• Blood sugar testing game and accessory coming for the Nintendo DS

    Childhood diabetes sucks, there’s no way around it. Testing is annoying and uncomfortable for adults, much lets kids, and the testing technology isn’t exactly what you’d call fun or interesting. Bayer is trying to make it better though, by creating a fun way to test blood glucose levels using a Nintendo DS. Read More

  • Scale for the older folks with diabetes

    This bathroom scale, called Insight Foot Care Scale, serves a dual purpose: it checks your weight and checks the bottoms of your feet for erythema and signs of inflammation. Those with diabetes are supposed to check their feet everyday, which could help to prevent over half of the 75,000 amputations in the US every year among people with diabetes. Read More

  • Tattoo ink monitors blood glucose levels

    Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Draper Laboratory has developed a special tattoo ink that changes colors based on a person’s blood sugar levels. As CrunchGear’s resident diabetic and as someone who lives right down the street from Draper, I’d say that I’m “quite interested” in something like this. Now I just need to think up an awesome tattoo design. Read More