• Fujitsu Tech Lets You Send Apps To Users At Specific Times And Places

    Fujitsu Tech Lets You Send Apps To Users At Specific Times And Places

    I am not really sure if there are that many use cases for a solution like this, but here we go: Fujitsu has developed a “platform technology” that makes it possible to push applications and data to devices at specific times and places. Users can access these applications on smartphones, tablets or PCs until they leave the place in question or a pre-determined usage time runs up… Read More

  • Bringing Down The Satellites: Stargazing App Adds 8,000 Man-made Objects

    Bringing Down The Satellites: Stargazing App Adds 8,000 Man-made Objects

    Star Walk, an Astronomy guide, just released an update that includes over 8,000 manmade objects including navigation, weather, and “special interest” satellites. That means for $2.99 ($4.99 for iPad) I can finally follow the FBI satellites as they track my every move while beaming messages directly into my skull. Read More

  • On Voicefeed iOS App Lets You Customize Voicemail Greetings Based On Who's Calling

    On Voicefeed iOS App Lets You Customize Voicemail Greetings Based On Who's Calling

    Most of you will agree when I say that one of the coolest features of Google+ is Circles, which lets you create groups of people to share specific things with, rather than sharing with everyone in your network by default. Today I came across an iOS app that basically has the same system in place, but for voicemail. It’s called On Voicefeed and it lets you build groups (family, friends… Read More

  • Wants To Be The Adsense For Mobile Apps Wants To Be The Adsense For Mobile Apps

    Many mobile app developers share a significant problem: getting their products discovered among the hundreds of thousands of apps i.e. the App Store or the Android Market currently boast. According to a recent report by Nielsen, just 58% of smartphone users actually use the stores on their handsets to search for new apps. Enter, which officially launched today and describes… Read More

  • Marathon Now Available For iPad

    Just a quick heads-up: that iPad version of Marathon (Bungie’s classic Mac FPS) is now available to be downloaded to your very own little iPad. And it’s free! Free, I tell you! If you haven’t ever played the game, I’d actually recommend playing it the way it’s meant to be played first (there are ports available and the game is free), but if you don’t mind… Read More

  • BeenVerified Takes Background Checks Mobile With A New Android App And An iOS Rerelease

    Background checks are now fully mobile, thanks BeenVerified‘s new app for Android and the re-release of the app on iOS. The Background Check App does exactly as you might expect: It pulls data from BeenVerified’s site and allows you to check up on the people you know through name queries or email addresses. Users can check up on their contacts with one click, allowing you to see… Read More

  • Discovr Launches Awesome Tool To Find New Apps For iOS (Think Interactive Graphs)

    At WWDC 2011, Apple announced that there are now more than 400K apps in its app store (and that more than 500K have been approved). The Android Marketplace has around 300K apps and is growing fast. The point is: There are a lot apps out there already, and more hit app stores every day. They’re going like hotcakes. But finding and discovering new apps that you actually care about? Eh, not… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Worms 2 Armageddon On iOS For A Buck

    I’ll keep this short. We reviewed Worms 2 Armageddon for the iPad a while back and found it a worthy title in the series, worth the $5 price of admission. And now that you can get it for 99 cents, that recommendation is even easier to give. Head over to the iTunes Store to pick it up. Read More

  • All's Well That Ends Well: Kid Whose Code Was Stolen By Ad Firm Releases iPhone App

    Remember the kid who wrote a little asteroids game that lets you blow up things in your browser? And then remember how BBDO in Denmark stole the code and made an M&Ms game? Well, it looks like open source is alive and well because Erick, the creator, is selling his cute little game for 99 cents (it basically lets you blow up web pages on the iPhone and iPad). Read More

  • Native Apps Or Web Apps? Particle Code Wants You To Do Both

    When it comes to app development for mobile devices, cross-platform implementation is the new hot thing. Developers have long struggled with fragmentation across operating systems, when they want to just be able to create one app and blast it out on every platform imaginable. Businesses like Heroku and Appcelerator, and gaming versions like Game Closure (and many others) collectively make… Read More

