• Thousands Of Chinese Residents Evacuated For World’s Largest Telescope

    Thousands Of Chinese Residents Evacuated For World’s Largest Telescope

    Over 9,000 Chinese residents will be evacuated from their homes in order to create a radio-quiet zone for the world’s largest telescope. The telescope, known as the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST), will listen for radio waves in the universe, a common strategy used by scientists to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life. China to relocate over 9,000 residents… Read More

  • World's largest telescope to open in Chile

    The European Southern Observatory will construct the world’s largest telescope in Chile. They’re calling it the European Extremely Large Telescope, and it’s being constructed in Chile because the night sky there is totally clear some 320 days per year. Read More

  • Shh! World's largest radio telescope network goes live

    The world’s largest array of radio telescopes are joining together for 24 hours in order to observe some quasars. Read More

  • The $100 Million Telescope

    When countries like the UK and USA unite for science, the opportunity for discovery doubles. A new $100 million telescope is now a joint project between the two countries with plans for a 2013 completion date. This new 25-meter, infrared telescope will be placed in the Atacama region of the Chilean desert for discovering plenty of new things in the sky with a two-part method. From the… Read More