• PS3 Eye hacked to work with Windows

    Why would you want to hook up a PS3 Eye to your Windows machine? Well, you’ve already bought it – you might as well use it for something. (This is where someone is supposed to say “Ohhh snap!”, or declare a successful “burn”.) When AlexP over at NUI Group needed a high quality video recorder for multitouch projects, he turned to the PS3 Eye. Dirt cheap… Read More

  • U.S. bionic eye recently tested successfully in Europe

    I bet we’ll start to see more and more of these types of stories in the next two to three years. Apparently two British men have received successful eye operations that have restored their sight. I saw another story on a 60 Minutes-type show (might have actually been 60 Minutes) about a guy in Colorado (maybe it was California) that got a similar operation and then wondered if he was… Read More

  • Playstation 3 EyeCreate Demos

    var so9 = new SWFObject(“http://us.playstation.com/blogvideos/lib/cust_flv_player.swf”, “cust_flv_player”, “480”, “285”, “7”, “#ffffff”);
    so9.addVariable(“videoURL”, “http://us.playstation.com/blogvideos/EyeCreate/jump.flv”);
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