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  • The Diary Of A Cord Cutter In 2015 (Part 2: Shaving The Cord And Cheating)

    The Diary Of A Cord Cutter In 2015 (Part 2: Shaving The Cord And Cheating)

    2015 is the year I finally cut the cord with cable TV. No more flipping through programs mindlessly, no more massive lineup of channels I never watch, no more DVR’ing. In doing so, I’ve been determined to rely on streaming-only services for access to TV and movies, and my current lineup today includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Hulu, with the occasional movie rental… Read More

  • JustWatch Debuts A New Search Engine For Cord Cutters

    JustWatch Debuts A New Search Engine For Cord Cutters

    More people than ever are cutting their ties to big cable, and opting to either cut the cord, or just dramatically pare down their cable TV packages. According to Nielsen’s data, the top 40 cable channels have lost an average of 3.2 million subscribers over the past four years. That leaves room for startups catering to the needs of these viewers, who have either replaced or now… Read More

  • The Diary Of A Cord Cutter In 2015

    The Diary Of A Cord Cutter In 2015

    I know I’m late to the party by some accounts. Early adopters cut the cord years ago and haven’t looked back. For me, turning off cable TV was an idea I flirted with, yet I just kept renewing my package deal for some reason. But there has been no better time to finally severe ties with big cable, and their pricey television packages that have you paying for hundreds of channels… Read More

  • Pay TV Disruption Doesn’t End With Unbundling

    Pay TV Disruption Doesn’t End With Unbundling

    Which would you rather do: pay for all available content or only the content you consume? At first blush, this would seem like a simple cost issue: why not cancel your cable subscription in favor of Netflix, Hulu or Prime Instant Video – or all three? Instead of spending $70 a month for content you don’t watch, you could spend under $10 on just the things you do watch. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: WD TV Live Plus Media Player

    This is a nice little sale on one of the best network media streamers. Newegg is selling the WD TV Live Plus for only $79.99 with the coupon code HARDOCPX323E. It’s a great little box with web apps and robust media format support including MKV containers and .avi. It’s a great deal for only $80. [via Dealnews] Read More

  • The Five Best Cord Cutting Devices (Plus One Bonus!)

    I hit a nerve. I seriously believe cord cutting is all about alternative services and not the hardware. Clearly others think different. My last post concerning the movement focused on three main areas with hardware only one small portion of the overall post. Why? All roads lead to Netflix and DLNA servers anyway. Nearly every box can run Netflix along with at least a dozen of other… Read More

  • Study: Only One-Twentieth Of One Percent Of TV Subscribers Have Cut The Cord

    Hey, cord cutters: you’re all talk. A new study, put together by the UK’s Informa Telecoms & Media, which “delivers strategic insight founded on global market data and primary research,” says that today’s cord cutters only account for 0.18 percent, or 1.2 million, of worldwide television subscribers. In other words, the number of cord cutters in the world… Read More

  • Video: Experiment Shows Cord-Cutting Simply Too Difficult For Average Families To Grasp

    Here’s more evidence that regular people have zero time for things like Google TV, Boxee, and Roku, if only because they’re too complicated for their own good. Hill Holiday, a “caffeine-fueled ad agency,” asked five Boston-area families to participate in a cord-cutting experiment. For one week each family was asked to forgo traditional cable TV in favor of one of… Read More

  • Study: Americans Now Use Internet As Much As They Watch TV

    And there it is: Americans now spend as much time on the Internet as they do watching TV. So says a new study released by Forrester Research, which says that people now spend 121 percent more time online than they did only five years ago. What’s probably most significant is that these stats now include people in the 30+ age group; it’s not just college student insomniacs who… Read More

  • ESPN: Only 0.11 Percent Of Households Have Cut The Cord (And These Aren't Hipster Households Either)

    ESPN has just released a study that sheds some light on people’s cord cutting habits—or lack thereof. Using Nielsen data, ESPN has determined that a paltry 0.11 percent of U.S. households have dropped cable and/or satellite TV over the past three months. That rounds down to essentially nobody in my estimation. Even more interesting is exactly who these cord-cutters are, and… Read More

  • Economic Hard Times (And Not Hulu) The Reason For Cord Cutting?

    Almighty Giz has two exciting maps that offer an alternative explanation for the decline in cable and satellite subscriptions in the past year. If you look at the maps, you’ll find that the areas that saw the biggest drops in subscriptions are also, generally, the areas hardest hit by foreclosures. The theory goes, these areas have been hard hit by the recession, and subsequent… Read More