Toshiba AC100 Reviewed

If you recall, the AC100 from Toshiba is one of the first Android netbooks. Running 2.1, this twee netbook costs a little under $500 and Electricpig found it to be acceptable but not, obviously, amazing.

They were pleased but noted:

The Toshiba AC100 is on the cusp of something brilliant, make no mistake. Office bods who can get WiFi on the way to work may fall in love with its no fuss email and instant on tech. But the lack of Android Market access, and the loose ends Toshiba’s left in the software, mean there’s only a select few who for the price the Toshiba AC100 will truly benefit over a netbook – and even then, the 3G version might be the one to hold out for (And that has no release date yet).

Sad. However, it’s fairly understandable. Android 2.1 is not a desktop OS and until Chrome OS comes along to amaze us all we’re stuck with half-efforts.