• Smarterer Lands $1.6M To Bring Its Skill Testing And Assessment Technology To The Enterprise

    Smarterer Lands $1.6M To Bring Its Skill Testing And Assessment Technology To The Enterprise

    In an effort to usher in the post-resume era and make the job application process less of a headache, Smarterer developed a platform that provides job searchers with an easy way to show off their skills to employers. Through its crowdsourced, online quizzes, candidates can measure their skills across a range of subjects, from engineering to music, see how they stack up against their peers and… Read More

  • Google To Close Bump And Flock, Its Recently Acquired File Sharing Apps

    Google To Close Bump And Flock, Its Recently Acquired File Sharing Apps

    Bump and Flock, the file sharing apps Google acquired last fall, will be shut down by the end of this month. Both apps will stop working and be removed from Google Play and the App Store on January 31, Bump confirmed on its blog today. Read More

  • Bump Mobile Contact Sharing App Acquired By Google, Will Stay Alive For Now

    Bump Mobile Contact Sharing App Acquired By Google, Will Stay Alive For Now

    After raising nearly $20 million and becoming one of the most downloaded mobile apps but failing to find real revenue, Bump Technologies has been acquired by Google. Its namesake app Bump lets you physically tap phones together to share contact info and more, and it will stay open for download. Congratulations might not be the right word, but Bump could have a bright future at the Googleplex. Read More

  • Irreducible


    The future is in apps you don’t open. “We’re going to move away from the era of ‘I have hundreds of apps but never think of using them’ towards ‘I have these cool apps and they take care of me'”. This is David Lieb, co-founder and CEO of Bump, on the sea change in design philosophy that underpins Pay With Square and his company’s new photos… Read More

  • Bump’s New App Flock Creates Shared Photo Albums With Friends Without Interrupting Your Life

    Bump’s New App Flock Creates Shared Photo Albums With Friends Without Interrupting Your Life

    Photos save our memories, yet fumbling to upload them can cut those moments short. But Flock lets you snap and forget, and then later collects photos from you and friends you were with into privately shared albums. Flock for iOS combines brilliant social design with the underutilized photo location API to simplify sharing. Instead of clumsily selecting privacy settings, it suggests you share… Read More

  • Social Browser Flock Shuts Down

    Flock, the social browser we had high hopes for back in March 2005, is officially in the deadpool today with a gone fishing note attached to its website. The note reads: “Support for Flock browsers will be discontinued as of April 26th, 2011. We would like to thank our loyal users around the world for their support, and we encourage the Flock community to migrate in the coming weeks to… Read More

  • Zynga To Acquire Flock, The Social Browser That You Never Used

    Zynga is acquiring Flock, a beleaguered startup founded in 2005 by Bart Decrem and Geoffrey Arone, we’ve confirmed. The deal should be announced shortly. The company has raised nearly $30 million in venture capital, although the last round was closed in 2008. We do not know the terms of the acquisition. Both Google and Twitter were also bidding for Flock, we’ve heard from one… Read More

  • Flock Switches From Mozilla To Chromium For New Browser, But Is That Enough?

    Flock, the social Web browser company, has released a new and completely different version of its desktop browser client after nearly a year of silence. The news comes about a week after Apple released Safari 5 and around the same time Opera launched a beta version of its upcoming Opera 10.60 browser. In a perhaps surprising twist, Flock is moving away from Mozilla technology after 6 years… Read More

  • The RockMelt Mystery. Is it Just a Facebook Browser, Or Will It Break The Mold?

