• Crunchdeal: Save $500 on a Toshiba R600 with OpenSolaris

    So here’s a deal, but it’s a bit odd. The Toshiba R600 is advertised as being Toshiba’s ultimate notebook, and for the price it better be. You can buy it from Toshiba’s website for $2,099 for the base model which includes a 160GB hard drive, 3GB of RAM, and a 12.1″ screen, and comes standard with Windows 7. But that’s not the deal. Read More

  • Laptop Horror Stories Entry #1: Flame-On!

    The first entry in our Laptop Horror Stories contest. I had an RDI laptop for doing enterprise software demos at customer sites. The laptop was a SPARC Solaris workstation (only slightly smaller) that ran on 4 rechargeable D-cell batteries taped together (lasted 20 minutes on a charge if it was new). The system was the size of today’s big media-center laptops, so not fun to travel with. Read More