• Apple announces Steve's Blood Pressure, available immediately

    Very funny. Unless it’s just an act and, like Kim Jong Il, the original Steve died years ago and this one is just a Life Model Decoy. With Apple’s new manufacturing techniques, they could probably pull it off… Read More

  • Gmail's Mail Goggles prevents you from sending drunken e-mails

    Oh, Google. The company has just launched Mail Goggles, a feature that helps prevent you from making a drunken ass out of yourself when using Gmail. When turned on (it’s an optional feature), it asks you to confirm that you really want to send an e-mail. By default it’s only active late nights during the weekend, when people are most likely to send embarrassing drunk e-mails. When… Read More

  • Apple's Steve Jobs is fine, despite heart attack claims

    Despite what a CNN citizen journalist reported, Apple’s Steve Jobs did not have a heart attack last night. An Apple rep has denied the report. Steve is alive and well. Read More

  • Google Earth shows us just how bad polar ice melt really is

    The National Snow and Ice Center, a division of Proctor & Gamble, has uploaded Google Earth-compatible KML files that make it plain as day to see polar ice cap melting over the past several years. If you don’t have Google Earth installed, there’s a Quicktime movie that gives you the gist of what’s going on. We’re all doomed, essentially. Or something. I… Read More

  • MIT-developed smart wheelchair does auto navigation

    I live right pretty close to MIT and sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t even walk by any of the buildings for fear that my average brain might pollute some or all of the strange and wonderful things they’ve got cooking. Like this wheelchair, for instance. It can learn a given building’s layout and then take its occupant to a particular room or location via voice command. So… Read More

  • PureCart makes food safe again (or not)

    Did you know that there are a million germs on just one shopping cart handle? I hate to imagine how many are living and crawling on the actual inside of the cart… you know where you put your food. Never mind the fact that it’s the food itself (spinach, tomatoes, beef…) that has posed all the recent dangers. The fact that I know creepy-crawlies are on my shopping cart makes me want… Read More

  • Study shows business travelers prefer their BlackBerry to their loved ones

    Outside of Thanksgiving, does this scene even remotely exist anymore? How much do you love your BlackBerry? Like, say, more than you love your spouse? As crazy as that sounds, it’s not too uncommon. A recently conducted study by Sheraton suggests that, if given the choice, some 35 percent of business travelers would rather pal around with their BlackBerry than their spouse. Just as… Read More

  • Will WebMD Lose Its Stranglehold Over Health Information?

    Rumors are back suggesting Revolution Health is looking to merge with another company. Only this time, it’s with another health information portal: Everyday Health. And together, the companies believe they can finally supplant WebMD as the most trafficked site in that space. According to the Washington Post, the companies are still engaging in negotiations and no firm plans have… Read More

  • takes ICE a step further

    Ice, In Case of Emergency is a simple idea that has some far reaching consequences. Conceived by British paramedic Bob Brotchie several years ago, the ICE initiative is simply a contact programmed into your cell phone. When first responders get to an emergency, they simply look in your cell phone for your ICE contact. Simple, easy and effective. The website not only alerts your one… Read More

  • iRobot has two new Roombas for your cleaning needs: One for pets, one for offices

    Sorta like this, but not really because iRobot still doesn’t have the proper photos up yet IRobot has a couple of new Roombas for you pet owners. Two, to be exact. There’s the Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot and the Professional Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot, both of which sound like a real hoot. The Pet Series has a few things that make cleaning up after your pets a little… Read More

  • Giro Sponge sops up plaque

    Fabio Dabori, an industrial designer based in Brazil has softened up the toothbrush game with his new toothbrush concept, Giro Sponge. The powered toothbrush is takes the concept of using bristles and completely throws that out the door, instead replacing the ‘brush’ head with a small sponge. Made with both adults and kids in mind, Fabio imagines the toothsponge to be useful for… Read More