• Mobile Dining Apps LocalEats & BiteHunter Announce Partnership

    Mobile Dining Apps LocalEats & BiteHunter Announce Partnership

    Mobile dining apps for foodies on the go, LocalEats and BiteHunter, are today announcing a new content-sharing partnership. Starting now, LocalEats’ users looking for a dining deal will see information from BiteHunter’s deals database, while BiteHunter’s users will see a restaurant synopsis provided by LocalEats. Since both apps are operating in the same space, but are not… Read More

  • Amanda Hesser iPad Cookbook Demo

    Amanda Hesser’s Food52 Launches A Holiday Cookbook On The iPad

    Two years ago New York Times food critic Amanda Hesser and her co-founder Merrill Stubbs launched Food52 to collect and test recipes in an effort to crowdsource a cookbook. It took 52 weeks to research and write the cookbook, but another full year before it was published. By the time they finished their second cookbook (yet to be published), they were convinced there had to be a better way. Read More

  • Recipe Search & Sharing Service Foodily Arrives On iPhone

    Recipe Search & Sharing Service Foodily Arrives On iPhone

    Recipe search engine Foodily is arriving on mobile today, with an all-new iPhone application that will allow users to search recipes while on the go, see what recipes their friends have liked and share their own recommendations via photos snapped with the iPhone’s camera. In addition to the social features, the app provides mobile access to Foodily’s recipe search engine, so you… Read More

  • DIY Sous Vide Cooker

    So you want to make fancy food like all them chefs in them fancy Franch restaurants up in the city there? Do you, fancy boy? Well then you’d best get out into the garridge and start building because me and muther aren’t buying you any Sux Vid cooker for $450 so’s you can cook eggs like some fancy Franch cook. When I was in the army we din’t have food processors, just… Read More

  • Edible Concept: Tetris Sugar Cubes

    I believe I saw something like this a year back that looked like it was created by licking normal sugar cubes and sticking them together, forming tetrads. As fun as that sounds, I’d just as soon have my Tetris pieces fully formed right out of the bag. That’s what this concept from Danil Zdorov aims to do. Read More

  • Another Canon Lens Mug! Want So Bad!

    What is it about lens mugs that gets me? Ever since we first saw that 70-200L thermos, I’ve had lens muggery on the mind. And now that classic Canon lens styling is in a more convenient mug form. It even comes with a lens cap lid! Read More

  • iDish: The iPad as a plate for sushi, steaks and dessert

    The iPad can be used for many things, and Japanese Apple geek Shiinaneko [JP] now shows us how to transform the device into a pretty versatile plate. All you need is protective film for the iPad and an Internet connection. Just access the web, get a picture of a plate that best fits what you want to eat, place your food on top of the iPad screen, and you’re set. Read More

  • Mocca Pearl concept: espresso in the wilderness

    Okay, it’s an egg-shaped version of the Moka Express stovetop espresso thing. So far so good. But how do you pick it up? Read More

  • Full-frame Canoncake is 5Delicious

    Mmm… megapixely. [via PDNPulse, Daily Front Row, Pretty Foods] Read More

  • Low-tech coffee: it's the way to go

    In the kitchen, the gadgets and objects that we use can be roughly divided into two categories: the ones that do something, and the ones that make something easier. It isn’t a judgment on their value, but a simple and fact-based division. A pan, of course, does something, as does a blender. But a Slap Chop or juicer: they don’t exactly have a purpose so much as they take… Read More

  • Pump-action salt and pepper grinders

    There hasn’t been a whole lot of advancement in the salt and pepper industry – UNTIL NOW! Yes, the “Pump and Grind Salt and Pepper Mills” cost $20 apiece and allow you to season your favorite foods with one hand. Read More

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