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Company: Technorati (Public Beta Redesign)

What is it?

Technorati is Web 2.0 “old school”: one of the original (and best) real-time search engines. It requested customer feedback and has used it to launch an extensive redesign of their site as a public beta. The original site is still up at and the beta, for now, is at Technorati claims to be indexing 800,000 + new posts daily, which is in line with competitor estimates of the size of the blogosphere.

Technorati helped to increase the popularity of leveraging blog site metadata by allowing tag (or category) searches in their engine. By searching via tags, users can find content specifically tagged by the publisher (for now) under certain categories.

The Technorati 100 is the definitive list of popular bloggers on the web.

The new UI has several key upgrades:

– Simplified Interface
– RSS feeds for tag searches
– Tag searches return indexed results plus flickr, furl, delicious, and buzznet
– More homepage personalization – including watchlists, claimed blogs and profile information
– New Watchlist functionality

Screen Shots:


David L. Sifry -Founder and CEO
Adam Hertz – Vice President of Engineering
Joi Ito -Vice President of International Business and Mobile Devices
Teresa Malo – Chief Financial Officer
Richard Ault – Director of Product Marketing
Liz Westover – Director of Developer Relations
Tantek Çelik – Senior Technologist

Board of Directors:

David L. Sifry
Kim Polese
Andreas Stavropoulous
Ryan McIntyre
Dan Beldy

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