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  • Jobs to Newsweek on Zune: "What, Me Worry?"

    Steve Jobs, the closest thing to Santa Claus we still believe in, sat down with Newsweek for a little chat, in which he gives his opinion on the Zune from Microsoft. When asked if he was worried about the upstart WiFi-enabled MP3 and video player, he responded, “In a word, no.” He goes on to say the wireless capabilities of Zune aren’t impressive and that the song sharing… Read More

  • GlowSkin, The Skin That Glows

    Electroluminescent (EL) lighting technology is not new. It’s been used for some time now in the dashboard displays of automobiles as well as in cell phone screens. However, SafeLites’ GlowSkin uses unique, flexible EL lamps and can be made to any size or shape. The EL lamps are activated using special electronics, an inverter to control voltage and frequency and a power source… Read More

  • All iPod Games Reviewed, Graded

    a couple of weeks ago, and introduced movies to iTunes, it also gave the world cellphone-style games to play on the music machines. A distraction at best, the games are just as we like them: fun and cheap, like our Homecoming date was. Our pals over at iLounge have put together a collection of reviews about all the games Apple offers for iPod, so we don’t have to. We personally… Read More

  • CrunchGear in Korea

    Just days out of Digital Life and CrunchGear is jetting off to South Korea to explore all the new happening at Samsung. John Biggs will be reporting from Seoul for the coming week, so expect to see all sorts of electronics that we won’t be able to get here in the States until 2025. So whenever you see the miniature version of the above image, know that it’s raced through the… Read More

  • McDonald's MP3 Players Come With Malware

    McDonald’s recently launched a promo in Japan that gave away 10,000 McMP3 Players loaded with 10 pre-loaded songs. What else was pre-loaded? Why, only a little Trojan horse, the QQPass Trojan horse, to be exact. QQPass grabs your passwords and other personal information and then emails the details to the author of the program. Awesome. McDonald’s says only a “portion”… Read More

  • Verizon Going MAXX With Big, Fat RAZR

    ubiquitous RAZR phone, out now for almost two years, is getting long in the tooth? Do you retire it, hoping people will love its successor, the KRZR? No, you take the slim phone, known for being svelte, and make it fatter. Verizon apparently thinks there’s enough life left in the RAZR brand to bring yet another variant to us, the RAZR MAXX. And, like its name implies, this is the high-end… Read More

  • Motorola Q Pro, Back in Black

    The Motorola Q was the brief-but-exciting sweetheart of the Windows Mobile world but a few months ago. Affordable, with a slick Treo-meets-RAZR form factor, it made smartphones sexy for the first time in awhile. But it’s been lamented for being stale, with other contenders improving on Moto’s design while Moto just stands there. But the Motorola people are upgrading the Q. The… Read More

  • Pure Digital Camcorder Does Direct Uploads

    Pure Digital has upgraded its inexpensive corner-store camcorder to let you capture video and get it up on the web in three steps. Now before you get all excited, the uploading experience is not as direct as you may think. The Pure Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder (30 minutes, $129; 60 minutes, $169) now has software that lets you get the video off the camera via USB connection to your… Read More

  • MobiBLU Goes 2.0, Adds Video, Photo Viewing

    MobiBLU is back with the Cube2, an update to the absolutely tiny DAH-1500i Cube MP3 player. The PlayForSure-certified Cube2 adds a full color OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display that can be used to view digital images and watch video clips, proving that you can still have a full selection of controls and multimedia playback options without sacrificing a screen. The Cube2 is first… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Web Edition

    Some of the items that caught our attention last week: Creepy Crawly Remote Controlled Tarantulas
    Remote Control Lantern for Lazy, Shiftless Campers
    It’s a White (Chocolate) Xmas for Verizon
    Apple’s iPod Nano Turns Red
    LED Rat Throwie Read More

  • CrunchGear Meet-up: The Aftermath

    About 100 CrunchGeeks descended on Under the Volcano Friday night for the first ever CrunchGear meet-up. There was lots of booze and prizes and there was much rejoicing by all who attended. Thanks for coming out guys, we’re glad to have met you and look forward toward future gatherings. Perhaps something to coincide with CES. If anyone else took pictures, please send them to our tips… Read More

  • Creepy Crawly Remote Controlled Tarantulas

    Since it’s getting close to All Hallow’s Eve (that’s Halloween to you, bub), we thought it would be nice to show you the bestest gadget we’ve seen so far this year for scaring the skirts off of your friends. These little remote controlled tarantulas are scary-looking just standing there, but imagine the fright on the faces of your friends and foes as these… Read More

  • Tiny 3-Port USB Hub: Small, Slick

    The more gear we get, the more USB ports we need to support them. In a day when most computers sport four or fewer ports of the Universal Serial Bus-type, a good USB hub is a must. We find ourselves liking this neat little critter from the geniuses over at Elecom in Japan we found on EverythingUSB. It transforms your measly one USB port into 3, with the top and bottom ports angled so that… Read More

  • Remote Control Lantern for Lazy, Shiftless Campers

    We remember reading a Popular Science from the late sixties we found at our grandparent’s place that dealt with “camping in the future”. Most of their predictions have not come true: sure, we have self-assembling tents, but we don’t take “food pills” instead of trail mix, and my Ultra-Sonic Bear Repelling Rocket Swiss Army Belt must have been lost in the… Read More

  • Wii Remote Programming Video

    Here’s a short video about programming the Nintendo Wii remote to do certain actions. The video starts with a little introduction to LiveMove, and shows how it’s used to attach actions to the Wii remote. It’s an interesting enough video, but maybe a cooler example would’ve spiced it up a little. My favorite part is when he mentions the “crazy coo-coo bird”. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Legloo Edition

    It’s cold in Crunchland. Enjoy these handpicked selections from yesterday’s exciting newsday: Magic Lightboard…Y’know, For Kids
    iRiver Clix Goes 4GB
    Arcade In A Box Is Literally That
    Lego Ice Tray: Make Frozen H2O Legos!
    Nintendo Panties Read More

  • Sony Says No European Delay For PS3

    It turns out all the online bashing of the PS3 delay in Europe really caught Sony’s attention. An unnamed Sony spokesperson told Any reports of a further delay to the launch of the PS3 in Europe are categorically not true. We are still fully committed to a March 2007 launch date. Ken Kutaragi has not done any media briefings since the Tokyo Game Show, and the story is… Read More

  • New Wii Interface Screens

    Here’s some more Nintendo Wii eye candy to hold you over until Wii’s launch date of November 19. The screens aren’t confirmed by Nintendo, but they are looking pretty legitimate to me. If the screens turn out to be real, you’ll already have seen some of the other options you will be able to mess with on your Wii. Things like console name, sensor bar and WiiConnect24… Read More

  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas Supports Xbox Live Vision

    Sick of using your cool new Xbox Live Vision for next gen Uno? Well, now there is finally a big title that will integrate the Xbox Live Vision into its game play. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas will allow users to take screen captures of their faces and put them onto their very own customized players. The customization offer is only for online play, but that’s where it counts anyway. Read More

  • We Want Wii: Preorder Demand Higher Than Expected

    The reports are coming in, most Gamestops and EB Games stores were overwhelmed with larger crowds for the Nintendo Wii than they were earlier this week with the Playstation 3. Most stores sold out before they even opened. If I had read this yesterday, I would not have believed it, but my experience at EB Games today says different. When I arrived at EB Games around 9:00 AM earlier this week… Read More