• New Screen Technology, TapSense, Can Distinguish Between Different Parts Of Your Hand

    And you thought multitouch gestures were annoying – how about mashing your whole hand on your screen to close an app or rapping on it with your knuckle to summon Siri (or Iris?). A new technology from Carnegie Mellon’s Human Computer Interaction Institute allows your device to distinguish between different types of taps using a microphone and touchscreen. Created by Chris Harrison… Read More

  • Professor Tom Mitchell on the Never-Ending Language Learner

    Meet NELL. See NELL Run, Teach NELL How To Run (Demo, TCTV)

    A cluster of computers on Carnegie Mellon’s campus named NELL, or formally known as the Never-Ending Language Learning System, has attracted significant attention this week thanks to a NY Times article, “Aiming To Learn As We Do, A Machine Teaches Itself.” Indeed, the eight-month old computer system attempts to “teach” itself by perpetually scanning slices of the… Read More

  • Carnegie Mellon wins DARPA Urban Challenge

    Carnegie Mellon wins DARPA Urban Challenge

    The humans the car did not kill. My alma mater, CMU, won the DARPA city challenge in which they had to build — and successfully deploy — an autonomous vehicle in a simulated city environment. Sure, any schlub can send a robot car across the desert. But can you send it through the mean streets of Scranton, PA or a simulation thereof? Didn’t think so. The Register has coverage… Read More