Satellite TV

  • Think your satellite dish is secure? It's not.

    From TV to internet, most people think that their satellite dish connection is secure and unhackable. Well, it’s not. Using equipment that he built himself for under $1000, UK resident Adam Laurie has discovered a way to intercept everything from email to closed circuit broadcasts. Read More

  • New satellite TV dish isn't a dish at all

    I live in a building that has a contract with Comcast and refuses to allow its residents to use satellite dishes, which I guess is fine. I think they’re ugly, and the industry has done little to disguise them. In fact, during a recent Best Buy trip I noticed one carrier is now branding its customers’ dishes. Gauche. But one company is trying to improve the looks of the dish with a… Read More

  • Dish Network Giveth, Dish Network taketh away

    Dish Network people were excited on Monday when it was announced that 22 new HD channels would be added to the HD package, bringing the total number of HD channels the satellite TV carrier offered up to 95, putting it on par with competitor DirectTV. What Dish forgot to mention was that just hours later it would be dropping 15 older HD channels, mostly Voom related, to leave it at 80… Read More

  • Portable DirecTV Unit Available Now; Includes Power, TV

    I live in an apartment. It is a nice apartment with great views of most of Seattle, from the Downtown all the way up to the U-District and even the Freemont Bridge. Sadly, like many apartment dwellers, I’m limited to cable TV. My building has strict rules against DirecTV-style mini dishes. The manager says it’s about decor, we think it’s more to do with the heft discount… Read More

  • Dish Network to Unveil DVR Video Archiver, Piss Off Networks

    So it seems our good friends at EchoStar are all set to piss off some networks. To that, we say “Kudos!” They’re set to announce a DVR archiver that will let users of certain Dish Network DVR models create a “virtually unlimited” library of saved shows. No clue if the shows will be on a local hard drive or some external server. Look for this at CES, but who knows… Read More

  • Hauppage and Cyberlink: Satellite TV on Your PC

    <img align="left" class="left" src=" receiver and go. But if you could take out that whole pesky "running cables" thing, you'd have a real entertainment box. Hauppage and Cyberlink have done just that with their new PowerCinema solution. The PowerCinema is basically a component for your PC… Read More