• More details on ‘super long’ battery life Wind U115

    Here are some more details on that MSI Wind U115 Hybrid that we discussed earlier this month. The big selling point is the SSD + HDD setup, which allows the device to operate using the solid state drive while writing files to the hard drive, resulting in much longer battery life. Read More

  • ‘Netbook’ trademarked already, we’re all doomed

    Whuh oh. Looks like every utterance of the word “netbook” might come under fire from Psion Technologix, makers of such fine blast-from-the-past products as the Revo. Read More

  • Sony Japan follows Sony New Zealand with mysterious new Vaio mobile ad

    Following Sony New Zealand, Sony Japan today updated its dedicated Vaio website with a mysterious announcement. If you click here [JP], you can see a woman getting out a small UMPC-like object out of her hand bag. Read More

  • Coolpad aims to keep your netbook cool and with a tad more storage

    Netbooks seem to have broken from their once niche market and are selling like Tickle Me Elmos from past Christmases. The sub-notebooks do tend to lack storage capacity and some can get a little toasty though. Those two dilemmas are what the Coolpad tries to solve. Read More

  • So now what? Will Apple still bring a netbook or new Mac Mini to Macworld SF?

    We just learned that Steve Jobs is not going to give his annual address at Macworld where he generally announces new Apple product. So…now what? Is Apple still going to announce new products like the heavily rumored Apple netbook or new Mac Mini. How about the rest of the aluminum MacBook Pro lineup including a larger 17-inch model? Also, how about a new iPhone? What are all the… Read More

  • Rumors everywhere! Macworld to bring netbook; updated Mac Mini

    This is more like it! Apple events always spur rumors, but the build-up to Macworld ’09 has been uncharacteristically quite – except for the iPhone Nano rumor from yesterday.  So here we go with some real Apple rumors. Read More

  • Fujitsu Biblo Loox R announced

    If you ever wanted a small and powerful (and expensive) laptop that is not a Mac, here is your chance to get one. The Biblo Loox R has a 12.1″ screen, Intel Core 2 Duo processor with low energy consumption, 128GB SSD, 2GB RAM, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi  and an optical drive. Oh and I almost forgot: 12 hours of battery life. The little power horse costs $3000 and can only be purchased… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Acer Aspire One Netbook

    Yet another notebook deal, this one is today only. The Acer Aspire One Netbook is going for $299.99, which looks to be one of the best deals going right now. While the reviews have been somewhat less then glowing, if you’re in the market for a netbook, this looks to be a good buy. [Thanks, James!] Read More

  • HP drops the price of the Mini 1000 to $359

    My favorite netbook of 2008 is now a few bucks cheaper. HP cut the price of the Mini 1000 to $359 over the weekend. It’s certainly not the cheapest netbook on the block, but let’s wait and see what HP does with their MIE version. It was, after all, $20 cheaper than the XP version when it was first announced. There’s also a bump to 1GB of RAM on the XP Mini 1000 on top of… Read More

  • Apple MacTablet / Netbook rumors spin back up

    Macworld is right around the corner and so the insufferable rumor mill is powering back up. Apple might launch some sort of tablet/netbook in a few weeks and according to a Computer World blog wrote by 9to5Mac editor, chances are it will be powered by ARM system. Apple has an internal PA Semi team working on future ARM chips for the iPhone/iPod Touch ARM chips cost an order of magnatude less… Read More

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