• Visual Anonymity: YouTube Now Lets You Blur Faces With One Click

    Visual Anonymity: YouTube Now Lets You Blur Faces With One Click

    YouTube today launched a new feature that allows its users to easily blur the faces of everybody in a video with just one click. This, says YouTube policy associate Amanda Conway in a blog post today, can have a number of uses. It can, for example, help users ensure they can share a video of activists during a protest without putting them at risk for later repercussions. As YouTube becomes… Read More

  • Motorola CLIQ update hits this week with touchscreen and GPS updates

    Hurrah for updates! Nothing can give your aging phone a fresh feeling like an update can, and CLIQ users can get excited about that this week. Is this the big update that we mentioned last week? Perhaps not. Read More

  • Motorola DEVOUR recently announced and already getting fondled

    Well that didn’t take too long at all. Just this morning, the Motorola DEVOUR with MOTOBLUR was announced, and now in-the-wild pics and hands on impressions are surfacing on the web. Pictured next to the Nexus One, the DEVOUR looks much smaller than it does in press images. So how does it feel and what can be expected from the device? Read More

  • Video: Motorola's MotoBlur ported to a HTC G1

    Hey, hey. This hack will probably make more than a few G1 owners giddy. Apparently someone got their hands on a leaked copy of a Motorola Cliq ROM, which just so happens to have all the stuff for Motorola’s custom Android build, MotoBlur, and has converted it for the G1. Don’t ask us where these files are or the install instructions for your G1. We don’t know. But what we do… Read More