• Amazon Kindle Library Lending Program Launches Into Quiet Beta

    Amazon Kindle Library Lending Program Launches Into Quiet Beta

    As reported earlier this year, Amazon and digital content distribution service OverDrive are teaming up to bring Kindle library lending to thousands of public libraries across the U.S. That partnership, rumored to be launching this month, has¬†apparently¬†now gone live in select locations. According to postings on Amazon’s Kindle Forum, some users are already seeing this option in… Read More

  • Digital Media Juggernaut OverDrive Nabs Funding From Insight Venture Partners

    OverDrive, which provides infrastructure and services for the distribution of digital content such as ebooks, audiobooks, music and videos, has raised capital from PE firm Insight Venture Partners, the New York-based backer of the likes of Twitter, Chegg, Privalia, Newegg and HauteLook. The size of the financing round remains undisclosed, but OverDrive says it concerns a “major… Read More

  • What's better than an 3G iPad? Obviously a 4G iPad, says Sprint

    There are perfectly good arguments for and against buying a 3G-enabled iPad. Me? I say buy it with 3G, turn it off, and just have it ready to turn on whenever you really need it. But let’s just say, hypothetically, that you don’t want 3G because you’ve heard about this 4G thing. Sprint loves you, my friend, and that is why they have put out this special iPad case just for you. Read More

  • Review: Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G WiFi hotspot

    Short Version: The Sprint Overdrive is a small, compact portable 3G/4G cellular data network to WiFi dongle designed for use by up to five people simultaneously. The best part is the ease of use and the worst part is the dearth of 4G networking outside of a few major cities. Read More

  • Our report from Sprint's bacchanalian Overdrive launch

    The era of 4G – WiMAX, basically – is dawning and the Overdrive from Sprint is the first creation in that brave, fast world. Sprint called out all the great ones, from Hesse, the CEO, to Ballmer, the other CEO, as well as a Frank Caliendo, that guy who does voices. The device, which is shaped like a squarish hockey puck, is being touted as a hotspot away from your hotspot. It streams… Read More