• I want to install your NIN iPhone app like an animal

    Hey, pig: Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails knows how to make an iPhone app. Their latest app, which should appear this week, is basically a music, video and image browser with a number if connectors to, the band’s website. In short, it turns a band’s website into a portable social network and offers all of NIN’s music for streaming on the go for free. The app also… Read More

  • MS could charge for MS Mobile App submissions in rare cases

    Everybody panic! IDG is reporting that MS might charge users who send 5 or more mobile apps to the Microsoft Mobile App Bazaar in one year or update their apps too often. Why? Maybe the depression? Read More

  • To charge or run ads? An iPhone dev's dilemma

    This is a guest post written by Bo Wang from iPhone app developer house Team iBokan, part of Bokan Technologies, about the lessons learned while conducting a pricing experiment on brick game Galaxy Impact, the company’s first iPhone application. For a different take on paid versus ad-supported iPhone apps, read our previous post. Galaxy Impact, a classic brick-break game and the… Read More

  • Should we expect a Nintendo DSi App Store this year?

    Apps, Apple’s or otherwise, make the world go ’round, and now Nintendo wants some of the action. Allegedly. Apparently there was a super-secret Nintendo developer conference in London last week, and the company told its developers, in so many words, “Please make other, general purpose applications for our upcoming DSi App Store.” So goes the rumor, at least. Read More

  • Paid apps hit jailbroken iPhones

    Cydia, the little app that you use to download homebrew apps to the iPhone, got paid apps last night, opening the door for an entire secondary market for app developers including, as Dan at Giz points out, porn. Read More

  • iShred: To those about to rock, don't do it on the subway or next to me at the DMV

    iShred looks like an iPhone guitar app that actually looks usable, assigning chords to buttons at the top of the screen which are then played with a strum of the strings. Best of all, the system has a set of stompboxes for your amping pleasure including tremelo and looping. Overdrive, anyone? Read More

  • Nokia unveils its own app store

    At the Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona, Nokia has unveiled its initiative to try and repeat the runaway succes of Apple’s App Store with its own mobile storefront dubbed Ovi Store. This was an expected move as the rumors about the Finnish mobile juggernaut’s mobile applications store already spread last week; they were late confirmed to Reuters by industry sources. Here’s… Read More

  • iPhone app helps reduce stuttering

    Researchers at the Hollins Communications Research Institute have created an iPhone app that helps treat speech impediment disorders. As a former stutterer – I wasn’t that bad but it was hard to stop – this is actually very cool. Stuttering treatment usually require a feedback loop to retrain the brain. This application listens to your voice in the field and offers… Read More

  • iPhone App Review: Snatch

    The floors in my house are incredibly cold this time of year. Being a resident of East Texas, I’m sure there are those who’d hem and haw about how I don’t know what cold is, but I made the unfortunate choice to take up residence in a sixty-year-old house with hardwood floors, and there are days when I consider opening my front door and selling tickets to what could with a… Read More

  • If you like the oud, you'll love the Tingalin iPhone app

    Hey, shqipe shiqoje ket! Have you ever wanted to play the ancient Albanian lute called the Çifteli and never got around to visiting Albania? No? Well, Arfrim Kacaj has an app for you. The Tingalin iPhone app simulates this two-stringed instrument with absolute fidelity, going as far as to recreate the wrist-based strumming technique of the ancient Çifteli masters. As if there were any other… Read More

  • TV on the Radio iPhone

    Return to cookie mountain indeed, because a new programmed called Television for iPhone is now available and offers “50 shows from 30 channels” on demand. It’s not live TV – that would be hard – but it’s basically rehashed content CNN, CBS, and Comedy Central. Sadly, most of it isn’t the good stuff (Comedy Central – Standup Highlights, NBC… Read More

  • Visual dialing for the iPhone

    Ever wanted to add contacts right to your iPhone’s front page? A new product by Talent Group Labs creates a visual dialing system that adds phone numbers as icons in the home screen. Read More

  • Apple Store lets app sellers create promo codes

    Apple’s App Store has finally given developers the ability to release up to 50 promotional codes for their applications, allowing them distribute their apps to press and friends free of charge directly through the App Store. While the feature may seem like a minor addition to most people, it will be a boon for developers looking to help spread the word about their new applications. … Read More

  • 10,000 iPhone Apps… and grooooowing

    148Apps, which tracks and reviews iPhone Apps, says 10,000 applications have now been released on the iPhone App store (the site is named after the fact that you can add up to 148 applications to an iPhone or iPod touch). A tribute page shows a mini icon for every application. And it also gives some interesting data. About 24% of apps are free; 35% cost $.99. The average cost is $3.12… Read More

  • Joost iPhone App makes us remember Joost again

    Joost launched their iPhone application on the App Store this evening, giving users access to 46,000 Joost videos, including major television shows and films. The iPhone has a built in YouTube application already, giving them a serious head start when it comes to video on the iPhone. But archrival Hulu doesn’t yet – giving Joost a little room to maneuver for now. Read More

  • Quick look at the 2.2 iPhone firmware

    I took some shots of 2.2 in action. The walking directions would have been great for the past two weeks – I’ve had so much trouble using car-based GPS in walking/biking cities. Streetview is also great for cities like New York but it’s very limited right now – there was no information for Paris, for example. The podcast download is also really nice to have. An… Read More

  • Orb for the iPhone: Stream your media everywhere

    Orb, a $9.99 iPhone application that should be familiar to home networking buffs, is available now and will stream music from your home computer, photos, and live television from a TV tuner card – all over the Internet. It can even stream input from a webcam to your phone. Read More

  • Google's Mobile app uses secret proximity sensing system: Untruthiness!

    Senor Gruber has uncovered a trick inside Google’s Mobile app that uses an undocumented method to access the iPhones proximity sensor. In normal situations, the iPhone proximity sensor – the little thing in the top of the iPhone that knows when you have it up to your face – can be turned on or off. When it’s on and you place the phone up to your ear the screen stops… Read More

  • iMobileCinema: Flash video on the iPhone… with a catch

    When I first saw this I thought “Where have you been all my life?” Then I realized the answer: In 1.x iPhone and iTouch firmware. iMobileCinema is a homebrew app for 1.1.1-1.1.5 firmware and must be installed on jailbroken phones. This tool is all but useless to early adopters who are already into the 2.x version of the firmware but a version that should work with 2.1 is coming… Read More

  • Google's the latest hit by the arbitrary iPhone ban-hammer?

    Everyone is so excited – so excited! – about the Google iPhone app that is supposed to allow instant voice search. But where is it? The youtube video that preceded it is now down and all mention has been scoured from Google’s website, Soviet-style. Not a good sign. Read More