• Walgreen's Refill By Scan App Makes It Easy To Get Your Fix

    A wise man once said “Most people don’t know how they’re gonna feel from one moment to the next. But a dope fiend has a pretty good idea. All you gotta do is look at the labels on the little bottles.” That’s why Walgreen’s wants to be mother’s – and your – little helper An app from pharmacy chain makes it dead simple to refill your… Read More

  • Nursery Rhymes Storytime Reminds You Of The Blasted, Lunar Hellscape That Is Your Life

    As a modern man whose dreams and ambitions have been charred to a cinder by the vagaries of time and circumstance and whose life has been reduced to hours of overtime interspersed with a few moments of stolen sleep and, if my ulcerous stomach can handle it, the sweet oblivion of drink, I find myself drawn to this iPad app, called Nursery Rhymes Storytime. It allows your neglected child to read… Read More

  • HeyZap Goes After Social Discovery, Launches Check-in For Mobile Games

    Heyzap, a monetization and distribution platform for online casual games, announced today that it’s going mobile. Launching a social discovery application for mobile games on Android, the startup will be bringing the 1.6 million users it has already accumulated on its social gaming platform over to mobile. The company aims to build on its foray into social gaming last year, when it… Read More

  • Scion Creates New Community Website For Owners To Meet, Plan Drag Races, And Pick Up Chicks

    Scion owners not only get the chance to fully customize their new cars, but also share in the experience online in a new Scion community website. In addition to the website, there is also a mobile app for iPhone (Android soon) that syncs data from the mobile app into the community. The community is a place, similar to other fan pages, where owners can share experiences and enthusiasm for… Read More

  • Handy Android App: Launch Task Of Your Choice When You Plug In USB Or Headphones

    This is pretty sweet, I’m actually going to download it right now. Pretty much the only time I plug my phone in now is when I’m heading to bed, and the only time I plug in a headset is to listen to music. So why not get an app that automates launching those apps, saving me a few swipes of the finger? Plug In Launcher does just that. Useful! [via Addictive Tips and Lifehacker] Read More

  • OnOne Remote DSLR Controller Comes To The iPad

    You might be familiar with OnOne, an app used for controlling tethered Nikon and Canon DSLRs remotely. Well I just thought I’d let you shooters out there know that it’s been updated to support the iPad, which in my opinion makes it much more useful. The larger UI makes for error-free adjustments, and the higher-resolution viewing area means you can check focus and other details… Read More

  • Next Question: What's A Publishing App?

    We created subscriptions for publishing apps, not SaaS apps. —email attributed to Steve Jobs There’s been so much confusion in the wake of Apple’s new subscription billing policy for apps that Steve Jobs felt the need to issue the proclamation above via his preferred method, a personal email. (It’s his version of… Read More

  • Konkreet Performer: A Sweet Visual Music Tool For iPad

    If you’re at all into the digital music creation world, be it via MIDI, virtualized drum kits and synths, or what have you, this app probably deserves your attention. It’s a visual interface and performance tool that uses… I really can’t tell what sort of visual metaphor for controlling the various aspects of your music. It certainly looks like a very unique tool, and… Read More

  • Confession: The Roman Catholic App Doesn't Support Real iConfessions

    There’s an app out that recently got approval from the Catholic Church: it’s called Confession. The Roman Catholic app has been designed for Catholics to take time out of their day and speak to God over the iPhone — except when holding it wrong. This, not free — but $1.99 — app has people in the Vatican speaking out about it, and we aren’t too sure if they… Read More

  • Silhouetter Improves Your iPhone Photos By Removing The Ugly Detail

    Can’t stand superficial detail? Overwhelmed by samsara? Why not strip out false detail and turn your world into the wall of Plato’s cave, flickering shadows portraying the world as it really is: a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Read More

  • Today In Led Zeppelin iPad App: For Your Daily Zep Needs

    Been Dazed and Confused for so long it’s not true.
    Wanted an iPad app, never bargained for you.
    Lots of people talk and few of them know,
    this iPad app was created by This Day In Music Apps and it features daily facts about every Led Zep song and show. Read More

  • Get Ready To Tap That App With T-Pain's New App, Booty Symphony

    I don’t usually use PR namesakes in headlines, but “Get ready to tap that app,” only seemed fitting. What we got here is a new Android app from T-Pain’s label, Nappy Boy Entertainment, called Booty Symphony. What is it? Why would anyone want it? Well, it’s kind of a music video creation / soundboard thingamajig. Does that answer it? Read More

  • Pew Shows 65% Of People Pay For Digital Content; Mostly Music, Software, And Mobile Apps

    The Pew Internet organization put out results of a survey on how many people pay for digital content online. The study found that 65 percent of people online have paid to download some form of digital content or for a subscription to a digital media service. The survey excluded physical goods bought online and was focussed only on digital content such as music, software, news, and other… Read More

  • iFixit's iPad App: A Nice Last-Minute Gift For The Tinkerer In The Family

    That is, if they like gifts that are free. Because the newly-on-iPad app from the folks at iFixit definitely is free, and isn’t even ad-supported. It’s leveraging their growing database of repair instructions for cameras, game consoles, mobile phones, and pretty much everything out there. Read More

  • TiVo Releases New App

    TiVo has just announced a new iPad app that adds gesture control as well as live TV watching and scheduling. You can also use Facebook and Twitter to talk to your friends about the shows you watch. Gesture based control – Take complete control of all recordings, even dragging forward and back through a show with a simple tap or swipe
    • Start watching what you want – Launch… Read More

  • Twitter for iOS now (officially) supports push notifications, coming soon to Android and WP7

    Back in those lazy hazy crazy days of September, we wrote that the iOS Twitter app would support push notifications soon. Well, guess what, guys?! It’s here! Now you can use Twitter as a form of instant messaging, as the very moment someone you follow @mentions or messages you, you’ll receive the notification on your iPhone/iPad. What? You don’t have an iPhone or iPad (I hear… Read More

  • ConcertIn: Share Your Real Life Concerts With Friends

    ConcertIn, built by past TechCrunch Meet-up pitch contest winner Jan Horna, essentially turns concerts into Facebook events, allowing you and your friends to talk up the Freelance Whales as well as buy tickets to their next concert. The service doesn’t look like much on the surface but this “event” featuring the boy band Baby Lala shows you how it works. You create a… Read More

  • Bord For iPad: The Only Thing Missing Is The Brisk Clap Of Erasers

    School’s back in session and the kids are now back at their desks, filling their inkwells and reading their Steele’s Sythetic Speller and Monroe’s Reader. But what about those with consumption or the dropsy who aren’t able to attend and instead are homeschooled by a bachelor college graduate from Connecticut who made his home on the prairie for a bit of adventure and for… Read More

  • Oh My God, There Are Muji iPad Apps

    I’m buying this right now. The Notebook app ($4) looks amazing, and while the Calendar and To Go apps (free) look useful but not nearly as awesome. Muji is number one. Check out the video inside. Read More

  • Chinese Apple Store Open And Ready For Your Yuan

    In typical hyperbolic Apple style, the company has just announced the launch of, the Chinese hardware as well as the Chinese version of the “legendary” App Store (yes, they actually used “legendary.”) The store includes all the standard goodies like engraving and Mac customization. Read More