Solomodels – Ajax Perfection

I came across Scottsdale, Arizona based Solomodels today. I’m writing about it because it has pictures of really attractive women on the site it is a textbook example of Ajax, search and social networking. It caters to models, photographers and agents.

Founder Hoss Etemad wrote to me to describe the service, and I must say I found it immediately intriguing. Participants can create profiles, upload photos, add members as friends, chat, etc. The search functionality is great – type in just about any physical attribute, from bust size to eye color, and get your model match.

They offer a seven day free trial for people interested in trying out the service. Solomodels is all business though. The site warns:

Our members are not here for dating.
Contacting our members for anything other than legitimate modeling related work is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate account cancellation. If you are looking for a date, please sign up for a dating site instead.

So don’t even think about it.

What a great site to demonstrate the awesomeness of web 2.0. :-)