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  • RIYL: Using Music Download Services Other Than MSN Music

    With the upcoming launch of the Zune player and the already active Zune Marketplace, Microsoft has decided to put a lid on MSN Music’s download services. As of November 14, clicking on a “purchase” button will get you redirected to either the Marketplace Web site or, thanks to a 2005 legal settlement, to RealNetworks’ Rhapsody site. If you bought tracks from MSN… Read More

  • Smartphones Now 2006

    Thanks for reading this year’s edition of Smartphones Now. It’s been a long week for us getting our bearings with such an extensive feature-set, but in the end everything gelled quite happily. We hope you all enjoyed Smartphones Now. I should also take this opportunity to let you all know that this is only the beginning of our features. We have many more slated for the next… Read More

  • Vadim Releases Quad-Core PC With Dual GeForce 8800GTX Graphic Cards

    Let the battle of the Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme Quad-Core gaming PCs begin! Earlier today, we covered VoodooPCs brand new quad-core Omen. Now Vadim Computers has announced that it will also be releasing a PC gaming rig that features a quad-core Core 2 Duo Extreme PC. Not to be undermined by VoodooPC, the Vadim rig also features two spankin new GeForce 8800GTX graphic cards. Along with the… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: First-Time Buyer's Guide

    So you’ve decided to buy your first smartphone. That’s fantastic, but before you go crazy and drop your car payment in favor of PDA-meets-cellphone goodness, you need to stop and figure out which smartphone is right for you, but that, dear reader, is why CrunchGear is here. Because there are so many different devices on the market, we should start by establishing exactly what a… Read More

  • Asus Releases Lamborghini Laptop

    Like an actual Lamborghini, the Asus Lamborghini VX1 laptop is flashy and expensive. On the outside, the Lamborghini VX1 features a sleek, angular, yellow lid with the official Lamborghini logo in the middle. The laptop also comes with a suede-trimmed black carrying case, talk about flashy! Too bad there’s nothing impressive on the inside. The VX1 sports a 2GHz Intel Core Duo processor… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Linux

    If you thought Linux-based OSes were for back rooms, hardcore geeks, and computer science grad students, you’d be right. Recently, however, its made great strides toward becoming much more “user friendly,” even advancing to the point where they’re usable as phones. But what makes you want to pick a Linux smartphone? Read More

  • Xbox 360 to Get HD Movie Downloads, Maybe

    Rumor has it that Microsoft might soon launch a service that allows users to download HD movies for a $4 rental fee. If this is indeed true, Microsoft might have a massive hit on its hands. This could essentially usurp the entire rental industry. An Xbox 360 HD download service would be capable of rendering the iTV obsolete before it even drops. No need to get an iTV for use as a digital hub… Read More

  • Lexar JumpDrive Mercury: Awesomest JumpDrive Mercury Ever

    I’ve handled many USB flash drives, from ones that simply hold data to biometric drives that scan fingerprints to U3 drives that let you store and launch your favorite apps no matter what PC you’re using. The Lexar JumpDrive Mercury is top to bottom one of the most full-featured drives available, with great read/write speeds and a modest price at just $50 for 1GB (a 2GB model is… Read More

  • Zune Reviewed

    Our pals at Gizmodo have gotten their grimy hands on a Zune and conducted a thorough review complete with pictures and video. No real new information exposed, but some details are firmed up. One thing that is clarified is the guesting feature. Users can add guests to their Zune Marketplace and share songs without the 3×3 limitation. The guest method is limited by whether or not the user… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Update Still Not So Rosy

    Following the recent Microsoft Xbox 360 dashboard update, users are reporting that they are unable to play games, and unable to play on Live. The problem, known as ERROR CODE E71, has been acknowledged by Microsoft, who stated that only 1% of Xbox 360 users are experiencing the problem. Seeing as how the big Xbox 360 title Gears of War is due out in 4 days, this is the worst time of the year… Read More

  • TiVo Selling Standalone Series3 Remote

    If you’re clinging to your TiVo Series2, but find the the Series3 remote compelling, you’re in luck. TiVo has dubbed it the Glo premium remote and started selling it as a $49.99 standalone accessory. The Glo features fully backlit and metal domed keys, learning capabilities, improved ergonomics, bigger nav pad and a glossy finish with a chrome perimeter. Better remotes can be had… Read More

  • Nintendo Wii Playable At Florida GameStop

    With Nintendo Wii being released in a mere 16 days, it’s about time we start seeing playable Wii demo kiosks around. A south Florida GameStop is now offering gamers the chance to go in and try out Excite Truck on the Wii, and you can bet you’re gonna have to give the employees some kind of collateral for a chance to touch the Wiimote. It’s been reported that you will have to… Read More

  • Apple Shuffles Employees

    It’s actually more harmless than it sounds. Engadget is reporting that every Apple employee will be receiving for the holidays a free 2G iPod Shuffle. So if you work at Apple, keep your eyes on your mail box. You should be receiving your Shuffle by month’s end. And for those of you wishing to read a review of the new Shuffle, iLounge is running what might be the first review on the… Read More

  • VoodooPC Announces Quad-Core Gaming Rig

    If you’re in the market for a new gaming computer, then take a look at the new quad-core Omen from VoodooPC. The Omen features Intel’s new quad-core Core 2 Duo Extreme processors, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 80GB hard drive and a Creative Labs X-Fi Xtreme Music sound card. The Omen is fully upgradeable, but with its $5,500, you may want to add the additional hardware yourself. VoodooPC uses… Read More

  • EA Posits PS3 and Wii Launch Quantities

    In a recent conference call, Electronic Arts CFO Warren Jensen expressed EA’s beliefs about PS3 and Wii shipping quantities. Jensen stated: We’re thinking that with PlayStation 3 in North America, the [2006 shipment] range is probably 500,000 to 800,000. If you take the middle of that range, that’s approximately what Microsoft sold last year on the Xbox 360. On the Nintendo… Read More

  • Samsung Black Carbon Hands On

    The ultra-slim Black Carbon from Samsung just winged its way to our FedEx box this morning, so I thought it might be nice to shoot a few photos before we do a formal review next week. I was very skeptical about this – the Trace was kind of silly – but the $399 Black Carbon, or Senor BC as we can call him, is very, very slim and very, very sexy. Read More

  • OSIM iGallop, Get Fit and Look Like a Jackass

    So this morning Brookstone sent us a holiday gift guide and this is the first product in it. “For the Fitness Buff,” comes the OSIM iGallop Core & Abs Exerciser. The machine works by compelling your body to compensate for its wild motions (like riding a bull or something). As the saddle moves in different directions, certain core muscles are, hopefully, stimulated in order to… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Event In NYC

    I love California and all, but all these gaming events happening in NYC make me wish I was out of town for a while. Sony will be hosting another PlayStation 3 party (just like the one they held on Nov. 1) that will be open to the public. You’ll be able to play PlayStation 3’s launch titles, and there will be free food. If you’re in NYC and have the day free, swing by 160… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Palm OS

    Though it sits behind RIM and its BlackBerries in market share in the US, the Palm OS is still a powerful operating system that is favored by many users who swear by its reliability and ease of use. First introduced with the original Pilot 1000 back in 1996, the OS has grown in functionality and robustness while conversely becoming easier to use. Read More

  • A: The 8GB Apple iPod Nano (PRODUCT) RED

    Q: What’s red, holds approximately 2,000 songs and costs $249 with $10 of that purchase going to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa? Apple adds to iPod line with second red nano [reuters] Read More