• Air Voltage: Maxell Japan Announces Wireless Charger For iPad 2

    Air Voltage: Maxell Japan Announces Wireless Charger For iPad 2

    Hitachi Maxell, in cooperation with Murata, has announced [JP] the so-called Air Voltage for the Japanese market today, a combination of a wireless charging pad (dubbed “Energy Stand”) and jacket (“Energy Cover”) specifically for use with the iPad 2. According to Maxell, the device is the first of its kind (mass-produced). The way it works is that users put their iPad… Read More

  • For Tablets And Smartphones: Elecom's Stand And Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard

    There are quite a few stands and keyboards for tablets and smartphones out there, but Elecom‘s TK-FB023E (announced [JP] today) is an especially pretty stand/keyboard set. Elecom sells the keyboard, which supports Bluetooth 3.0, in two versions, namely with Japanese and English layouts. Read More

  • Inexpensive iPhone and G1 stands

    Sometimes you just need a little doohickey to prop your phone up at a certain angle – nothing more, nothing less. Sure, you could use pencils and rubber bands but if you want more of an elegant, streamlined look and you have six dollars, then you have other options. Read More

  • Review: Lapworks Attaché laptop stand

    For those of you whose laptop is your only computer (and that number is increasing), I imagine you have a spot where it generally resides. I know I do, though my primary machine is my PC. But the problem with this is that you end up with a sort of jumble of extra devices, external hard drives, and other miscellany all over your work area. The Attaché laptop stand aims to make your laptop… Read More

  • Alto Stands, Live, On Video What do you get when you mix two fellows in white button-down shirts, a laptop stand, and a video camera? Family fun for all ages, silly. Logitech Alto Express and Alto Connect Notebook Stands (video) [Notebooks] Read More