  • Seagate Enables iOS Access To GoFlex Home Servers

    As a fan of hard drives, I’m quite enthused by this bit of news. The Seagate GoFlex Home was one of the first easy-to-use cloud storage systems and for about a year access was limited to desktops and laptops. Now, however, you can access your files directly using a free iOS app for iPads, iPhones, and iPods Touch. The GoFlex Home costs $159.99 for 1TB, $209.99 for 2TB, and $269.99 for… Read More

  • For The High-Tech Naturalist: LeafSnap Identifies Leaves Using Your iPhone's Camera

    This is just plain fantastic. The LeafSnap app for iPhone identifies any leaf you take a picture of, as long as it’s in their library. Check out the video inside. Read More

  • It's Bike Season And This App Will Help You Tune Things Up

    This clever little app, called Bike Repair, shows you how to fix your bike using videos and pictures. Is your transmission borked? Are your breaks soft? Do you have a squirrel in the spokes? It’s all here. It will even help you fix your seat and handlebars for the most comfortable ride. It runs on the iPhone, iPad, and under Android and costs $2. I, personally, enjoy the rough and… Read More

  • Runens Social Running App Will Let You Train With Friends, Strangers

    As we all know, long distance runners are lonely. You’re out there on your own, feet hitting the pavement, strange birds pecking at your hair as you scramble up and down alien streets at dawn or dusk. It’s good to have friends out there. That’s the goal of this new iPhone app, called Runens, a goal that, I feel, so far falls short. You set a goal level – 5K, 10K… Read More

  • Beer Gardens NYC App Goes 2.0 For Beer Garden Season

    Beer, the sweet elixir that draws me to the doom of oblivion, is apparently available in places called “Beer Gardens” here in NYC (and in various other locations, but this is NY-centric.) These “Gardens” are not actually gardens at all but are, in fact, large patios where people can sit and drink beer until they reach a heightened level of joviality and fun and… Read More

  • EFB For iPad: Will Your Pilot Be Using This In 2012?

    Back in February, we heard that a private jet company had gotten FAA approval to use an iPad-based charting system instead of paper charts, which are the standard throughout the industry. They used an app called Mobile TC, but GlobalNavSource has come up with another app, EFB (“electronic flight bag”), and it’s being offered for free until they release it commercially on… Read More

  • Musings on the Mobile Web: Commerce, Apps, and More

    Ever since I started contributing to the TechCrunch empire, my inbox has received a pretty steady stream of pitches for new (and not-so-new) products and services. Some of them merit a post, but the overwhelming majority of these emails are skimmed and then deleted. Sometimes, though, I’ll engage the sender in a discussion about the product or service they’re pitching, asking… Read More

  • Burn-Studio Lets You Build Hot Beats In Your Browser

    How much do you want to make a song called “Shake Your Body?” A lot? Then you’d best get over to Burn-Studios, a new Flash-based sequencer that allows you to oots oots all day long using this wild browser based system for beat mixing. You can check out some super songs in the gallery or make your own music using baffles, drums, synths, and sequencers. I was able to make… Read More

  • Study: Smartphone Users Wasting Hundreds Of Dollars Per Year On Unnecessary Contracts

    A new study says that smartphone users are overpaying for their service by several hundred dollars each and every year. The study, put together by Billmonitor, notes that people are overspending primarily because they’re on contracts that wildly overshoot their needs. People have a habit of signing up for contracts with far more voice minutes than they use, and it’s primarily for… Read More

  • Want To Run Android Apps On Your Windows PC? You Can With BlueStacks.

    There’s nothing new about virtualization software, per se, but BlueStacks might be worth checking out. It brings the Android operating system to Windows-based computers via a virtualization layer, much like how you can run Windows “inside” your Mac using Parallels. Why, exactly, you’d want to run Android “inside” your Windows PC, I’m not exactly sure… Read More