• Sean Spicer | INNOVATE 2016
    Crunch Network

    Are Republicans The Party Of Silicon Valley?

    According to Sean Spicer, the RNC’s chief strategist, innovation is central to the Republican’s chances in 2016. Spicer argues that the Republicans — with their pro business, anti regulation slant — are the natural party of Silicon Valley. Read More

  • ABC World News, Nightline, 20/20, & Primetime going high-def

    About damn time. ABC is the last major network to make the HD jump but the network is using the Democratic National Convention to premier their nightly news in high definition. Both ABC World News, as well as Nightline, premiers tonight in 720p high definition. Following the DNC, and the Republican Convention after that, World News is going to return to the NY studio which they will, of… Read More