All You Need to Know About Leopard

Our monkeys at WWDC have just reported back a series of cool features in Apples OSX Leopard, which is slated for release in October.

Without further ado, here’s the list in no specific order:

Home, Premium, Ultimate and Enterprise versions are all $129 (a joke regarding versions of Vista)

New transparent menu bar and 3D dock — folders in dock, expand to show contents

“Stacks” desktop organization tool — sits in dock and pops up when clicked

Finder has Coverflow to browse files and preview movies

Network view, browse files on networked Macs

Quicklook: preview any document, live file preview

Leopard is fully 64-bit

Boot camp built in — Runs XP and Vista at native speed, includes all Windows drivers

No brushed metal interface

iChat with improved video conferencing and Photobooth effects, share docs and pics in real time, better audio quality, tabbed chats, and new backdrops.

Safari 3 included (Now runs in Windows Vista and XP)

Time Machine: search for lost/deleted files, restore them

Core animation — New animated interface, animated backgrounds, etc.