TechCrunch – After 5 Months

Tomorrow, November 11, is TechCrunch‘s five month anniversary – my first company profile (Technorati) was on June 11, 2005.

I’ve been blogging personally for some time but this was my first attempt to write for an audience larger than my immediate family and friends. It’s been a wonderful experience – and I have countless new friends (bloggers, readers, entrepreneurs, journalists and venture capitalists) that I’ve met directly or indirectly through writing TechCrunch.

If you’d like to know why I started TechCrunch and how it’s evolved, please read my post here on the companion blog I started, CrunchNotes (CrunchNotes is where I write about stuff that interests me but that doesn’t strictly belong on TechCrunch).

I thought I’d share some TechCrunch stats that I find interesting.


Readers have grown at a pretty steady rate. I think this is a reflection of general growth in the blogosphere, and the fact that I am writing about all of the interesting new companies that are popping up on the web. To really understand web 2.0, you have to look at the companies. That’s all I do here. We’ve grown to about 9,000 daily RSS readers. Page views swing wildly from day to day depending on what links are coming in. (from feedburner)

Feed Reader Breakdown

I really like seeing where the rss readers are reading my feeds. These also change around a bit, but the current breakdown (rounded up or down) is:

  1. Bloglines -23%
  2. Firefox Live is – 10%
  3. NetNewsWire – 9%
  4. Rojo – 9%
  5. Google IG – 8%
  6. Pluck – 7%
  7. Remaining – 34%

(from feedburner)

Browser Share

I’ve always found it interesting that Firefox is the most popular browser of TechCrunch readers, even though their total market share is only around 10%. This stuff has to scare Microsoft…blog readers are the early adopters.

(from measuremap)

Most Popular Posts

These are the ten most popular TechCrunch posts:

  1. Google Lunch
  2. 85% of College Students Use Facebook
  3. First Screen Shots of Riya
  4. Windows Live – More than an Ajax Desktop
  5. Comparing the Flickrs of Video
  6. New Yahoo Maps Shows Power of Flash
  7. Top 5 Web 2.0 Venture Capitalists
  8. Google Targets
  9. First Screen Shots of Sphere
  10. Flock Has Launched

(from measuremap)

I want to thank everyone that reads this blog, has been written about in this blog, and the many people who’ve taken the time to link, comment and give me advice. I’ll keep writing TechCrunch as long as it’s fun, and as long as I love what I’m doing (and yes, I am an amateur).