Google Lunch?

As many people know, Google offers its employees free lunch and free dinner at the campus (Yahoo charges its employees). It’s a lavish affair, with many different types of high quality food, drinks, desert, etc. I like visiting Google for lunch, and accept nearly every offer I get from a Google employee.

To get into Google’s internal offices requires a discussion with security, sign in, badge, and escort. However, the dining area has no specific security into or out of it. If you can get past parking security, you can walk right in and eat.

Like much on TechCrunch, this is pure rumor. But I’ve heard from multiple independent sources that non-Google employees are making a game out of getting onto the Google campus, without an escort, and eating a free lunch, often taking a second lunch “to-go” for dinner. These people are keeping score to see who can eat the most free, unescorted lunches at Google. And specifically, my understanding is that many or all of these people are Yahoo employees. Yahoo HQ is right down the freeway, a very short drive away.

Have other people heard about this, or tried it (anonymous comments are fine)? For research purposes I may be trying this out myself. :-)