• Full-frame Canoncake is 5Delicious

    Mmm… megapixely. [via PDNPulse, Daily Front Row, Pretty Foods] Read More

  • Low-tech coffee: it's the way to go

    In the kitchen, the gadgets and objects that we use can be roughly divided into two categories: the ones that do something, and the ones that make something easier. It isn’t a judgment on their value, but a simple and fact-based division. A pan, of course, does something, as does a blender. But a Slap Chop or juicer: they don’t exactly have a purpose so much as they take… Read More

  • Pump-action salt and pepper grinders

    There hasn’t been a whole lot of advancement in the salt and pepper industry – UNTIL NOW! Yes, the “Pump and Grind Salt and Pepper Mills” cost $20 apiece and allow you to season your favorite foods with one hand. Read More

  • Ham Dogger: No post title in the world could possibly do this product justice

    Love the shape of hot dogs but hate the way they taste? Hate the shape of burgers but love the way they taste? You’re screwe—NO! WAIT! Pick up the Ham Dogger. It’s eight bucks. Bonus! Use promo code TYLRGIFT to get 15% off. Read More

  • Geek Lunch: Bacon double dog burrito

    For the record, I hate cooking. So if I’m putting a recipe up here you can be sure that it’s something cheap, easy, and quick. Like many self-proclaimed geeks, I eat purely to survive. Inspired by a whimsical little show on the Food Network called Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (I think eating takes too much time, yet I’ll watch shows about food for some unknown reason), this… Read More

  • Cup holder, schmupholder – you need a full tray for your morning commute

    What an odd array of breakfast items in this product shot: Egg McMuffin, sure. Apple juice, okay. Fries? You might be on to something there. Whatever the case, if you’ve been eating food out of a bag while careening down the highway on your way to work maybe it’s time to class things up a bit with this $11 Swivel Car Tray. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 50 piece Chicken McNuggets bucket for $10 this weekend

    Now THAT is a lot of Chicken McNuggets. Like, so many that the Hamburglar might actually consider a) switching briefly to chicken instead of hamburgers and b) paying the $10 instead of going to all the trouble of trying to conceal a gigantic bucket of chicken under his cape. Read More

  • The future, to go: Heinz reinvents the ketchup packet

    My entire life, the ketchup packet has remained a constant. Its saw-tooth edge and slightly bulbous form, enclosing not nearly enough ketchup, is something that, like a grand oak of food package design, you expected never to change. Well, my friends, Heinz has taken the extraordinary step of replacing a product everyone has been satisfied with for decades. And they may have actually improved it. Read More

  • Double patty breakfast sandwich proves that mankind has officially done it all

    We can all stop innovating now. It’s here. The double patty breakfast sandwich. If you’re an inventor, you can lock up your workshop and go home. There’s officially nothing left to improve upon as a society. Unless someone comes out with a triple patty version, that is. Read More

  • Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s starts today. Buh, buh, bup, buh, bah, I’m lovin’ it!!!

    Ah yes. Nothing better than toting your laptop into McDonald’s and going through a handful of napkins every time you need to type something or move the mouse cursor. The food there is greasy, I guess would be the main takeaway from that sentence. Read More

  • An open letter to the creator of the pretzel dog

    Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Doug Aamoth. I’m a 30-year-old technology blogger originally from the Minneapolis area, now living in Boston. In May of 2009, I had my first pretzel dog in the Philadelphia train station while traveling for business. Shortly thereafter, I purchased and consumed two additional pretzel dogs in New York City’s Penn Station while on another business trip. Read More

  • The next logical step for both bacon and popcorn is bacon-flavored popcorn

    You like bacon? Who doesn’t?! Howsabout popcorn? Yes? If you find yourself short on time every day, perhaps you could combine bacon and popcorn by using BaconPop. Each bag is filled “with delicious, buttery, bacontastic popcorn,” according to ThinkGeek. Read More

  • Powered cooler to replace ice at picnics – and you ask why there's an energy crisis

    Here’s the thing. I appreciate innovation. This rechargable portable refrigerator looks handy. Handy if you live in a world without ice. I mean really now: there is more water than anything else in the world, and you possess the means to freeze it in your very own home. Once you decide that you’d rather use up about a gazillawatt of energy to keep a couple drinks cold rather than… Read More

  • Ten-person boat features built-in grill

    Summer, much like Karma Chameleon, comes and goes. It comes and goes. And I’ll be damned if this past summer came and went with few (if any) of us wiling away the hours in a circular boat with a built-in grill. Read More

  • Say yes to double-sided condiment bottles

    Oh Balloon Boy, your human interest story mesmerized us and gave us hope. But your misadventures lasted but a few short hours and like all minor celebrities, your fame is fading away like Marty McFly’s family members in that photo from that one movie where his car looks like a bird and they never really reveal how that professor makes money. He doesn’t teach any classes… Read More

  • Observe these delicious ravioli sponges

    If you’re standing up, you better find a place to sit down because I’m about to blow your mind. These are sponges that look like a ravioli. Again, these are sponges. That look. Like ravioli. I KNOW, RIGHT?!!! Read More

  • Five-pound gummy bear costs $40 and packs 12,600 calories

    So. You guys still eating gummy bears one by one? That’s cool, I guess. As a prognosticator of internet trends, I can tell you that the Next Big Thing (TM) will be this five-pound gummy bear that costs $40. Just saying. Read More

  • Canned bacon has 10-year shelf life

    Most things just aren’t built to last these days. Computers, cell phones, vehicles, televisions — good luck getting ten years out of any of them. Then there’s Tactical Canned Bacon. It’ll last for ten years. Ten. Years. Read More

  • Rock Band Drum Cake makes for a delicious peripheral

    Yum, who’s hungry for Rock Band Drum Cake?! The icing on the cake (pun intended!) is that this life-size delicacy actually sits atop an actual Rock Band drum kit stand. The 12-year-old who received this cake on his recent birthday apparently had a spare stand sitting around after he pummeled a previous set of drums to death and had to replace them. The whole setup almost looks too good… Read More

  • Back to School: Wide World of Ramen

    So you’re moving away from the dorms and their plentiful buffet-style meals. It’s a big step, I know, and you’ll have to do some adjusting. Cooking for yourself can be a rewarding experience, and you may discover that you have a knack for it, or enjoy the process as much as the results. But the first steps can be daunting, so focus on the basics. It’s not exactly… Read More

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