• How To Fix Tech’s H-1B Problem Crunch Network

    How To Fix Tech’s H-1B Problem

    I’m a Canadian who has spent a sizable fraction of his adult life working in the USA, so immigration, especially as it relates to the tech industry, is a pretty personal subject. I was at a Waterloo Engineering alumnus event in San Francisco this week, and, inevitably, the arc of every conversation bent towards immigration, and how Kafkaesque it can be, even for us fortunate Canadians. Read More

  • This Teddy Bear Could Have Exposed Your Child’s Identity

    This Teddy Bear Could Have Exposed Your Child’s Identity

    Are smart toys worth the risk? That’s a question parents are asking themselves these days as they weigh the usefulness and delight that comes from cloud-connected toys, with the potential for them to be turned into spying devices, as was the claim against the Wi-Fi-enabled “Hello Barbie,” or the possibility of massive leaks involving their children’s personal… Read More

  • The Great White Fail Whale Crunch Network

    The Great White Fail Whale

    Call me Ishmael. Some years ago–never mind how long precisely–having nothing particular to interest me in meatspace, I thought to visit the Vale of Silicon. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen. Whenever my meds get such an upper hand of me, that I yearn to troll passersby–then, I account it high time to get to cyberspace. Read More

  • Beef Twitter

    Beef Twitter

    Why do we allow ourselves to be dragged into pointless, likely fruitless, micro-arguments on Twitter? Is it because the pithy length lends itself to misunderstanding? Perhaps the ego has a hand — no one likes to be called out publicly by peers in the same network, especially when you know everyone you both know can see. Then there’s good old fashioned obstinance. Read More

  • Toxic Water, Toxic City

    Toxic Water, Toxic City

    The water in Flint is toxic. The state of Michigan inadvertently poisoned the city’s well, and it will take years to flush the system. And that might not be the worst part. The state has yet to reveal how it will repair Flint’s image. Read More

  • Bitcoin Is Dead (Again), Long Live Bitcoin (Again) Crunch Network

    Bitcoin Is Dead (Again), Long Live Bitcoin (Again)

    Oh, the drama, such drama. Last week, longtime Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn declared “the Bitcoin experiment…has failed,” and resigned from that community with a fusillade of verbal grenades (and a New York Times profile of his dissent.) This in turn provoked a whole torrent of hot takes and reactions, which mostly had one thing in common: contempt for all who disagree. Read More

  • Book It, Baby Crunch Network

    Book It, Baby

    Remember e-books? Those were the days, weren’t they? Those crazy few years when the fad of reading on a Kindle swept the nation. Now, of course, that fit of mass hysteria is behind us. E-book sales are falling, down more than 10% in 2015 — YA down 44%! — while used bookstores are coming back. Yes, that’s right; print is regaining its regal primacy; e-books are dead. Right? Read More

  • Buzzy Social App Stolen Shuts Down Amidst “Concerns” From Users

    Buzzy Social App Stolen Shuts Down Amidst “Concerns” From Users

    Amidst concerns over the gaming mechanics of a popular buzzy app called Stolen, its creators Hey Inc. has decided to shut down. They tweeted out the news today. Basically, the app allowed you to “own” peers with Twitter accounts, whether they signed up for the service or not. It was meant to be a fun game, but rubbed many people the wrong way. We've decided to shut down… Read More

  • The GoProblem

    The GoProblem

    Action cameras are like tablets. Lots of people want ONE. But very few need to constantly update to the latest model. I suspect this is why GoPro’s sales are slowing, it’s reduced sales forecasts, and it had to lay off 7% of its employees this week. It’s hitting market saturation. Many of the people likely to buy a GoPro already have one and don’t need… Read More

  • The Cruel Inequities Crunch Network

    The Cruel Inequities

    There are few people in technology more infuriating than Y Combinator’s Paul Graham, who earlier this month dropped a brilliant summary and analysis of the ongoing refragmentation of modern societies, followed immediately by a blinkered, muddled, wrong-headed essay on technology’s role in economic inequality. The response from his fellow tech VCs was remarkable. Read More

