• Carvoyant Tells You What The #@!!% Check Engine Light Means (And Where To Get It Fixed)

    Carvoyant Tells You What The #@!!% Check Engine Light Means (And Where To Get It Fixed)

    Carvoyant is a new service that aims to maintain your car’s “health records” in the cloud, while also keeping track of when you need repairs, where you should go, and what that blasted “check engine” light means, already! To build the database containing your car’s health and service history, the company uses data gathered from a transmitter you plug into… Read More

  • This iPod Doctor makes ‘house calls’ in NYC

    Those of you who ever had a broken iPod—how?—know what a giant pain it can be. Enter this guy, Demetrios Leontaris. The iPod Doctor, as Fortune so lovingly calls him, is the son of a Greek immigrant who grew up in New Jersey. He was always a tinker—if ifs and ands were pots and pans—so fixing broken iPods isn’t too out of the ordinary. What’s crazy about… Read More

  • Microsoft Web Site Tracks Xbox 360 Repair Status

    Like many of you, I recently had to send in my Xbox 360 for repairs because of the Red Ring of Death. (Going without Viva Piñata this long has put great strains on my family.) To help alleviate the “when will it be fixed?” calls, e-mails, threats, etc., Microsoft has launched a Web site that tracks the repair progress of your Xbox 360. You’ll need a Windows Live ID as… Read More

  • Microsoft Refuses To Say Whether or Not New Xbox 360 Heat Sinks are Permanent

    Earlier in the week we noticed that Microsoft had started installing additional heat sinks into Xbox 360s that were sent in for repair. This was done to eliminate “red lights of death” and other problems that plague the system. Yet we didn’t know, and still don’t know, whether or not the additional heat sinks are part of a new hardware revision or are installed on a… Read More

  • Microsoft Adding Additional Heatsinks To Fix Faulty Xbox 360s

    Microsoft is finally doing something about some of the technical problems that plague the Xbox 360. A hardware revision was spotted “in the wild,” as they say, showing an additional heatsink near system’s GPU. A cooler GPU should help solve some of the problems that users have been complaining about pretty much since the system’s release. What’s still unknown… Read More