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  • Stick Your Wood In Your USB Port

    I’m sure you people were begging for more things wrapped in wood, so check out these USB memory sticks from the Netherlands. Design company OOOMS “manually selected” sticks and had them professionally stuffed with USB drives, making them incredibly unique and killing their pocketability in one fell swoop. Available in 256MB ($57), 512MB ($60), and 1GB sizes ($88). Who… Read More

  • Ageia Announces Development Of PCI Express PhysX Card

    Ageia has announced that they will be developing a PCI Express version of their PhysX graphics card, which is currently only available for PCI. The original Ageia PhysX card isn’t really a card that you would find in most gaming computers. As of June 2006, Ageia only had 6 games that support the accelerated PhysX engine and just doesn’t add much to newer video cards. It’s… Read More

  • Battle Test: DocuPen RC800

    The DocuPen RC800 is a full color 24-bit scanner that looks like pen — hence the name. It is capable of producing full page scans from its compact case. It includes a conspicuous looking carrying case intended to protect it during travels. The design allows you to select from black and white, standard color or high 24-bit color. It also has resolution options ranging from 100 to 400 dpi. Read More

  • A Look At The Wii Interface

    Finally, we get to see what the Wii Interface looks like in English! Yahoo UK got its hands on some Wii interface pictures, and they don’t disappoint. The interface offers a lot of the same features Microsoft offers for Xbox 360 users, including a “Wii Shop” channel where you can download content. Original NES games as downloadable content?! I hope so! The other channels… Read More

  • Fossil Bluetooth Watches Revisited: A CrunchGear Interview

    In light of the failure of Fossil’s Abacus Wrist PDA, last week’s news that the company was dropping four wristwatches with Bluetooth functionality was something of a surprise. An unholy marriage of wristwatch and PDA, it was Fossil’s first attempt at a tech timepiece. While there was some praise for it, consumers for the most part stayed away. “No one wants to stare… Read More

  • It's Got Wood: Wooden PC Mods

    Suissa Computers, for lack of a better word, are beautiful. These are custom computers made from maple, zebrawood, walnut, goncalo alves, lacewood, leopardwood, paduak and more. As you can see, the computer is not completely covered in wood- the wood is just an outer shell for the PC. The interior body is clear, letting you see all those high-end components that you paid hard earned cash for. Read More

  • An Overhead Projector For Your Cellphone

    I don’t see why phones don’t just have a function built into them yet which allows you to project the image somewhere else, but until that day comes, there is Project-a-Phone. The company has previously released an underwhelming 640×480 pixel contraption called the ICD-3000. They believe the demand for the product was high, so they’ve released their ICD-5000, with a… Read More

  • Audio of 1990s Hackery/Phreakery

    , for example – Wintermute, Cara, Outrun, Crowfly, Neurotic Nemesis, Dr. Doom. You can almost hear them not getting laid in high school. Telephone Conferences: Phreaky Boys Collection [ via BoingBoing] Read More

  • New Phones Feature: Airborne Pathogen and Bio-Threat Warning System

    If you’re like Blake, then you’re concerned about germs, bio-terrorism, standard terrorism, bird flu, SARS, hippies, dust mites and anything that ends with the word “Pox.” He is going to love the technology in this new phone from Gentag if it ever makes its way into production. As it’s a concept, it has no real spec list, but it appears to be a fairly standard… Read More

  • Hitachi Releases RFID Nametags

    Hitachi today announced AirLocation II Tag-w. This RFID-enabled device is a simple way for employers to keep tabs on their employees while they’re at work, hopefully working. When you get to the office in the morning, you’ll walk through the door with its sensor which will activate you for the day. Then the guys in charge will know where you are all day (assuming you have the… Read More

  • Nintendo Fusion Tour – Find Out How To Play The Wii Early

    If you’re like me and you love music and video games, Nintendo has got something right up your alley. The Nintendo Fusion Tour is a U.S. tour that started on September 27 and will continue through November 11. The tour features artists such as Hawthorne Heights, Relient K, Emery, Plain White T’s and The Sleeping. Well, there goes my vote. For everyone else whose girlfriend is… Read More

  • Alltel Gets KRZR

    Well that didn’t take long. After Verizon had the KRZR K1m for less than a week, Alltel has announced it would be carrying the soon-to-be-ubiquitous phone. No spec changes or anything like that, but if you’re on Alltel, you can now be cool—along with other millions of people who get the phone. Alltel Read More

  • Toshiba Shows Off HD DVD Burners For Laptops

    . Toshiba says sample drives will be available to vendors by the end of 2006, so we can look for them to turn up in systems sometime in the first half of 2007. A single-sided HD DVD-R can store 15GB of data, which is 10GB less than Sony’s competing Blu-ray discs. However, Sony and its partners have been sluggish to say the least getting product to consumers. Here’s hoping Toshiba… Read More

  • Sony NW-S706 Walkman MP3 Player With 4GB Flash

    <img src=" hybrid has 4GB of memory, noise cancellation, 50 hours of battery life, FM tuner, three colors, and even line-in recording. It's even better than the iPod Shuffle (because this has a screen), and stores 4GB in a small package that can fit easily in any pocket you can think of – even that coin pocket that you… Read More

  • Limited Edition Sidekick 3 Surfaces

    This “Irish” version of the happy-go-lucky Sidekick 3 has surfaced courtesy of the November issue of XXL Magazine. It’s a green version of the Sidekick 3 from Lifted Research, and should be out sometime before Christmas. No pricing information on the mag, but it should be a bit more expensive compared to the regular Sidekick 3’s. As far as we can see from the outside… Read More

  • PS3 Monolith

    We were kind of expecting a bunch of monkeys to circle this thing and then start to kill each other, but it’s actually just an in-store PS3 stand in its full, darkling glory. A lot is riding on this hulking hunk of plastic, friends, and rest assured Sony has put evil mutant plant spores in there that will explode and reproduce if we don’t all go out and buy a PS3 as soon as… Read More

  • HP Puts WiFi in Your TV

    HP to Apple: iTV is for suckers. Why, wouldn’t it be easier to build WiFi and a media browser into a TV than require a stand-alone set-top box? Sure, sure, the DVR functionality that may or may not exist might be a sticking point, but if you’re planning on downloading and playing back video from your PC to your TV, why not cut out the middleman? That’s the promise behind the… Read More

  • Nodus Psyclone PSP Speaker Dock

    For those of you who own a PSP and want a mini home theater system with you on the go, the Psyclone PSP speaker dock is another PSP accessory to add to your list. The Psyclone features Sonic Impact’s Class T Amp Technology, which fills the room with extreme clarity at all frequencies. All the standards are also here: Remote control, built-in charger and TV-Out. It would be really cool… Read More

  • Sirius Stiletto 100 In The Wild

    In case you wanted to know what the Stiletto looks under normal lighting, as opposed to product shot lighting, here you go. There’s also a video of how the UI works, showing you what browsing and listening to Howard will look like. The UI zoom-ins and zoom-outs are pretty decent looking, but the “extended” battery that protrudes from the back really uglies up the design of… Read More

  • T-Mobile myFaves Officially Released

    we told you about last week has been finally released. If you don’t remember, it offers unlimited “any-network calling” to five numbers of your choice. You can select your contacts directly from your phone (any supported phone works) or online if your phone is not supported. On most phones, there’s a myFaves UI with five icons representing your five contacts. You… Read More