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  • PlayStation 3 Unboxed

    I’m going to be honest, the PlayStation 3 looks like it can grow arms and legs and destroy my Xbox 360. It is massive. Why Sony decided to use the Spiderman font baffles me, but really, who cares? You can see the console, all the normal wiring and the highly talked about SIXAXIS controller. Check out more pictures after the jump. Read More

  • Music Playing Toothbrush Does Not Make Good Web Video

    WARNING: Do not click on the movie above. You will be subjected to a tossle-headed Chinese man brushing his teeth for 2 minutes. This is not a drill. Exclusive Video: Hasbro Tooth Tunes MP3 Toothbrush [Gizmodo] Read More

  • Confessions of the Knife: Samsung Revisits the Blade

    I was locked in an unforgiving contract through the RAZR-fad so thankfully, unlike Gavin, I was never swept in the fray. Despite never owning one, it was impossible not to notice the now-ubiquitous-phone. Even in New Orleans, it’s everywhere. I don’t think I can leave the house without laying eyes on one. The funny thing that was always apparent to me, was that the RAZR was an… Read More

  • Wal-Mart Rolls Back PlayStation 3

    Our favorite American retailer Wal-Mart has rolled back the price of the PlayStation 3 to $299, allowing all gamers to experience the “play beyond” gaming of the PlayStation 3. Just kidding, but hey, we can’t blame Wal-Mart for this mishap, someone must’ve taken a look at the price tag of the PS3 and said, “Well that just can’t be right!” and corrected it. Read More

  • Squid Vicious Sighting?

    So I was at Starbucks the other day and while standing in line, trying to avoid eye contact from girls (they have cooties), when I saw this stare beaming back at me from a shelf. I guess it’s supposed to be a ghost, but the similarities are apparent. Clearly Starbucks ripped off Squid Vicious and differentiated him by simply adding an extra eye. Well, we’re on to your Starbucks. Read More

  • T-Mobile Dash Now Available

    , is now available at T-Mobile’s website for $199 after a $50 mail-in rebate. We hate mail-in rebates. Anyway, for those T-Mo fans waiting for a QWERTY alternative to the Treo, today is your day. The Windows Mobile-sporting, WiFi enabled smartphone should also be in stock at your local T-Mobile store. T-Mobile Dash [T-Mobile] Read More

  • Sprint Gets Its Own RAZR V3m

    “Better late than never is” what my mother always used to say, as I brought home another last place ranking in my track and field events. Evidently Sprint execs think the same way, evidenced by them finally get the Motorola RAZR V3m in their lineups. The phone, like all previous incarnations on Verizon, has Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel camera, EV-DO and a gigantic $290 price tag. Read More

  • Wii Pre-Orders at Toys R Us this Saturday, Prepare Your Mario Outfit

    you won’t get a Wii, but that doesn’t matter. At least you’ll have tried. Various scans of the 2006 version of the annual huge holiday catalog for Toys R Us known as “The Big Book” have surfaced online, with one detail that’s attracting the most attention — the book has a page devoted to the Wii that says pre-orders are available. The book, set to… Read More

  • Elecom Releases Bar-Code Reading Mouse

    During my many years of service as an IT guy in Lousiana, I had a lot of experience with bar code readers. From high-end Symbol handhelds to low-end pen readers (man, I hate pen readers), I’ve seen them all. One thing that has never made sense to me is why they’re not incorporated into more technology. It’s a simple enough piece of machinery, it seems only logical that it… Read More

  • Camera Lemons

    Point and shoots can be pretty dicey. If they’re good, they’re adequate. If they’re bad, they’re vile. DigitalCamera-HQ rounds up the worst including the “6-megapixel” Option E10 which was just an interpolated 2-megapixel and the Polaroid PDC-5080 which is an even worse pack of lies. Watch for our upcoming camera holiday round ups, but until then, suck on… Read More

