Flock has Launched

I just heard from Geoffrey Arone at Flock that they will be launching it to the general public within 3 hours (by 5 pm PST).

Feedback to their recent beta expansion has been so positive, Geoffrey tells me, that there is no reason to delay any longer.

Congratulations Flock! I imagine tens of thousands of people will be downloading and using their product by end of day. Make sure you upload your del.icio.us bookmarks and try out the blogging tool.

UPDATE: Flock is now live:

Flock Developer Preview is now available.

Our code couldn’t wait any longer to be free!

But! This preview ain’t for the faint of heart! If you’re the bleeding-edge type and don’t mind a few scrapes and busted knees from time to time, feel free to give it a whirl.

We’ve got interesting ideas in this thing. We want to know what we’ve done right how we could improve. And we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us!

So if a bucket of source code and developer binaries sound enticing, head over to our Developer page now.