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  • Lamp with USB Charging Port

    , we thought we’d share this soon-to-be-released lamp that caught our wary but wandering eye. The SI561 is, by most accounts, a standard desk lamp, featuring a regular 3-prong power socket on the base to provide convenient power to your laptop or what have you. The fun here is that the lamp, which just cleared FCC for some reason, also sports a secondary USB port. There’s no data… Read More

  • Sony Preps PSP Movie Store, Does Anyone Care?

    UMD has been a thorn in Sony’s side since it was introduced as an ill-fated storage format for the popular PSP almost two years ago. Sony has had a string of proprietary format failures, and has now faded into relative obscurity. That does not mean that movies for the PSP is a dead idea, though. Reports indicate that Sony is developing a movie download store of its own, much like… Read More

  • Want To Ditch Cingular? Now’s Your Chance

    Recently, you may have heard about text messaging fees increasing in price for Cingular customers. The $.10 to $.15 jump is enough to piss off a few people I’m sure. So if you’re a Cingular customer and hate the new rates or just want to ditch your service altogether, now’s your chance. Cingular points out in their ToS agreement the following: “IF WE INCREASE THE PRICE… Read More

  • Onkyo VR-1000J Video Recorder

    Onkyo has just released its newest media recorder, the VR-1000J, and guess what? Everything you choose to record from TV or any other video source is fully compatible with Sony’s little wonder box, the PSP, and your mobile phone. With 3 different video modes you’re sure to be pleased with Super Fine (320×240 at 30fps), Fine(320×240 at 15fps) and Normal(176×144 at… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Spy Edition

    The Insect Lab
    JLr7: For People l33t3r Than You
    Thank You For Smoking…At Your Desk
    Secret Agent Man
    Battery-Powered Pole Dancer Read More

  • USB to USB: Totally Not Gay

    While I firmly and solidly think iTunes does a pretty good job of keeping my photos and music synchronized between my iPod, Treo, Powerbook, and whatever else I’m toting, sometimes it’s too much. If I have photos on my camera I’d like to take off the SD card, but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up my laptop and so forth, I’m screwed. Until I saw… Read More

  • Reader Response: Festivus Week – Day 2

    Greetings all. Now that today is winding down, I’d like to take a quick moment to announce the second Sandisk Cruzer Winner. Lots of good comments today and I enjoyed reading many of them. So anyway, your winner is: Read More

  • SlingPlayer Mobile Now Friendly with Blackjack, Dash

    SlingMedia let drop today SlingPlayer Mobile for Smartphones (v1.0.5) and for PocketPC (v1.1). In addition to several bug fixes and tweaksm the smartphone edition features support for the Samsung Blackjack and the T-mo Dash. You can try it out for free for 30 days and after that it’ll cost you $30. Download [via Zatz via Gizmodo] Read More

  • Joytech Presents Wii Powerstation

    The Joytech PowerStation for the Nintendo’s Wii provides you with two rechargeable battery packs (finally!) for your Wiimotes. The PowerStation also acts like a dock, allowing you to store your Wiimotes and charge them at the same time in a provided cradle. Each PowerStation can house two Wiimotes and connects to your Wii via USB. The docking station also has handles sticking out on each… Read More

  • Battery-Powered Pole Dancer

    What happened to Big Mouth Billy the Singing Bass? Can some someone please bring him back? I think my left eye just exploded. Shiny one minute preview: the USB pole dancer [ShinyShiny] Read More

  • Panasonic Upgrades Wireless WAN in Toughbooks

    months of rough treatment, but it keeps on going. My iPod has the same story, as does my Powerbook, now a year old. But I take it relatively easy on my gear compared to some of you, those working construction jobs, who are on the road half the time, or are in scientific labs where anything can happen. Panasonic’s got your back with new upgrades to its Toughbooks. Many pros swear by… Read More

  • Two New Games at iTunes

    Apple’s still in the gaming business, today quietly releasing two new iPod games to iTunes. Many fans will be thrilled to learn that they can now play Soduku on their iPods. We’re not sure how that works, but we have faith in Steve and company making it playable. Also out now is Solitaire (sorry, Royal Solitaire). The iPod has shipped with a solitaire game for years, but the… Read More

  • Wiimote Mod: Electronic Drums

    We’ve yet to see anything representing the drum kit demo shown at E3 this year hit the Nintendo Wii yet, but if you’re yearning to play drums using the Wiimote, check out this new mod. Bob Somers has put together a PC app that lets you play an electronic drum kit using the Wiimote (though, he kind of sucks at it.) An interesting thing I noticed while watching the video is that… Read More

  • ZVUE 250 Now Available

    Earlier this month I reported on a low-end DAP called the ZVUE 250 that’d be on shelves at Wal-Marts (like how my dad says it). Well today it’s available at Amazon and in select Wal-Mart stores across the U.S. It features a 2.5-inch display that supports video up to 30fps. The player comes features an SD slot and comes with one 128MB card. It’ll play MP3, WMV, WMA (with… Read More

  • The Insect Lab

    If you really want some creepy, awesome shit lying around your apartment, you should check out Mike Libby’s Insect Lab. Based out of Maine, Mike takes insects and couples their bodies with mechanical watch parts and the such. A spider with some cogs and gears in its back is without a doubt the coolest/creepiest thing I’ve seen to date. He’s got everything from spiders to… Read More

  • JLr7: For People l33t3r Than You

    Hey I love intriguing and original design, but on the other hand, I’m nothing if not practical. And as a tech critic, it’s my job to question the validity of products. So when I saw this JLr7 watch I knew that it falls neatly into the realm of products I’d question heavily. Designed by Eri & Eiichi, the JLr7 features a bunch of L-shaped segments that somehow tell… Read More

  • You A Dime Piece Baby

    In honor of Logitech’s 25th Anniversary and DIME, a Japanese entertainment magazine’s, 20th anniversary, Logitech just released the special limited edition VX-RD in a pretty badass blue color.
    The special ‘DIME’ piece edition will run about $90 (VAT included). Logitech DIME piece [AVING] Read More

  • Ministry of Sound Hops On The iPod Case Bandwagon

    If you’re into trance, house, or clubbing, chances are you’re familiar with Ministry of Sound and how big a force it is in the scene. Thus, it comes as no surprise that it’s looking to capitalize on Apple’s popular digital music player, the iPod. Ministry of Sound has released a new iPod Case dubbed the iPod Sound Pocket. It’s $49 and has a built-in speaker, a… Read More

  • BoxWave Introduces New iPod Nano 2G Cases

    If you’re strapped for gift ideas for Xmas and know someone with an iPod Nano, you may want to check out some of the new cases from BoxWave. With just five days left to shop, these affordable iPod Nano 2G cases are great gifts for anyone who’s got/is getting a Nano. There’s the Active Case for $15, a clear, hard-plastic case that’s pretty basic. The Designio Leather… Read More

  • Emerson, IXT Launch Affordable Karaoke Add-Ons

    Looking to do a little extra entertaining for the holidays? Like karaoke? Then you’ll be ecstatic to find out that Emerson and IXT systems are bringing the public a whole host of karaoke add-on products to use with your iPod, DVD player or computer. For example, the $29.95 Handheld Microphone DVD Karaoke Converter with Holiday Party 60-song Twin Pack DVDs (pictured) connects to any… Read More