• Beerby: Find Beers Near You

    Ah, beer. You’re my solace and my comfort in these trying times and I love you. But how do I find you, especially the odd and unique members of your extended family? Thankfully, there now exists BeerBy. Read More

  • Nokia's Calling All Innovators Contest Is Looking For The Next Great Mobile App

    Nokia, fresh off implying that using Android would be like “pee[ing] in their pants for warmth during the cold winter,” has a new (and rather elaborate) contest to encourage you to create the next great mobile app. OK! It’s called the 2010 Call All Innovators, and there’s “$10 million in cash, devices, and marketing prizes up for grabs.” Read More

  • VLC On iPad? Only If It Escapes Apple's Ban-Hammer

    App developer Applidium has been working for a few months on an iPad port of the popular, open-source, plays-anything VLC. They’ve submitted it for approval to Apple, but I really don’t know what its chances are. Will it be rejected on the grounds of duplicating functionality? VLC certainly does more and plays more formats, but Apple may just not care. We’ll find out soon… Read More

  • Real Madrid, Digital Artists To Develop More Apps Than You Can Possibly Handle

    As you all know, any chance I get to mix soccer and tech is a chance I will absolutely take, and with zero hesitation. On today’s edition: Real Madrid! Yes, the 31-time Spanish champions, and nine-time European champions (a por la d├ęcima and all that) have something in the works that may interest those of you keen on Apps of all shapes and sizes. In the near future, you’ll be able… Read More

  • 'Don't Retreat, Reload.' Layar: BattleTac's 'Augmented Reality' App For The Battlefield

    “Augmented reality”? That’s Samsung’s gimmick, BattleTac. Be that as it may, this is Layar, what the Hungarian company calls an “augmented reality app that shows you the things you can’t see.” On the battlefield, that is. Mmm. Read More

  • Cosmo Releases Sex Position of the Day App For Android, I Release Bile

    Do you like sex with other people? Do you like Android? While it is my opinion that those two questions are mutually exclusive, someone, somewhere matches those two criteria. Thankfully, Cosmopolitan Magazine is there for them. Basically, this is an app that shows sex positions, albeit in a cartoony way. Fair enough. Android is for pornographers, after all. And that’s basically the… Read More

  • The 30 Best iPhone Apps So Far This Year

    The 30 Best iPhone Apps So Far This Year

    Editor’s note: This guest post is written by Alex Ahlund, the former CEO and founder of AppVee and AndroidApps, which were acquired by mobile application directory Appolicious. I’ve been involved in the iPhone app industry since it first began in 2008 and I have to say that it has come a long way. I’ve seen it grow from a meager launch of 500 applications in the App Store… Read More

  • ProOnGo adds QuickBooks Pro integration

    Shortly after covering ProOnGo Expense, the app that lets you take pictures of your receipts for effortless filing expense reports, we’ve received word that two new features have been added. First, users can email receipts to the ProOnGo OCR service, freeing them from using the ProOnGo app to transmit the image of their receipts. Second, ProOnGo is beta testing integration with… Read More

  • Strobe Pro for iPhone 4: Prepare your glowsticks!

    This charming young man, John Meyer, created the world’s first iPhone 4 strobe light. It’s already been submitted to the app store and he suggests that, contrary to popular belief, it is amazingly fun. However, it could be fun for parties, funerals, or for setting the mood for coital relations with your lady wife, provided said lady wife is not prone to epilepsy. Read More

  • AppMakr now supports GeoRSS tagging

    AppMakr is a service that allows you to make simple, Internet-fed apps for the iPhone, Touch, or iPad. Historically, AppMakr has been called a glorified RSS reader but, with the addition of push notifications, a native image viewer, and GeoRSS support, they’re trying to shake that image. GeoRSS is the latest addition to the product and allows content providers to stick a little XML code… Read More

  • How to make the most of the World Cup: Apps, Web sites, podcasts and more!

    Let’s get down to business. The World Cup begins tomorrow, June 11, 2010. The tournament kicks off with hosts South Africa against Mexico at 9:30am ET/6:30am PT on ESPN in the U.S. (International readers: you’ll have to consult your local listings.) Consider this post a general how-to on making the most of the tournament. Mobile Apps, helpful Web sites, podcasts, etc. Woo~! Read More

  • Like human anatomy? There's a really awesome iPad app for that

    We’d be buried in posts if we wrote about every single cool app out there, but I just saw this and wanted to highlight it. The Human Atlas HD app (newly for iPad) looks like a truly fantastic way of exploring anatomy — like the Periodic Table app, it makes the science tangible and immediate. That’s one of the benefits of a full-size touch interface, and one of the major… Read More

  • iBroadway: Broadway goes mobile

    Described as “Fandango for Broadway”, the new iBroadway app for iPhone launched today. Core features include details on performance venues, schedules, ticketing information and even discounts on some of the most popular shows. Reviews, synopses and cast information are available, as are links to purchase soundtracks and cast recordings in the iTunes store. The launch sponsor for… Read More

  • fidipidi: a Facebook app for sending real greeting cards

    fidipidi: a Facebook app for sending real greeting cards

    fidipidi, aside from being a portmanteau of serendipity and Pheidippides, is a Facebook application that allows you to create real-world greeting cards that get sent through the U.S. Postal Service for delivery to real human beings. Think of it like all those e-card services that were so popular about a decade ago, except that the card gets delivered to the recipients actual mailbox instead… Read More

  • AppMakr adds features, now free for a limited time

    We covered AppMakr a few months ago and found that they were a fairly cool way to make simple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps with a minimum of fuss. They’ve just announced that they hit 1 million downloads onall of their custom apps and have also announced a number of improvements to the service. The service, to recap, allows you create simple apps consisting of RSS feeds and other pieces… Read More

  • Comcast's new iPad remote app looks pretty solid

    I may not always have the nicest things to say about Comcast, but I try to take it case by case. Today, they’re doing a good thing: this iPad app looks nice. Not particularly creative, but creative isn’t what Joe Six-Pack wants when he’s just trying to find Top Chef. Read More

  • Evernote surpasses 3 million users

    The title says most of this story, but there are a couple of interesting details that are worth sharing. First, while it took 447 days to reach their first million users, it took 222 days to hit the two million mark, and only 134 days to reach three million. That’s pretty impressive. That 134 days is even more impressive when you learn that 85% of Evernote users get there by word of mouth. Read More

  • Ride the City bike routing service hits the iPhone

    Friends of CG Jordan Anderson and Vaidila Kungys, creators of Ride the City New York just released their first Ride the City iPhone app [download] for NYC. The app, like the service, offers safe bike routes through New York and is based on the OpenStreetMap project. It costs $1.99. To use it, you simply enter your start and end points and then follow the route. The map takes into… Read More

  • BugMe now available for iPad

    Like every other tech blogger, I’ve been flooded with press releases about apps that are now available for the iPad. I’ve been underwhelmed, on the whole, with “news” of app updates for iPad compatibility but word came to me recently that BugMe had been approved for the iPad. That got me thinking about my review of BugMe for the iPhone. Read More

  • SketchNation: DIY iPad gaming plus a giveaway

    If you’ve dreamt all your life of blowing up your third-grade teacher with spitball guns, your prayers have been answered. SketchNation is a surprisingly odd game that allows you to select all of the sprites in gameplay. You can set your own character sprite (a spitball gun, for example), the sprites for the bullets or spitballs, and even set up a boss image (your third-grade teacher). Read More