• After Nine Months Of Revisions, The Verizon Droid Bionic Is Finally Available

    After Nine Months Of Revisions, The Verizon Droid Bionic Is Finally Available

    January 5th. That’s when Motorola and Verizon first announced the DROID Bionic. 9 months grueling months later, it’s here. It’s seen delay after delay, and revisions to both its internal specs and its outward appearance have made the Droid Bionic we see launching today about as different from what was originally announced as any other Android handset hitting the shelves… Read More

  • Can you guess the inspiration for the Bionic Handling Assistant?

    What you see here is the Bionic Handling Assistant, a sort of robotic arm designed to improve the interaction between humans and robots. Clearly this thing was inspired by Doc Ock from Spider-Man, right? There can be no doubt! Look at those articulated arms. Look at those pincers. Look at the sheer menace these things give off! Doc Ock all the way, am I right? Read More

  • Bionic Woman, 50, is faster, better, and stronger than your mom

    At the end of this month, after 20 years of operations, all of Eileen Brown major joints except her right elbow will be man made. She has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since she was in her 20s; now 49, she hopes to get her new replacement left hip before her 50th birthday. She had this to say when he got her right hip replaced: “Most people are stuck in bed for about two weeks… Read More

  • Bionic Body Shop (HQ version) – reminds me of Syndicate

    That’s what this bionic shopping center simulation reminded me of. Man, Bullfrog was way ahead of its time. This is a cool little flash demo showing some of the many cybernetic parts that are available or forthcoming to the human race. Bionic eyes, exoskeletons, robot arms, and all. There are links within the flash demo to more in-depth articles on teh subjects and IEEE Spectrum is a… Read More