AllPeers is Coming; Exclusive Screenshots

Prague based Allpeers cofounder Matthew Gertner came by my house today to install the product and let me try it out. Allpeers is a Firefox extension that creates a simple, persistent buddy list in the

New: Blog Ad Exchange at Rojo

On Friday Rojo will be officially releasing Feedshare, a new way for blogs to promote themselves on other blogs. The service is available now to test. The idea is that a blog include a Google Adsense-

Get Concert Info + Music at Podbop

Podbop launched today, and for music lovers it may be the most interesting mashup we’ve seen yet. They’ve combined concert events from eventful and mashed the data up with band sites that

Microsoft Office Live goes into Beta

Microsoft Office Live went into beta today. The service was first revealed at a Microsoft event last fall – you can see my post about it here. This is not an online version of Microsoft Office.

Everyone Send Me $5

TextPayMe is coming out of beta on a SMS payment service (U.S. only) that allows anyone to send money to anyone else via cell phone. You simply sms the payment to another phone number. For example, to

Pimp Your Blog

Stickam will launch tomorrow, February 15. The service allows users to easily create video and audio files, and additional tools to easily post these files to a website with a code snippet. The media

Google Buys MeasureMap

Google just announced that they have acquired Adaptive Path’s Measure Map (one of my most loved companies, more posts on them here). No word on price…my wild ass speculation is $5 –

Blogs Need Email

I agree with Fred Wilson – email can be an important way to syndicate blog content. Fred has about 1 email subscriber for every 5 RSS subscribers. Until now Feedblitz was the only real choice to

Technorati now has Authority

Assigning some sort of quality to real time search is necessary. Tracking incoming links to a particular post doesn’t work because, well, since this stuff is real time there is no time to track

Ning 2.0

Ning is announcing on their company blog that they will be releasing new suff on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to this, and I’m hoping that they make me eat my critical words on them. If

3bubbles Beta is Live

If you want to try out 3bubbles chat, which I wrote about here, go over to the newly launched 3bubbles blog and click on the chat link at the bottom of the post. Or to enter the chat directly, click h

Google Trogdor

Ajaxian and Philipp Lenssen are talking about Google Trogdor, a rumored ajax editor for creating webpages. Who will be the first to release an ajax interface for customizing blog templates? And speaki

Dabble: Media Bookmarking Sweetness

I managed to finally get a first hand look at, the new media bookmarking and sharing service that Mary Hodder has founded. According to Mary there are 97 different video hosting services &#

The Web 2.0 "Stock" Market

If you have a few minutes to kill, check out Alexadex, a marketplace for web sites. You get $10,000 to start. Prices are based on the alexa ranking for the sites you are buying or selling. Welcome to

A very early look at Edgeio

Edgeio is a startup that I co-founded with Keith Teare last year. Because of the clear conflict of interest I won’t be writing about edgeio that much on TechCrunch. Instead, I recommend subscrib

Preview of 3Bubbles

Silicon Valley based 3Bubbles, which launches next week, is going to be an awesome way for bloggers and other websites to extend the conversation on the things that they write about. They have created

Microsoft Expo Expands Beta

Microsoft’s new classified product, Expo, has started to roll out additional beta testers. Expo is centered on the idea that people will trust others within a group, and so is allowing

CollectiveX is better than LinkedIn

CollectiveX, a startup founded by repeat entrepreneur and venture capitalist Clarence Wooten, has the chance to disrupt Linkedin. I gave a teaser about CollectiveX back in November of last year. I can

Google Desktop 3.0: Privacy is Dead(er)

Google is launching a new version (3.0) of their Desktop Search product, possibly tonight. The biggest change is the option to store your hard drive index on Google’s servers instead of locally

Yahoo Photos Overview, Exclusive Screenshots

It isn’t entirely fair to compare the new Yahoo Photos with all of the early stage companies showing their stuff at Demo. But its a very impressive product and it’s good that they came her
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