• New Screen Technology, TapSense, Can Distinguish Between Different Parts Of Your Hand

    And you thought multitouch gestures were annoying – how about mashing your whole hand on your screen to close an app or rapping on it with your knuckle to summon Siri (or Iris?). A new technology from Carnegie Mellon’s Human Computer Interaction Institute allows your device to distinguish between different types of taps using a microphone and touchscreen. Created by Chris Harrison… Read More

  • Professor Tom Mitchell on the Never-Ending Language Learner

    Meet NELL. See NELL Run, Teach NELL How To Run (Demo, TCTV)

    A cluster of computers on Carnegie Mellon’s campus named NELL, or formally known as the Never-Ending Language Learning System, has attracted significant attention this week thanks to a NY Times article, “Aiming To Learn As We Do, A Machine Teaches Itself.” Indeed, the eight-month old computer system attempts to “teach” itself by perpetually scanning slices of the… Read More

  • Carnegie Mellon wins DARPA Urban Challenge

    The humans the car did not kill. My alma mater, CMU, won the DARPA city challenge in which they had to build — and successfully deploy — an autonomous vehicle in a simulated city environment. Sure, any schlub can send a robot car across the desert. But can you send it through the mean streets of Scranton, PA or a simulation thereof? Didn’t think so. The Register has coverage… Read More