    Marc Andreessen is backing a new browser company called RockMelt. Not much is known about RockMelt other than it is being designed by an all-star team (including software engineer Robert John Churchill from the Netscape days) and that it is tied into Facebook through Facebook Connect. Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb has a screenshot of the sign-in page and speculates that RockMelt is… Read More

  • Flock Ditching Firefox, Moving To Google Chrome

    Flock, a social-focused browser startup that has raised nearly $30 million in venture funding, has ceased building on top of the open source Firefox browser, say multiple sources. The next version of the Flock browser will be built on Google’s open source Chrome browser platform. The last version of Flock was released in October 2008. Flock first launched in October 2005 and has had… Read More

  • Who's Afraid of Chrome? Flock 2 Released With Even More Bells And Whistles

    Design philosophies could hardly be further apart. Google’s ironically named Chrome browser, which launched last month, advanced the notion that browsers ought to be neither seen nor heard. Like operating systems, they should sit obediently in the background and make sure that the applications on top of them run quickly, reliably and safely. Flock has always taken the opposite… Read More

  • Flock More Than Doubles Its Funding

    Flock, the so-called “social browser” built on top of Mozilla technology, has raised $15 million in a Series D round led by Fidelity Ventures and joined by Bessemer Venture Partners, Catamount Ventures, and Shasta Ventures. The round (the company’s biggest) more than doubles its total to over $28 million, an amount that has been gradually raised over the past three years… Read More

  • Powerful Support For Flock. Wait, Nevermind.

    When Netscape announced they were shuttering their iconic Internet browser last month, they recommended to users that they consider moving over to Firefox: “We recommend that you download Mozilla Firefox and give it a try. We know you’ll enjoy it!” (they also gave instructions for migrating from Netscape to Firefox). That makes sense, since Mozilla spun out of Netscape… Read More

  • Flock 1.0 Released

    Flock 1.0 (production version) is now available for download. Some reports have suggested that many of the Flock tweaks to the underlying Firefox engine were designed specifically to provide a more stable browsing experience; in the couple of weeks I’ve been using it, Flock hasn’t crashed once, where as I had grown so sick of Firefox crashing I had switched to using Safari. If… Read More

  • Flock 1.0 Beta Released: Surprisingly Very Good

    Flock 1.0 beta has been released for public download and is available here (at the time of writing it’s not shown on the front page). The new version of Flock, the first full release was first demonstrated at the TechCrunch 40 conference in September. The new version builds on previous Flock versions by offering a variety of social networking tie-ins. I’ve been hard on Flock in… Read More

  • TechCrunch 40 Session 3: Community & Collaboration

    Session three as follows, including our live notes. Story Blender Story Blender is an online collaborative video production platform where people can work together to “blend” their content into a new multimedia show. StoryBlend’s online editing tool lets users create videos by “blending” images, sound, text, and video clips. When users have created new video… Read More

  • Mozilla To Build Social Networking Into Firefox: Bad News For Flock

    Mozilla has released details on The Coop, a new product that will incorporate social networking features directly into the Firefox browser. This is not good news for the privately-backed social browser Flock (also built on Mozilla), which is yet to release a 1.0 version of its browser. Many of the proposed features and some of the mockups created by Mike Beltzner (see above) suggest a… Read More

  • 2007: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

    A year ago I wrote a post called “Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without” and listed thirteen startups whose products made a real impact in my life. Those were the products that I loved, and used every day. I enjoyed sorting through the hundreds of startups that we had written about, and picking just a handful that made a real impact on my life. It was so much fun… Read More

  • Piczo Announces Partnerships – Growth Still Strong

    San Francisco based Piczo, a social network for young teenagers, continues to add 35,000 new registered users per day, and claims 2 billion monthly page views. We first covered them back in September, where we compared them with the other major social networks. The UK continues to be Piczo’s biggest market, accounting for 40% of users and 50% of page views (see TechCrunch UK coverage of… Read More

  • Flock Ditches Shadows Bookmarking Service

    In a blog post yesterday, Flock’s Mike Dosik announced that they will no longer support the Shadows bookmarking service (Shadows is a product of Pluck) in the upcoming Flock 2.0 release. A number of angry Flock users commented on the post, wanting to know why. Co-founder Geoffrey Arone stepped in with an explanation: “Shadows is owned by the Pluck Corporation, who is doing quite… Read More