existing investors Floodgate and First Round Capital. As part of the deal Accel’s Theresia Gouw Ranzetta will join ModCloth’s Board, joining Mike Maples (Floodgate) and Josh Kopelman (First Round), along with ModCloth cofounders (and husband-and-wife)… Read More

  • The NZXT Sentry LXE just made fan controllers sexy

    You know you want this fan controller. You don’t even knew what it does and you still want it. I’m right there with you, pal. It looks straight out of JJ Abrams’ Starship Enterprise and that’s good enough for me. Read More

  • Woot's Deal Of The Day: Woot! — Amazon Buys It. Price? $110 Million

    Woot's Deal Of The Day: Woot! — Amazon Buys It. Price? $110 Million

    Woot has been acquired by Amazon, as they briefly note on their blog today with a big “woot!” Well, okay, their exact words were “Holy crap!” This is a great deal for daily online bargin service as, similar to Zappos and Audible, they’ll continue to be run autonomously under the Amazon banner. The company will remain in Texas. Terms of the deal have not been… Read More

  • Supersonic Green Machine: The future of space flight!

    You’re looking at the possible future of space flight. It’s known as the Supersonic Green Machine, and the rationale behind it is was to create a spacecraft that minimizes the effect of sonic booms. The craft, designed by Lockheed Martin for Nasa, incorporates what amounts to a spoiler. The “inverted V” should improved airflow over the craft, thereby lessening that… Read More

  • Microsoft emphasizes Xbox Live Arcade compatibility in Windows Phone 7

    Back around when Windows Phone 7 was announced, Microsoft was eager to demonstrate the 3D gaming prowess of the OS and its intended hardware. We were disappointed at the time that these games wouldn’t be coming to the totally-capable Zune HD, but we also saw a glimmer of hope that there would be some overlap between XBLA and these Live-enabled handsets. Fast forward a few months, and… Read More

  • Cisco Unveils Hosted Platform To Deploy Collaboration Applications In The Cloud

    Cisco is launching a new Hosted Collaboration platform today, which allows partners to provide a wide range of Cisco collaboration applications, such as WebEx, an enterprise focused messaging platform, a contact center and more, to their customers via the cloud. The Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution gives customers the ability to deploy multiple collaboration applications on one server in… Read More

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