• New iMacs in August, Maybe New iLife Too?

    ThinkSecret.com is reporting that, according to “reliable sources”, the new iMac should hit shelves on August 7th and will be ensconced in a brushed aluminum enclosure. The site is also toying with the idea that the new iLife suite might be released early to coincide with the new iMacs’ debut. General consensus up to this point has been that it would be released in… Read More

  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Leopard: Rounded Corners For the Win

    Leopard will soon be purring on a Mac near you, but I bet you didn’t know that its window corners are rounded. Nor did you know that the contextual menu (when you right-click something) has additional entries in it like “Automator” and “Send [picture] to Bluetooth device.” Did you know, smarty pants? APC Mag compiled a list of 10 things “you didn’t… Read More

  • ZFS *is* in Leopard–Rejoice!

    ZFS is in, ZFS is out… OK, so now we know that ZFS file system support is in Mac OS X Leopard. The read/write support was just seeded to developers according to reports online and no one but complete nerds will notice unless Apple makes it the default file system. The WWDC build of Leopard still has journaled HFS+ as the default file system. Man oh man, nothing like writing about… Read More

  • Leopard Roadmap: Feature Complete By August, Gold Late September

    The WWDC build of Leopard is all over the Internet and judging by the numerous, illicitly obtained screenshots and video walkthroughs, you can tell it’s still a little rough around the edges. Apple will look to rectify this in the next several months, finishing up development in early September. The Leopard development roadmap has allegedly leaked online, so we can give you a… Read More

  • All The Leopard You Could Ask For

    http://admin.brightcove.com/destination/player/player.swf Stacks Like many of you, I’ve chosen to refrain from downloading the leaked Leopard Beta because I’d rather wait for the full-fledged version to be released before pirating it. (DISCLAIMER: We do not endorse piracy!) Anyways, the demo given at WWDC just didn’t whet my appetite and I’m sure most of you will agree. Read More

  • WWDC Leopard Beta Leaked Onto BitTorrent Site

    It looks like the WWDC beta of Leopard was leaked onto the Oink BitTorrent Web site. (I’m not about to download it, though, that’s for sure.) Here’s a screen shot. And another. And another. That last one made me laugh. Oops! Nobody’s completely downloaded the 6GB file yet, but the site’s forum is red hot with activity and the file already has 205 comments. Read More

  • Wired Almost-Sorta Reviews the Leopard WWDC Beta: Most Impressive

    The WWDC build of Leopard still hasn’t leaked onto the Internet (aside from, perhaps, some super-private BitTorrent trackers), but Wired has a mini-review of the beta. Keeping in mind that Leopard isn’t scheduled to come out until October, Wired basically gave it the Thumbs Up. The brightest spot seems to be the new Finder, which makes browsing around your file system easier. Read More

  • Leopard WWDC Beta Leaked Then Quickly Un-Leaked: Apple Playing Hardball?

    Apple appears to have used its goons to prevent the unauthorized leak of the newest Mac OS X Leopard beta, build 9A466. Jerks. Someone posted the beta onto the Oink BitTorrent site on Thursday and within six hours “ninjas got to [him].” Users on various Internet sites have taken that to mean that Apple’s lawyers had contacted the leaker, forcing him to kill the torrent. That… Read More

  • Leopard Available for Pre-order On Amazon

    Ever since Macworld I’ve been frothing over Leopard and WWDC definitely didn’t help my obsession either. I daydream about Stacks, Spaces and Time Machine. My behavior is quite strange, but I just can’t help it. Anyways, October is a long ways away, but Amazon is willing to help out your cravings with pre-orders for the greatest OS EVER. Are you excited yet? Amazon Read More

  • Leopard First Impressions Published, Quashed

    The lucky devils who got a dev version of OS X Leopard posted some tidbits and were quickly DESTROYED by legions of Apple lawyers. They are now circling the planet in a Kryptonian Phantom Zone but their words remain: • Mail is really great, seems super fast
    • Spotlight much more responsive, no pauses as you type
    • Safari seems faster and now has that styled text editor as in FireFox… Read More

  • Apple To Support HD DVD in Leopard?

