• The Xbox 360 Falcon has landed?

    Could it be? Were the rumors true? Has the Falcon Xbox 360 landed? It appears so. According to the blokes over at Xbox Forums, the Halo 3 edition is juiced with the 65nm CPUs that are purported to run cooler, which in turn would reduce any further RROD units. Pretty sure those price cuts were a direct result of the switch. 65nm (Falcon), BenQ, Heatsink Discussion [Xbox Forums] Read More

  • Novint Falcon Hitting CompUSA

    Hey, everybody! Remember that 3D touch game doohickey we told you about a few months ago? Yeah know, where you can feel shapes, textures and weight. Well, if you’ve been waiting-and I know you have been-hit up your local CompUSA store beginning October 8th and pick up a Novint Falcon game controller. There’s a super exclusive Limited Edition Novint Falcon Bundle for $239 that… Read More