Thank You For Coming to TechCrunch 5

The Naked Conversations TechCrunch Party is now officially over (except for Stowe Boyd and Jason Roberts who are passed out on my couches). The pictures are here and here (tag: “techcrunch5”).

Bonus: Check out Emily Chang’s video (at bottom of post) and John Furrier’s Podcast of the event.

Thank you to everyone who came. My guess is that we had at least 400 people in the house over the hours of 5 pm – 2 am. Good news: the police never came and Laguna, my dog, is still alive. :-) All that is left to do is clean up the mess tomorrow…

People I want to thank:

  • Shel Israel and Robert Scoble for choosing to have their party here!
  • Our awesome sponsors
  • Tom Conrad and Pandora, who wired the party and played music all night
  • Jennifer Myronuk, who arranged for door security and cupcakes and took video all night
  • John Furrier and team, who podcasted
  • Amy Adams, Gabe Rivera, Nivi and Jack Arrington who helped out with all the work
  • Everyone who came and made this a really special party

I also want to specifically mention Stormhoek, who donated ten cases of their premium wine to the party. It is incredibly good wine, and their generosity in sending it has made me a lifetime customer. Hugh Macleod, who is leading their blogger attack, is adding incredible value to them as well. Somehow a full case of the wine disappeared into my closet before the party started, so anyone visiting in the next couple of weeks will be treated to a glass. :-)

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