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  • Sony-Ericsson W880i Gets OK'd By FCC

    The W800 series of Walkman phones have been a pretty big hit for Sony-Ericsson. I still have my beat up W800i in all its orange glory and I love it. Now S-E have just gotten approval from the FCC for its new W880i phone – an ultra-slim, dark, metallic version of its younger brothers. Unfortunately, not much information was released with the FCC approval. For now, we know the phone has… Read More

  • Windows Vista Now Available From NewEgg

    Chances are if you’re geeked out enough, you’re already well familiar NewEgg and its awesome deals. If you’re dying to get Vista but don’t want to wait until that pesky January 30th “release date” they keep talking about, you’re in luck. You can now order Vista from NewEgg in the following flavors: Vista 32-bit Ultimate Single Pack DVD (OEM)… Read More

  • Boy Genius Unleashes High Quality HTC Vox Pix

    We know that the previous set of HTC Vox pics were, at best, blurry as hell. But thanks to the power of 3D product rendering photography, we now present to you the HTC Vox in all its glory. In case you’re not up to date, this is the hot HTC jaunt that’s probably coming out for AT&T later in the year. It runs Windows Mobile Crossbow, has a 2-megapixel camera, a slide out… Read More

  • Otterbox Announces Two New Blackberry Cases

    Blackberry users know the elements are out to get you and your precious communication device. So you’ll be happy to know that Otterbox has announced two new water-resistant, rugged Blackberry cases. The Otterbox 1930 and 1931 are designed to take the ultimate ass-kicking so your Blackberry can stay completely intact. They may not be the prettiest cases on the market, but they’ll… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Tell Squid Edition

    Consolidate Your Barcodes
    Plen: The Bluetooth-Enabled, Rollerskating Robot
    TellMe: A Robot Does the Searching, You Do the Swearing
    Shiny Shiny Flashes the LG Shine
    Nokia Working On Diamond Casing Read More

  • Shiny Shiny Flashes the LG Shine

    Girls, fire up your jealousy motors, because Susi from Shiny Shiny in the UK has gotten her well-manicured hands on a phone that you’re going to want (and most vain men, to boot): the LG Shine. What’s special about the Shine? When the screen isn’t in use, it becomes a mirror, allowing you to make sure your hair is ok, confirm your lipstick isn’t smudged, and check for… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Samsung Blackjack for $99

    is just outside the price range most of us are willing to spend on something we don’t truly need. Take heart, casual smartphone wannabe, as we’ve uncovered a deal for you. Right now, if you purchase the BlackJack with a 3G unlimited data plan, and also sign up for AT&T’s DSL service for home in-store, then the conglamorate will load you up with mail-in rebates, bringing… Read More

  • Vista Gaming: 10 Reasons Why It Will Be Hot, 5 Reasons Why We’re Worried

    Old school computers gamers can tell you of the time when the best games were actually developed for the PC. This was long after the crash of 1983 when the first great consoles including the Atari 2600 and Intellivision systems died out, and even after the heyday of those classic Commodore 64 games. In the early 1990s the best games were on the PC with titles that included the original… Read More

  • Apple Calling Press Conference on February 20?

    Fanboys: Mark your calendar for February 20. There’s word circulating on the Tubes that Apple is calling a special event, most likely to officially announce availability of Leopard (OS X 10.5). In all probability, other similar products will be announced as well, including a new version of iLife and an upgraded iWork. The real question is, though, what else are we going to see? Any… Read More

  • SanDisk's Wi-Fi Better Than Zune's Says, Um, SanDisk, Maybe

    Yesterday, we mentioned SanDisk going after Apple’s Shuffle shoppers with its Sansa Express. Today, is saying SanDisk is admittedly gunning for potential Zune buyers with its Wi-Fi-enabled Connect player. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t do much elaborating on the topic despite apparently having talked to SanDisk about the DAP. Read More

  • Scots to Students: Have A Handheld

    If you’re Scottish, and a school kid, then you might be getting a PDA. Scotland’s Lothian Councils, the governing bodies for an area of the Southeast known as the Lothians, have put forth a plan to give each of the area’s 60,000 students an Internet-enabled PDA with the goal of making pupils more involved in their studies. The PDAs would have built-in access to coursework… Read More

  • Nokia N800 Hands On

    Got the N800 yesterday and I can’t say I’m blown away. I liked the N770 — a lot of folks didn’t — and this is an impressive upgrade but it’s not currently a must have. One interesting little thing? There’s an ingenious stalk webcam that pops out of the side. Maemo is just about the same, with few improvements, but the overall experience seems much… Read More

  • Wii Wins Console Launch Battle, Xbox 360 Winning Sales has a quick financial recap and forecast of the current console wars. Nintendo sold 1.1 million Wii consoles between its release in November 2006 through the end of the year coming out numero uno in console sales. Sony on the other hand, only sold 687,000 PlayStation 3 units. Though this isn’t surprising, I find it hard to believe that Sony wouldn’t have out… Read More

  • Vista Service Pack 1: A Band-Aid for a Baby

    Sure, Vista is a but a wee bairn but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a major service pack. We can expect the software to roll out in the Fall with a few fixes for “high-impact issues” including fixes in security, deployment, and stability. Why should we care? Because this promises to break a few things down the line and means the Vista is really hitting the… Read More

  • Free iPhone*

    …and by offering up all of your private information you can get one! All you have to do is click ad spam on one of thousands of websites. Remember, however, you probably won’t get one because it’s all based on availability and the fact that skeezy outfits like this are preying on your ignorance. Fulfillment may be delayed based on availability. Once you have completed the… Read More

  • LG Puts Out Like My HS GF

    What sort of world would we be living in if LG didn’t release a new product every day of the year? Have no fear, LG doesn’t let us down with the release of their new digital media player, the FM37. At a thin 10.4mm the FM37 packs a whole lot of features: 2/4GB, MP3/OGG/WMA support, e-book functionality, battery life for up to 24 hours for your tunes, 3 hours of video and a 2.4… Read More

  • Consolidate Your Barcodes

    User tracydanger on Instructables has thrown up a neat guide to consolidating all those bonus/membership cards in your wallet. In a nutshell, Tracy took all her bonus cards in her wallet (like CVS, Shop Rite, etc.), scanned in all the barcodes, labeled each one, and printed them out into a nice, convenient sheet that is easily accessible. Don’t have a scanner or you’re just… Read More

  • Don't Count On A PS3 Price Cut Anytime Soon

    With the PS3 being the most expensive console out there right now, consumers are probably holding out for a price cut of some sort to make that $600 investment a little more manageable. Hopefully they’re not holding their breath though. SCEA CEO Jack Tretton gives a big, fat “NO.” to those asking if the PS3’s price will drop as quickly as the PS2’s. Apparently… Read More

  • It's Official: Blu-Ray DRM Cracked

    , Janvitos has decrypted a full Blu-Ray movie without even owning any Blu-Ray equipment. This is very embarrassing. Full DVD decryption took a few years, at least in any usable form. This took… oh… a few weekends. This isn’t a formal crack, but it’s more of a proof-of-concept. There’s no telling what they’re going to do with the keys once folks start… Read More

  • AVerMedia AVerVision300AF Portable Document Camera

    In the market for a portable document camera for displaying documents, 3-D objects, microscopic images and more through a projector, monitor or TV? Yeah, me neither, but if you know someone that is, have them check out the AVerVision300AF. The $1,000 camera features an advanced one-button auto focus the company claims is one of the fastest available and is capable of an 8X digital zoom with a… Read More