    Could Apple be throwing its support behind both Blu-ray and HD DVD? We already know that Apple is a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, but according to a WWDC attendee’s post on the Mac Rumors forum, Leopard’s DVD player now has HD DVD settings in the preferences menu. Could someone please leak the new Leopard beta already? Pretty please? WWDC: Leopard Details [Mac Rumors via… Read More

  • Video of Steve Jobs' WWDC 2007 Keynote Now Available

    If you spent your time yesterday under a rock (lol1) you would have missed Steve Jobs’ keynote. (Good thing, too, because it stunk.) But, for your viewing pleasure, Apple just posted the whole dog and pony show on its Web site. Relive great moments like, uh, when the EA guy comes out in his pajamas and describes Need For Speed: Carbon as a “car game” and when some… Read More

  • Safari's Porn Mode

    TUAW just dug up “private mode” in the new Safari 3 beta, a feature that deletes downloaded files, keeps no cookies, and doesn’t hold onto passwords or personal info. As someone who enjoys certain types of sites now and again — OK, every 15 minutes — it’s nice to know this is out there. It will definitely save on lawyer bills during the divorce… Read More

  • Sorry, No ZFS In Mac OS X Leopard

    I have some crushing news for you: ZFS will not be the default file system in Mac OS X Leopard. That’s as of today, June 12, 2007, at least. A senior marketing fellow for Leopard said, unequivocally, that “ZFS is not happening,” which flies in the face of what Sun said last week. Leopard is on track to use the HFS+ file system, dontcha know? The real test will be when… Read More

  • Help-Key: What You'll Use in Leopard

    We learned a lot today about Apple’s up-and-coming OS, Leopard. That being said, nothing we learned was really Earth-shattering. All the rumors of built-in Windows integration, teleportation rays and disease curing were bunk. In fact, almost nothing that was rumored came to fruition, and that’s the rub: there just wasn’t much new stuff announced. That doesn’t mean… Read More

  • Wildy Wrong Rumors Killed WWDC

    “It turns out we were almost all wrong.” A concerned public servant once said about the existence of illicit weapons in a certain Middle Eastern country. That same quote now applies to Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2007, where nearly every single rumor that circulated around the Internet was completely wrong. No new iMacs; no new iPods; the 17-inch iMac and… Read More

  • All You Need to Know About Leopard

    Our monkeys at WWDC have just reported back a series of cool features in Apples OSX Leopard, which is slated for release in October. Without further ado, here’s the list in no specific order: Read More

  • OS X Leopard To Be Animated OS

    Alright, I’m not diving that far into this, but here’s the deal: WWDC is approaching, Jobs will speak about OS X Leopard, and will most likely unveil the “top secret” features Apple has kept under wraps. But these secrets could blow away the idea of an operating system as we know it. See, the next incarnation of OS X might be animated is what I’m trying to tell… Read More

  • Leopard Will Use ZFS File System: Sun

    Sun opened its big, fat mouth today and announced that Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X Leopard will use its ZFS file system as its default. (Macs currently use HFS+ with journaling enabled as the default file system.) A full list of ZFS’ advantages can be found on Sun’s site, but this one caught my eye while quickly glancing over it: All operations are copy-on-write transactions… Read More

  • Apple to Reveal Feature-Complete Leopard at WWDC: Secret, As Yet Unannounced Features Ahoy

    If Apple’s official e-mails are to be believed then we should see Leopard in all its glory at the WWDC next month. The key phrase from the e-mail—feature-complete version—implies that all of Leopard’s so-called secret features that many think Apple has yet to reveal will be there. New Finder? New GUI altogether? Something else no one else has come up with? In a little… Read More