• Chairman Of Build Your Dreams, A Major Clean Tech Manufacturer, Wins "China's Peace Prize"

    The chairman of Build Your Dreams (BYD) one of the world’s largest clean tech and electric vehicle manufacturers, Chuanfu Wang, won China’s Canton Provincial Award for Individual Contribution the company announced today. The Canton Government awarded the CPAIC, a.k.a. “China’s Peace Prize,” to Wang for leading a business that has consistently developed and… Read More

  • LDK Solar Inks $300 Million Deal With BYD

    Several big names in solar have settled from recent highs on Wall Street, but there’s still a lot of money running into the sector. On Monday morning, LDK Solar announced that it has locked up a new two-year sales deal with Chinese juggernaut BYD worth roughly $300 million. Under the deal, LDK will provide monthly shipments of polysilicon starting on January 2011. It’s another win… Read More

  • BYD's Incredibly Sensible House of the Future

    SHENZHEN, CHINA– One of my very early posts for TechCrunch referenced the “futurism” of 1950s Americana, where companies like Monsanto and Disney played out dreamy visions of a new automated way of living that never quite came true. I’m writing this post from Shenzhen, in Southern China—a place whose jaw-droppingly impractical-yet-beautiful architecture and… Read More

  • A plug-in hybrid is now for sale in China, Chevy Volt what?

    GM, and millions of jobs, might be counting on the Chevy Volt to save the company, but a Chinese car company is a couple steps ahead of Generous Motors. The BYD F3DM is now for sale at a cost of $21,900 USD…in China. It features a plug-in Li-ion battery pack along with a 1.0 liter aluminum engine. Exact details aren’t available but it seems that this knock-off might have the $40k… Read More