• They have developed electronic contact lenses!

    Electronic contact lenses? Sure, why not? Developed by researchers at the University of Washington at Seattle, the lenses are kitted out with all sorts of built-in electronics and an LED. The uses right now for such lenses are fairly limited, but in the future you can expect things like internal body monitors (blood sugar level reporting is the given example), translation, and, yes… Read More

  • Crazy but real: Device lets blind people see using their tongue

    Invention of the year? Quite possibly! It’s the BrainPort, and it, in effect, gives blind people the ability to see by using the nerve endings on their tongue. It sounds weird, yes. Read More

  • First-of-its-kind Internet addiction treatment center opens in the U.S.

    Raise your hand if you consider yourself an Internet addict. Go ahead, no one here will judge you. (How could we: all of us are online at least 12 hours per day.) The thing is, if you feel like your addiction actually represents a legitimate problem, fear not, for a new “detox” center, reStart Internet Addiction Recovery Program, has opened near Seattle. It’s the first of… Read More

  • Qualcomm SSLS: Wireless + Medicine and how the iPhone ties them together

    Speaking at Qualcomm’s Smart Services Leadership Summit, Dr. Eric Topol’s introductory presentation is focused on the role of wireless devices in the medical field. Earlier this year at WWDC, Apple demoed the capabilities and value of the iPhone to the medical community for monitoring purposes. There are various medical devices in the works and already out on the market that could… Read More

  • WSJ: Steve Jobs had liver transplant 2 months ago, still set to return to work at the end of the month

    So according to the Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs had a liver transplant two months ago, in Tennessee. That scary-sounding news aside, it looks like he’s still on track to return to Apple, following his six-mouth leave of absence, by the end of the month. And while he may return on schedule, his initial workload should be on the low side. Apparently doctors want him to take it easy for… Read More

  • Is the Internet destroying families? (Probably not, no.)

    Honk if you like spending time with your family! Not too many honks, eh? Maybe that’s because you spend all of your time online, on Twitter, on 4Chan, on PerezHilton, on YouTube! There’s a new report coming out of USC that says that Internet use has increased, and the amount of time spent with one’s family has decreased. Is there a direct correlation? Maybe not, but… Read More

  • YouTube helps man deliver baby

    Well, it finally happened: someone used YouTube to help deliver a baby. Yup, a man in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Cornwall, to be exact) used to video-sharing site to help deliver his wife’s fourth child, a boy named Gabriel. (A nice, biblical name!) Yes, this is a crazy world we live in. Read More

  • With App, doctors can access your medical records from their iPhone

    What’s this, the iPhone actually being used to improve people’s lives? I’m speechless. There’s a new App in the App Store called Allscripts Remote that allows doctors to remotely access a patient’s medical records right from his or her iPhone (or iPod touch). The idea is that, in an emergency, a doctor won’t have to wait around while the hospital staff pulls… Read More

  • What, if anything, can be done to stop ‘sexting’?

    There’s a rather sad story out of Cincinnati where a high school girl hanged herself because a nude photo she sent to her boyfriend via cellphone ended up spreading around the school, if not the town itself. It’s called “sexting,” and it’s apparently a big deal on high school campuses. And because of this legitimate tragedy‐why on Earth would kids tease… Read More

  • What happens to your online presence when you die in real life?

    So here’s a weird question for y’all: what happens when you die? More specifically, what happens to the “online version” of you? Will your World of Warcraft guild hold a funeral for you, one that’s promptly invaded by a bunch of rival faction jerks? Will there be a Facebook “We miss you, man” group? Does anyone in your life have the password to you… Read More

  • Review: Yes, the Perfect Pushup

    About two years ago I first started seeing commercials for The Perfect Pushup on TV. The pitch was impressive and seemed perfectly tailored to someone like me: a 20-something, who, while not out of shape by any means (owing to a meek, Third World diet consisting primarily of rice and beans and water for flavor) didn’t quite have the physique that Hollywood presented as, I don’t… Read More