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  • X06: Microsoft Teams Up With Peter Jackson

    Today, at Microsoft’s X06 press event, Microsoft announced a new partner ship with Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson and screenwriter Fran Walsh to develop a new series for the Xbox 360. Microsoft stated that the project will not be Halo 3, but will take place in the Halo universe. The goal of the partnership is to “create new stories and redefine the way they are told”. Read More

  • Jyngle: Let the World Know It's a Snow Day

    Got to get in touch with the folks from the bowling league? PTA? The BDSM Orgy Planning Committee? Why not give them a Jyngle. Jyngle is a mass SMS/event planning system that allows users to create and contact groups via cell phone. While most of the interface is web-based, there is some phone interaction. It also verifies all numbers before sending out mass-mailings to a group. Read More

  • Xbox 360 HD DVD Will Be $199 In November

    Microsoft’s finally confirmed their Xbox 360 HD DVD drive will be $199 in the US starting mid-November. The player will include a HD DVD version of King Kong (meh) and an Xbox 360 Universal Remote (damn it, I already bought one). There will be around 150 HD DVD movies available when the drive is launched, so you won’t be stuck watching that snoozefest King Kong unless you really… Read More

  • Onkyo DS-A2 Remote Interactive

    Onkyo announced today the DS-A2 iPod dock, an update to to the DS-A1. The new dock can display track listings and video on a TV. It includes a dedicated remote control and can be paired with any A/V receiver. If users connect the unit to an Onkyo receiver, it can be controlled via the receivers remote. And, of course, it charges docked iPods. Press Release Read More

  • Mercora M Streams CD-Quality Music To Your Windows Mobile 5 Phones

    The upcoming M service from Mercora will do you one better than the mythical iPhone. It will let you access your entire music library on the fly no matter where you are – as long as you have phone reception. The program installs on your WM5 phone and connects to your home computer, which then streams tunes over your mobile data to your phone. Additional features are the ability to listen… Read More

  • Nunchuk Disembowled

    If you were itching to see what’s inside of the Nintendo Wii Nunchuk controller, Gameworld has accepted the task and dissected a perfectly healthy controller. They have a 10 pic spread of Nunchuk guts that showcases that controllers internals. Not very informative, but perhaps worth the 13 seconds it’ll take to click and scroll. The Guts of the Wii Nunchuk [Gameworld Network] Read More

  • Archos 504 Video Player Now Available

    <img src=" That way, you can record shows directly onto this player and just take it with you whenever you need to go. Other features: camcorder storage connectivity, MP3/WAV/WMA playback, and photo storage. You can pick one up now for 499 Euro or $893. Product Page [Archos via dapreview] Read More

  • Comcast Download Store Will be in Windows Media High Definition Format

    <img src=" in order to view them on your TV. But the news is that the format of the files will be in WMV HD. What does that mean to you? Well, apparently you'll be able to burn a non-DRM copy of it to play back in DVD players that can play WMV HD. You can play back the downloaded WMV HD file on your computer, but only… Read More

  • Powerisers Jumping Stilts

    I find myself wanting to try these things even though the experiment would surely end with me crumpled in the pavement. Assuming, however, that I possessed some of that coordination stuff people are always talking about, I’d probably be somewhat inclined to give it a go. It promises to increase the wearers jump height by 6-feet and stride length to 9-feet. No word on maximum weight… Read More

  • RIYL: Hatin' On Sony's Reader

    yesterday is dead in the water. Oh, wait, maybe it does. Or at least so says David Rothman over at TeleRead as he compared it to the Edsel, an automobile failure beyond compare in 1958. His key arguments are certainly not offbase – monochrome screen, general suckiness of DRM, only 10,000 or so titles, no backlight, and a relatively high cost for a very limited product. However, all… Read More

  • Cool Glow In The Dark Pebbles

    Not really anything new technology-wise here. Just some good ol’ fashioned sun-absorbing glow in the dark pebbles. Use them to throw at people passing by your apartment, or as a path light, as the picture so elequently suggests. Me, I’m going to buy 350 of them for $10 just to put all around my bed. Yeah, I know what the ladies like. Glow In The Dark Pebbles – 54045… Read More

  • Mio H610: The iPod of GPS

    Not only does the Mio H610 have a glossy iPod front, there’s a metallic iPod backing as well. It’s “cute, smart and charges with a standard mini-USB connector”, which more and more devices are using nowadays. What’s so great about it? It’s got 3D-capable graphics, anti-aliasing, a decent screen size, fast CPU (400MHz), MP3 and Video playback, and… Read More

  • T-Mobile drops Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bloggers Weep at the End of an Era It’s true. As of today, T-Mobile is dropping Miss (she’ll always be a Miss to us) CZJ from their advertising efforts. After six great years as their hot spokesmodel, T-Mobile is finally going in another direction thanks to their T-Mobile at Home and… Read More

  • How to De-gloss Your Glossy Nintendo DS

    What do you get when you combine a man with a glossy DS Lite and a hatred for gloss? A sanded down DS Lite, of course. A guy took a file, a buffering tool, and some sandpaper to the front and back of the DS. The result is a mostly matted finish with some glossy parts around the lettering on the back that he didn’t want to sand off. A warning though, the intermediate shots on his site… Read More

  • Solar-Powered Wireless Speaker–Yay for Wireless

    This speaker use solar energy to charge 7 AA rechargeable batteries. The batteries in turn drive the 5-watt RMS speaker. It has a range of about 150-feet and is encased in a weatherproof shell. You can pick them up for about $152. And is it just me or does it look sort of like a Thermos? Solar-Powered Wireless Speaker [ubergizmo] Read More

  • CrunchGear New York/Digital Life Reader Meet-up

    Join us for our first reader meet-up! The event will coincide with Digital Life in New York and we’re planning giveaways, an open bar, and the chance to meet and kiss CrunchGear editors John, Blake, and Josh. When? October 13, 2006 – 7pm Where? Under the Volcano
    12 E 36TH St (Cross Street: 5th Avenue)
    Add your name to MollyGuard to reserve a spot. We’d like to get a… Read More

  • Sharp's Three-Way Monitor

    <img src=" will stare at us as we pass on our way to pick up a nice, Armenian-made T-shirt. And no one wants that. See, the screen works like those weird hologram things where the lady stares out at you and winks when you move the card. Using a parallax system, the screen shows three different pictures from three different… Read More

  • How to Make a Star Trek On/Off Switch

    Since our wives won’t approve outfitting our living room like the bridge of the Enterprise and our bedrooms like Counselor Troi’s quarters, all we have left is making our light switches like the panels on TNG (The Next Generation for you non-trekkers). Axe-man has a complete guide for making your switches into something even Patrick Stewart would be proud of. And he’s seen… Read More

  • Gaming Graphics On A Budget

    Usually, getting through a graphics card review on Tom’s Hardware leads to skipping through the nauseating number of benchmarks it does and going straight to the conclusion to see if the card is worth the cash. Well for the short-attention-spanned gamers out there, Tom’s went all budgety with the current crop of cards from ATI and Nvidia, with its top choices by price point and… Read More

  • New Chrysler Sebring Will Heat, Cool Your Drink

    It’s the simple pleasures of life that get me through the day. I happen to like hot tea–a lot. When I try to drink my hot tea in the car, it usually becomes lukewarm tea after a little while. Enter the 2007 model of the Chrysler Sebring. The cupholders in this vehicle heat your drinks for you. And with the flip of a switch, you can cool down your drinks, too. It’s an… Read More