• Social Games: How The Big Three Make Millions

    Social Games: How The Big Three Make Millions

    So much for the first generation of big Facebook/MySpace social application startups. Slide and RockYou both got huge valuations in venture rounds. But a new generation of application developers has taken center stage and are racking up big revenues and their own eye popping valuations: Zynga, Playfish and Playdom. All three own popular social games on Facebook and MySpace. Zynga’s… Read More

  • Yeah, But Did You Steal The Zynga Playbook, Playdom?

    It’s a day late, but social game site (and Zynga-antagonizer) Playdom has finally responded to our request for comment on the lawsuit and temporary restraining order they got hit with earlier this week (all the legal documents are here). The statement, emailed to us earlier today, is short and sweet and contains very little information at all: This lawsuit comes as no surprise given… Read More

  • Zynga v. Playdom: The Documents

    This is an update to our post earlier today on the Zynga/Playdom trade secrets litigation. Below are the three documents relevant to the case. The first below is the original complaint that outlines the entire lawsuit. The second is a memorandum authored by Zynga supporting their request for a temporary restraining order, the third is the order granting Zynga a temporary restraining order… Read More

  • Zynga Accuses Playdom of Stealing Trade Secrets; Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order

    There’s no love lost between competing social gaming platforms Zynga and Playdom. Earlier this year Zynga sued Playdom over what they called misleading ads. That litigation appears to remain outstanding, but Playdom has since changed their advertising practices. Now there’s a much more serious dispute between the companies. Yesterday Zynga filed a lawsuit against Playdom and a… Read More

  • Playdom Extends #1 MySpace Game 'Mobsters' To The iPhone

    Playdom Extends #1 MySpace Game 'Mobsters' To The iPhone

    It’s been just under one year since social-gaming startup Playdom launched Mobsters, which has grown to become the #1 game on MySpace with 13.5 million total installs. Now, the company is taking the incredibly popular game mobile with its first iPhone App, dubbed Mobsters: Big Apple (iTunes Link). And while it may not be the first such mafia-related game on the iPhone, it still has a… Read More

  • Why Zynga Is Worried about Playfish

    Why Zynga Is Worried about Playfish

    When I wrote my BusinessWeek column on Zygna a while back, every venture capitalist in the Valley told me that Playdom was the company’s biggest competitor. After all, it competes game-to-game, with similar mob-style and poker games, and was said to be doing the same revenues as Zynga with much higher profitability. (As my column pointed out, Zynga’s revenues are more like… Read More

  • Playdom Grows Up: Switches To Studio Model, Lands Top Talent

    Playdom Grows Up: Switches To Studio Model, Lands Top Talent

    Playdom, a popular social gaming developer on MySpace, is moving to a studio model, similar to the model of competitor Zynga. Playdom has largely flown under our radar until now, but they’ve built up some very popular social networking apps on MySpace, and are also moving to Facebook as well. Adopting the studio model means that Playdom will have multiple independent teams working on… Read More