  • Colleges Are Overreacting Like Your Parents And Banning Hoverboards

    Colleges Are Overreacting Like Your Parents And Banning Hoverboards

    Surprise, surprise! If you buy cheap off-brand electronics from a shoddy factory in Asia, they may have poorly-designed lithium-ion batteries that can catch fire. After nearly 60 airlines basically banned hoverboards overnight, college campuses are now jumping on the hoverboard hate bandwagon. Read More

  • Let’s Put Twitter Moments In The Hands Of Twitter Users

    Let’s Put Twitter Moments In The Hands Of Twitter Users

    Storytelling is fun, but it’s also not easy. You have to have an idea of what story you want to tell and what pieces to include to illustrate it. Sometimes it’s words, sometimes it’s photos, sometimes it’s videos, and sometimes it’s all of them. Read More

  • Here’s What 10,000 Characters Looks Like

    Here’s What 10,000 Characters Looks Like

    So, Recode reported today that Twitter was tinkering around with the idea of expanding its 140 character limit to a number a bit higher….10,000 characters. But what, you ask (and I’m glad you did), does 10,000 characters look like? Well, hey. Let’s find out. Soooo, did you see the Warriors game last night? Crazy, right? It was nice to see Harrison Barnes back and the entire… Read More

  • Be The Nerd — Quit Facebook

    Be The Nerd — Quit Facebook

    If you believe the origin story depicted in Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network, a young Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook in order to meet girls. Creative fiction or not, the real-life Zuck — who recently became a father to a baby girl called Max — wants the world to know about his far more progressive views on women. Read More

  • Why Bitcoin Matters Crunch Network

    Why Bitcoin Matters

    The most epochal financial transaction of this century, to date, occurred on May 22, 2010. It did not involve Wall Street, or the City of London; it took place in Jacksonville, Florida. It did not feature collateralized debt obligations, or credit default swaps. It was a purchase of two Papa John’s pizzas, in exchange for a payment whose present value currently exceeds US $4 million. Read More

  • It’s The Jons 2015! Crunch Network

    It’s The Jons 2015!

    Merry Christmas! 2015 was a truly great year in technology, bringing us self-driving electric cars, reusable orbital rockets, the rise of precision gene editing… and some lesser achievements. Since nothing of interest will happen in the next four days, I have decided to jump the gun; today I announce my annual dubious achievement awards, named, in a fit of awe-inspiring humility… Read More

  • From Half-Baked To Overcooked — The “Revolutionary” Evolution Of Crowdfunding

    From Half-Baked To Overcooked — The “Revolutionary” Evolution Of Crowdfunding

    The ratio of overcooked concepts to ideas that might genuinely be called ‘revolutionary’ has long been skewed on crowdfunding platforms, but when a “founder” is pitching a “revolutionary” sponge holder with a straight face a line has surely been crossed. Read More

  • Technology And The Deep State Crunch Network

    Technology And The Deep State

    Donald Trump; Bernie Sanders; Jeremy Corbyn; Marine Le Pen. If you had suggested only a decade ago that any one of those four might become a significant political figure, you would have been laughed out of any room. What has happened to politics as we knew it? Where are the military-industrial complexes of yesteryear? Is this all Facebook’s fault? Sort of. Not really. Let me explain. Read More

  • 9 Etsy-Made Gifts That Keep Holiday Giving Weird

    I’ve always found that the weirder gifts, no matter how much they cost, are the ones that people appreciate the most. Sure, you could send someone a boring gift card or a basic-ass iPhone case, but why? Spend some extra time on the always awesome Etsy and give back to the community while gifting some of the funniest and weirdest stuff you’ll find. And a lot of it is customizable. Read More

  • Dear White People, You Suck At Diversity

    Dear White People, You Suck At Diversity

    When white people in tech open their mouths about diversity, I tend to brace myself. More often than not, it seems like they say something tone-deaf, outright offensive or lacking in an understanding of intersectionality. Intersectionality is the concept that people face multi-faceted layers of discrimination as a result of their intersecting identities relating to race, gender, class and… Read More

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