  • Face-Tracking Cellphones Coming Soon

    FotoNation has created a face tracking system for cellphones that keeps your mug in the frame with a minimum of fuss. It works with Symbian Series 60 and Windows Mobile 5.0, meaning that the software fits onto most smaller platforms. It aids in focus, exposure, and color balance and can also crop out faces in scenes automatically. It’s not out in the wild yet, but it’s available… Read More

  • T-Mobile HotSpot @ Home Hands On

    Just launched (only) in Seattle, T-Mobile HotSpot @ Home is a service that lets you switch your call from cellular to WiFi both seamlessly and invisibly. The service comes with a T-mobile Linksys Router and a Samsumg UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) phone which allows you to use WiFi for calling when you’re at home. The plan costs $19.99 a month on top of whatever you’re paying for… Read More

  • Rumor: Best Buy Locks Out Employees From PS3s

    Hot on the heels of the rumor that EB Games is watching for employee auctions of PS3/Wii consoles on eBay, we’ve got a rumor that Best Buy is preventing their employees from buying a PS3. Period. Not just eBaying them, buying them. A Best Buy mole says: Not even if we stand outside in line overnight like everyone else. I’m heading up employee training for the new consoles at… Read More

  • Sony Releases CD Walkman – Wha?

    How about a round of applause for Sony for inventing the time machine! From what we hear, they’ve gone back in time to 1997, picked up a bunch of Sony engineers, brought them to 2006, and gave them all jobs. That’s the only rational explanation for Sony releasing a new CD Walkman. Idiocy aside, the Walkman has a G-Protection system, supports MP3 CDs, and is round. If the CD players… Read More

  • iLuv i9200 CD Changer with iPod Dock

    More at home in surgery room on Nip/Tuck than in my messy office, the iLuv i9200BLK Speaker set has four vertical loading CDs that look good whether they’re spinning or not. The CD player is compatible with regular CDS, burned CDs, or MP3 CDs, and even has a dock for an iPod. Too good to be true? Perhaps, since the dock supports all recent iPod models and even has a remote control. Read More

  • The Linutop: A Linux Mac Mini

    Coming soon: a Mac Mini-ish Linux computer made for surfing, browsing, and quick internet usage. Pretty much a substitute for older, larger machines at libraries, hotels, hospitals and internet cafes that can’t do much, the Linutop comes with an AMD Geode Processor, 512MB ROM, 256MB RAM, VGA display, and 100 Mbps ethernet. It comes with a flavor of Linux (which one, they don’t… Read More

  • Novatel Gives Sprint EV-DO Revision A USB Dongle

    Now that Sprint is rolling out its badass EV-DO Revision A network, with its mobile Internet access at broadband speeds, many people are going to want to pick up one of those fancy new Rev A compatible PCMCIA or Express Cards for their laptops. But what if they’re one of the millions who own laptops without said card slots? Don’t worry, Novatel has them covered. Its offering up a… Read More

  • HTC Artemis Up Close and Personal

    Dave over at MobilityToday got to play with the HTC Artemis, a GPS-enabled smartphone with FM radio and TomTom Navigator 6
    . It even has a wee squirrel ball, which is fairly cool, and runs Windows Mobile as opposed to Windows Smartphone Edition which makes me throw up a little when I use it. HTC Artemis First Look [MobilityToday] Read More

  • Get Video Onto Your iPod/PSP/Whatever on the Cheap

    to rip your DVDs and convert video for the video iPod, we received a bit of info from our spies in deepest Russia who suggest trying their program, Movavi, to automatically rip and convert video to your iPod. It works with Windows and is considerably easier than waiting around four hours while HandBrake or other programs work their magic. Because the Movavi folks like you all so much… Read More

  • Why You, The Reader, Need This 68 LED Flashlight

    You need this 68-bulb LED flashlight, because you need people to see your light from over a mile away. You need it because it’s waterproof, so you can blind fishes. You need it because it’s ruggedized and because it has low-power consumption, so you can stay outdoors for 100,000 hours, which is good for any gadget nerd. You need it because you like the best in your gear, and… Read More