• OS X Leopard review

    OS X Leopard review

    Here we sit, a week after the Leopard launch, exhausted. Like the machine at Ikea that opens and closes the drawers in the kitchen section over and over again to show how strong they are, I’ve pounded at Leopard with a vengeance, opening and closing stacks, trying features, and generally trying to break the thing. I ran Leopard on a 2.66 GHz dual-core Mac Pro with 3 GB of memory and a wonky… Read More

  • Two million copies of Leopard sold in first weekend

    Two million copies of Leopard sold in first weekend

    Apple has a hit on its hands and that’s always a good thing. With the release of Mac OS X Leopard this past Friday, over two million loyal Mac users flocked to stores or their computers to purchase a copy. AppleInsider notes that it took Apple six weeks to sell two millions copies of Mac OS X Tiger back in ’05. Says Sir Jobs on the surge of sales: “Early indications are that… Read More

  • Why Leopard Isn't Better Than Vista

    Why Leopard Isn't Better Than Vista

    Leopard hasn’t been out a week and already the Microsoft fanboys are starting to bash away. Take for instance, an article I found called “Why Leopard Isn’t Better Than Vista” written for eWeek and posted on Neowin. Now if the domain names aren’t biased enough, think about what this guy is saying. Vista is better than Leopard. That’s like saying your 1988 Hyundai… Read More

  • Use logic for Spotlight searching in Leopard

    Use logic for Spotlight searching in Leopard

    I’ve been using Apple’s new OS, Mac OS X Leopard since the 25th and I really am in love with it. Aside from the rendering issues surrounding Safari and Shiira (Flash animations won’t load) and problems with Stacks customization, I really don’t have much else to complain about. As I was stumbling around Apple’s website today, I came across a new function in Leopard… Read More

  • Leopard on a PC?

    Leopard on a PC?

    Looks like the impossible — should I say Kim-possible — is possible. With the help of a patched DVD, you can now install Leopard on any PC, young or old, fancy or non-fancy. This means two things for Apple — they will sell more iPhones and copies of Leopard than they ever thought possible — and the world will soon see the might of a complete and fully operational Mac-Intel… Read More

  • Leopard launch madness: Apple Store 5th Ave photo frenzy

    Leopard launch madness: Apple Store 5th Ave photo frenzy

    Right at the entrance as the doors first opened at 6 p.m. It was me and some AP photographer there. CrunchGear is hardcore. Hey gang. I just got back from the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue here in New York where I snapped a few photos of the launch. It was absolutely dreadful outside, with the rain and wind and cold nearly bringing me to tears. (I called John while covering the launch. He can… Read More

  • Happy Leopard Day, friends

    Happy Leopard Day, friends

    For the last half hour, East Coasters have been having their way with Leopard, meaning about 20% of the Macdorks along the Atlantic are currently installinating the hot new OS. As the world turns, each timezone will get its own chance as the 6:00PM launch time passes. Your truly will be heading down to the University Village Apple store to talk to total nerds Apple users to gauge their reactions… Read More

  • Sad clown: No cross Mail.app/iPhone transmission

    Sad clown: No cross Mail.app/iPhone transmission

    So maybe everything isn’t totally rosy in Leopard world. Apple promised we’d be able to sync notes from our iPhones to Mail.app but it turns out this is impossible. The new Mail.app has a sort of “Note to self” feature which is actually an email generated to look and act like a little note. The notes appear in your mailbox as a mail message, provided you’re not using… Read More

  • OMFG Leopard installed

    OMFG Leopard installed

    I stuck in the Leopard disk this afternoon and set it to install itself. When I came back a few hours later, my desktop was ready and waiting for me. It was a completely unattended installation. Now that it’s on my machine, I’ll be putting it through its various paces but let me assure you — even you doubters out there — OS X is getting better with every iteration and there… Read More

  • Mossberg reviews Leopard, I wanna review Leopard!

