• Haw haw: Static-charged balloon foils security camera

    Ah, William Lawson of Brooklyn, New York, you are a smart guy. I can only hope that your balloon trick shows up in future iterations of the Splinter Cell series. I’m getting tired of shooting the cameras out with a pistol. It wastes bullets, it’s dangerous, and it’s impractical for Sam Fisher to have to poke his head out just to aim at a target he could very easily disable with… Read More

  • Floating lamp: Balloon with built-in LEDs

    [photopress:floating_lamp2.jpg,full,center] Every one of y’all needs to petition the designer of the floating lamp, a balloon with an LED base. Fill her up with helium and you’ve got, yes, a floating light. Since the balloons follow all the laws of physics, you can expect them to last only so long before they fall back to the earth. Probably the best thing I’ve seen in a… Read More

  • Google Wants to Give Advice Based on Its Database of You

    “Should I take Company A’s job offer or Company B’s? Man, Company C’s offer is nice, too. Google, help me! Make important life decisions for me!” That’s the type of scenario that one of Google’s co-founders dreams of. One day, he wants Google to have enough of your personal information so that the search engine will, essentially, be able to give… Read More