• Flock Ditches Shadows Bookmarking Service

    In a blog post yesterday, Flock’s Mike Dosik announced that they will no longer support the Shadows bookmarking service (Shadows is a product of Pluck) in the upcoming Flock 2.0 release. A number of angry Flock users commented on the post, wanting to know why. Co-founder Geoffrey Arone stepped in with an explanation: “Shadows is owned by the Pluck Corporation, who is doing quite… Read More

  • Photobucket Distributing Custom Flock Browser

    Photobucket, a very popular photo sharing service, is now distributing a custom version of the Flock Mozilla-based browser. A tour of the photo features of the browser is here. This comes less than a month after the release of the first public beta version of Flock (reviewed here). The Photobucket version of the Flock browser is identical to the one available at flock.com, except that… Read More

  • Meebo Extension for Flock

    A UK developer who goes by “Tones” has created a Flock-specific extension that puts Meebo, and therefore Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk and MSN IM, directly into a sidebar in the Flock browser (the extension also works for Firefox). Since Flock and Meebo are two startups I use, this looked interesting. I’ve downloaded the extension and tried it out. It works as promised, although it… Read More

  • Flock Raises New Venture Round, Launches Public Beta

    It’s been nearly eight months since Silicon Valley based Flock released a developer version of its Firefox based browser. This evening they are releasing their first public beta version, available for Windows, Mac and Linux machines, at Flock.com. I’ve been running the most recent developer release on my Mac for the last few weeks and it is now my browser of choice. I interviewed… Read More

  • Flock Says "Enough"

    Flock has gotten a lot of criticism lately. The reason for this particular round of naysaying is the launch of the impressive Performancing Firefox plugin that allows extremely easy blogging, from Firefox, for WordPress, MovableType or Blogger. Performancing is getting extremely good reviews from top bloggers like Paul Kedrosky, Om Malik and Steve Rubel. But the attacks didn’t start… Read More

  • Flock has Launched

    I just heard from Geoffrey Arone at Flock that they will be launching it to the general public within 3 hours (by 5 pm PST). Feedback to their recent beta expansion has been so positive, Geoffrey tells me, that there is no reason to delay any longer. Congratulations Flock! I imagine tens of thousands of people will be downloading and using their product by end of day. Make sure you upload… Read More

  • Flock's Refines Features, Expands Beta

    Flock‘s CEO Bart Decrem expanded the beta over the weekend to 1,007 people, most of whom are now blogging about it. The product, which was good back in August when I first tested it, is even better today. I’m a big supporter of Flock. I am even writing this post while wearing a Flock tshirt. Flock is definitely the Flickr of browsers. :-) The three most powerful tools Flock… Read More

  • The Companies of Web 2.0, Part 2

    Here’s the second set of companies that presented at the Web 2.0 conference Launchpad workshop. See Part 1 here. Zvents My friend Ethan Stock showed off Zvents, which launched last night. We’ve written about zvents here and here. In a nutshell, Zvents helps you create and locate the tens of thousands of monthly local events and has tons of awesome ajax, tagging and other… Read More

  • Flock Expanding Beta Today

    I met with Geoffrey Arone and Chris Messina at Flock headquarters in Palo Alto yesterday to see the new Flock browser. Flock is expanding the beta group from a hundred or so individuals to a couple of thousand today. We begged a beta invitation to Flock a while back and wrote about it in a profile written on August 26, 2005 There have been significant improvements since then. The blogging tool… Read More

  • Flock Evolves, Announces Public Launch

    If you haven’t heard about Flock yet, check out this Wired story and our profile of Flock from August 26, 2005. It is still in private beta, although you can request a beta invitation on their home page. Not sure of your chances though. Chris Messina sent out an email to Flock beta testers yesterday announcing that they are moving from beta 0.2 to 0.5 and making some product… Read More

  • Flock – Social Browsing is Cool

    Company: Flock
    Launched: in private beta
    Status: Funded/Incubated by Bessemer Venture Partners
    Location: Palo Alto Overview Flock is a new browser, built on top of firefox. It is a functional browser with excellent features (including firefox features like tabbed browsing, etc.). What really makes is stand out are two additional features they’ve added to build social networking directly… Read More