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/452319854 :( Read More

  • Leopard Golden Master leaked, works prefectly

    Leopard Golden Master leaked, works prefectly

    Leopard has leaked. The Golden Master build of Mac OS X 10.5, better known as Leopard, can now be found online. It’s currently all over Usenet and at least one of the bigger BitTorrent trackers, with the accompanying NFO file reading “You know what this is….” Early reports are that it works perfectly. Apple did a fine job protecting this release. I remember back during the… Read More

  • Leopard to support geotagging

    Leopard to support geotagging

    Overlooked in all the interface and launch hype swirling around Leopard is the fact that it has integrated geotagging. If your camera or camera phone supports geotagging (like Helio’s Ocean), then you can easily map-out where your photos were taken on Google maps, and from there you can prove to your wife that you were at the corporate picnic and not a strip club. You’re not sure why… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Save $20 on Leopard via Amazon

    CrunchDeals: Save $20 on Leopard via Amazon

    Hey, Mac users, we know you’re all kinds of stoked to get your hands on Leopard in a few days. To save money, you can try Vince’s controversial “hack” (which may be is dishonest). Or, you could reserve your copy on Amazon today, which is selling the software for $20 less than pretty much anyone else, including direct from Apple. We’re not sure if it’s a sale or… Read More

  • Leopard gone gold, Apple posts 'how to' video

    Leopard gone gold, Apple posts 'how to' video

    Leopard has gone gold, with Apple declaring Build 9A581, which has not been leaked on the Internet yet, the winner. As such, Cupertino today posted a cute little “What’s Leopard?” video on its Web site. There’s no real heavy lifting in the video, especially for those of us who have been following its development like we’re the paparazzi, but it’s still worth… Read More

  • Apple raises price of student version of Leopard: What gives?

    Apple raises price of student version of Leopard: What gives?

    Did anyone else notice that the student version of Leopard costs $116? I seem to remember Tiger only costing $69 for college kids, kids who are notorious for spending the pennies they earn working at the campus library on beer and beer-related activities. As a student, I’d like to know what caused the price to shoot up by nearly 60 percent? I called up Apple a second ago, so hopefully… Read More

  • How to get Mac OS X Leopard for as low as $40

    How to get Mac OS X Leopard for as low as $40

    Last night, I remembered something that you will no doubt thank me for later. When Mac OS X Tiger came out a few years ago, I was ready to buy it. I had my $130 in hand and was waiting in line. But as I approached the cash register, I ran into a coworker I knew and he told me that the University of Pennsylvania’s bookstore, which was right down the block, was selling copies to students for… Read More

  • Mac OS X Leopard drops on the 26th

    Mac OS X Leopard drops on the 26th

    The Apple store went down this morning and the world held its breath as we waited for Apple to spill the details. As expected, Leopard has gone gold and you can now pre-order it for an October 26th release date. $129 for a single-user, $199 for the 5-person family pack and $0.00 for those of us with BitTorrent, Usenet and DVD burners. Oh, and if you’re still rockin’ a G3, time to… Read More

  • Leopard to be released on October 26, says someone

    Leopard to be released on October 26, says someone

    October has arrived, so where is Leopard? Rumblings inside Apple indicate that the company will make several big announcements between October 22 and 27. Even better, word on the street is that Apple will release Leopard on October 26. Mark your calendars. Even though Leopard hasn’t gone gold yet, all but one of the bugs have been worked out. Don’t worry, I’ll be cruising Usenet… Read More

  • Boot Camp Beta 1.4 expiring soon

    Boot Camp Beta 1.4 expiring soon

    I tried using Boot Camp on my MacBook once and didn’t like it, but that’s probably because I was running on 512MB of RAM, which barely ran OS X as is. Yeah, anyways, Mac users running Boot Camp beta 1.4 should heed Apple’s warning that the license will expire when Leopard becomes available this month. Boot Camp Beta 1.2 users should also know that the license for the previous… Read More

  • Why the Leopard Dock Eats It and How to Fix It

    Why the Leopard Dock Eats It and How to Fix It

    Folks have been complaining about the visual clutter of the upcoming Leopard dock and one man has decided to do something about it. The dock, as it stands now, offers two odd reflections and some perspective issues, knocking the elegance of OS X icons into the gutter and confusing art nerds everywhere. ThinkMac is proposing the dock above, which is resizable, separates document short-cuts, and… Read More