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  • How to Watch Amazon Unbox Movies On Your HDTV

    that you bought on Amazon Unbox onto your HDTV, well, you’re in luck. That is, if you have an Xbox 360. Dave Zatz found a way to stream videos using your Media Center PC and your Xbox 360. 1. Download an Unbox video to your Media Center PC.
    2. From the Xbox 360 Dashboard, go to the Media blade and select Media Center. Your Xbox will connect to your Media Center PC.
    3. Select… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA Announces Cyclops With TXT Tones, VAM

    See this two-tone red-and-white clamshell? It’s Virgin Mobile USA’s latest handset, the Cyclops made by Kyocera Wireless. It’s not new new, but it was officially announced today, so talking about it doesn’t make us feel as dirty. The big deal is it’s the first phone from the carrier to benefit from a licensing deal with Warner Music Group to use with VM’s… Read More

  • Wii-DVD Edition Confirmed For Japan

    Apparently Japan has more use for a tiny DVD player integrated with the Wii than the US or Europe, but Nintendo Japan’s just confirmed that they’re getting an “enhanced” Wii with DVD functionality. There are currently plans to release a version of Wii in Japan featuring DVD playback. There are currently no plans to bring this model to Europe or the US. Are they really… Read More

  • DS Lite Makes Museum Rounds

    The Japanese are using the DS Lite for all sorts of stuff. Case in point, museum-goers at Japan’s Nation Western Fine Arts Museum can now borrow a DS Lite from the front desk. The portable comes loaded with all sorts of museum guide information that displays automatically when one enters a particular gallery. Users can sort through information using the unit’s touchscreen and… Read More

  • First Pic Of iRobot's Sentinel Project

    The Roomba/Skooba people, iRobot, has released the first public photo of a new project in development, code-named Sentinel. It’s a networked technology that lets one user simultaneously control and coordinate multiple semi-autonomous robots via a touchscreen Tablet PC. The U.S. Army’s Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program scraped together the money for the… Read More

  • Pain, Suffering, Phishing

    , now some unscrupulous bastards are sending out Lik-Sang phishing emails. An eagle-eyed reader sent us an email pretending to be from Lik-Sang that includes a “link” to PayPal. Our records indicates you can retrieve an additional $ 9,99 USD refund in your PayPal account. In order to successfully retrieve the refund please confirm your existing PayPal account on this page [link… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Hearts Electricity

    The PlayStation 3 will require a total 380 watts of power to run, which is more than eight times the power required by PlayStation 2 (45 watts) and more than twice the power demands of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (160 watts). This is one power hungry machine. If you play the PS3 for an hour a day for a year, it will cost you around $20 (thanks Gizmodo). PlayStation 3 Hearts Electricity [gizmodo] Read More

  • Microsoft Begins Banning 360 Modders

    Microsoft is taking action (or trying to at least) against Xbox 360 users who have firmware hacks on their consoles to run game backups. If your console is modded, Microsoft will simply ban your gamertag from Xbox Live. The problem is, Microsoft is starting to hit the wrong people for an unknown reason. Here’s a post from the Xbox forums from Furydog, whose account was banned for no… Read More

  • SlingPlayer OS X Public Beta Available for Download

    Oh yes! Today’s the day that Mac fans everywhere can watch their favorite episodes of Deal or No Deal wherever they go with the SlingPlayer beta for OS X. The beta came a bit earlier than we were expecting, but the final release should be sometime in Q4 2006. Whether it’s on the john, on a boat, in the rain, in Kazakhstan, or even underwater, as long as you have an internet… Read More

  • Dail Crunch: Graveyard Shift Edition

    Here are some of Monday’s stories. Happy Halloween! Good Morning, Starshine: The Wake-Up Light
    USB WiFi Dongle with Integrated Hotspot Finder
    Rechargeable Moixa USBCell AA Batteries Reviewed
    Nintendo Embraces Seniors, Mothballs
    Survey! Read More

  • Phantom Lapboard and Alienware Entertainment Center in the Wild

    A CG fan Matt tipped me off to his interesting new work set-up consisting of a phat Alienware Entertainment Center – surround sound out, digital video, and a little glowing alien head included – along with the Phantom Lapboard. Read More

  • Sony Announces Silver PlayStation 2

    Even though the slim silver PlayStation 2 has been out just about everywhere for a while, Sony didn’t release an “official” announcement for the limited edition system until earlier today. Sony stated, Six years after its initial launch, the PlayStation 2 continues to enjoy nonstop success, outselling all other consoles. The introduction of this limited edition model is sure… Read More

  • Only 80,000 PlayStation 3 Units Coming To Japan

    The Nikkei Keizai Shimbun morning edition reported this morning that Sony will not hit its mark of 100,000 PlayStation 3 units in Japan. Component shortages have limited the release of the PlayStation 3 to 80,000 units, which will lead to 20,000 more disappointed Japanese gamers. Due to the shortage, many major retailers (as well as major online retailers) in Japan will no longer be taking… Read More

  • Nintendo Wii Revelation Coming

    For everyone planning on purchasing a Nintendo Wii next month, it seems like there is more good news coming our way. There’s been a rumor floating around that Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, told GameSpot, There will be another big Wii revelation around launch time. GamePro confirmed the rumor a few days ago, but no one has any idea what the Wii announcement will… Read More

  • Quit Shoving: Sonnet Retools iFreq Dock For 2G Nano

    As you may or may not know, when Apple updated the iPod Nano to the 2G version, it shifted the dock connector ever so slightly, making a large number of first-gen Nano accessories incompatible with the new models. Sure you could push and shove and pull to get some things to kinda fit, but not everything. Well, Sonnet Technologies accounced today that the cradle, included with its iFreq… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Update Coming Tomorrow

    Good news for Xbox 360 owners, the new dashboard update will be available tomorrow, October 31. There are a number of changes coming, a few good ones to point out are 1080p support over VGA and component cables, Xbox 360 HD DVD player support, support for video playback from CD and DVD data discs and you will be able to stream music, video and pictures from your Zune! Personally, the… Read More

  • Kingston Adds 2GB Sticks To Its Laptop ValueRAM Lineup

    If you’re rocking a particularly small, small-form-factor PC or are looking to get a little extra performance out of your laptop, you’ll want to pay attention to this. Kingston Technology, memory-vendor extraordinaire, has made available 2GB 533MHz and 667MHz ValueRAM SO-DIMMs. Although, by “Value” it simply means that the modules don’t fall under the… Read More

  • Unboxed: Logitech diNovo Edge

    Logitech is poised to soon release the diNovo Edge, the self-proclaimed “World’s Most Advanced Keyboard.” Our review unit just arrived and I fired off a few preliminary shots for your viewing pleasure. Read More

  • Rechargeable Moixa USBCell AA Batteries Reviewed

    I use my USB ports to power all kinds of things, but I’ve never considered using them to recharge some batteries. Well thankfully, you people don’t have to rely on me for technology innovations. Moixa Energy, an R&D company working on renewable energy and portable power technologies has developed some Nickel Metal Hydride AA batteries that recharge via a computer’s… Read More

  • Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, Microsoft's Crazy Looking New Mouse

    Everything USB has a review of the new Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 from Microsoft. Aside from using a fancy new LAAAAZER BEAM engine, the mouse offers a new ergonomic design that is said to reduce wrist tension and increase comfort. I can see this as maybe being a valid option for basic users, but not so much for gamers and power users. I’m always abstractly in the the market for… Read More