• Windows Phone 7 Mango To Bring Front-facing Camera Support?

    Oh man! That girl you met in the hostel in Prague wants to video chat. It’s like 2 a.m there! This can only be good! HIGH FIVE! Wait. No. No high-five. I TAKE MY HIGH FIVE BACK. You’ve only got a Windows Phone 7 handset. They don’t having front-facing camera support, much less video chat support. Sad trombone. Fortunately, it looks like a fix is on the way. Well, sort of. Read More

  • Skype For Android Gets Video Chat Support On (Very) Select Handsets

    When it comes to doin’ video stuff on Android, things can get a bit.. complicated — especially when that video is streamed. That’s why just about every video app to launch on Android is launching on but a handful of handsets at a time. Netflix initially launched on five. Hulu launched on six. This morning’s somewhat-limited-launch? Skype 2.0 for Android. Though… Read More

  • RIM Employee To CEOs: "I Have Lost Confidence"

    Today a letter slipped out addressed to RIM’s co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis. It was written by a “high-level” employee, who BGR claims to have identified and confirmed as the author. The letter is not angry, disgruntled, nor does it cross the line. It is a simple, heartfelt plea to get RIM back in the game. Read More

  • Unlocked, SIM-Free Nokia E6 Goes Live On Amazon's Site For $439

    The Nokia E6 saw a $7 price-cut as it became available today on Amazon’s site, listed at $439 instead of its pre-order price of $446. The unlocked, SIM-free phone is available and in-stock, and shipping is free from Amazon. The unbranded Nokia E6 will work with both AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks, and with a pentaband 3G radio on board, the E6 can get 4G support, too. Read More

  • Flickr Metadata Hints At Possible "Droid HD" In The Works

    A picture on Flickr (which I can’t find and therefore can’t confirm) has apparently been spotted by PocketNow with “motorola Droid HD” listed as the camera. Oh my god, it’s a new Droid with a 1280×720 screen, like that in the Nexus Prime and other upcoming superphones! Or… someone has been messing with EXIF data, or (as the picture was taken near… Read More

  • Sprint's HTC Evo 3D Caught Prepping For T-Mo's 4G Network?

    HTC’s line of Evo phones have long been Sprint exclusives, and are arguably the number three carrier’s shining stars. Interestingly enough, Sprint’s most recent (and also most awesome) phone, the Evo 3D has been spotted passing through the FCC sporting T-Mobile’s AWS bands. A trip to the FCC doesn’t necessarily mean that T-Mobile is for sure, without a doubt… Read More

  • HP In Talks To License webOS — But Who Would Want To?

    The fact that HP is considering licensing webOS isn’t exactly news — HP head honcho Leo Apotheker said as much in an interview weeks ago. What is news, however, is that such licensing deals might already be in their early stages. At least, that’s what we’re gathering from this Bloomberg piece, where Apotheker is quoted as saying HP is already in talks with “a… Read More

  • HTC Status For AT&T Gets Official

    We’ve covered the HTC ChaCha’s journey to the States pretty exhaustively, from its debut at Mobile World Congress, to the rumors that it was heading for AT&T, to the last-minute name change from ChaCha to Status (presumably as a result of this lawsuit filed by ChaCha. As in the company, not the phone. A phone can’t file a lawsuit, silly; it doesn’t even have… Read More

  • Samsung Files ITC Complaint Against Apple, Tries To Ban Imports Of iStuff

    They’re at it again folks, and it only gets uglier and uglier. Samsung has filed another complaint against Apple, according to the International Trade Commission website, this time to request an import ban against the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
    Should the ITC choose to investigate the complaint, we won’t get a final decision for at least 16 months. Read More

  • Nokia 700 Zeta Gets Caught On Camera

    Yesterday we reported that Nokia has a few girly-named phones in the works, one of which being the Nokia 700 Zeta. Unfortunately, all we had to lead us down the road to spec discovery was a vague and sparsely detailed spec sheet. Today however, a couple snap shots have been leaked of the Zeta, and we wanted to make sure to give you a more informative introduction to this C6-01 successor. Read More